All-Ett: The World’s Thinnest Wallet


Guys (and ladies who carry wallets), take a look at your wallet. Is it bulging? Broken? Heavy? Stretching out or fading your pants pockets? It’s time you get it replaced.

It can’t be comfortable to carry around a super thick wallet, and it’s doing nothing for the looks of your pants. All-Ett has designed a wallet that they claim is the “world’s thinnest” (I’m still waiting to hear from Guinness on the official proclamation), and it apparently can hold the same amount of stuff as your current wallet while drastically reducing the width.

Wallet Comparison


Between their patented design, a thinner material, and a little bit of magic, you may not want to go back to a normal wallet again.

The wallets are available in rip-stop nylon for $19.95 or leather for $34.95. I’d recommend grabbing one as a Father’s Day gift and another for yourself. The site also has other wallets available, including a sweet RFID-blocking wallet for those who are more focused on security.
Some independent wallet reviews can be looked at over on You will quickly realize that these are loved by everyone.

What do you currently use for a wallet? Would you give a thinner design a try?

This is a sponsored post for All-Ett. All words and opinions are my own. 


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