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Minimalist Star Wars Prints

star wars prints

Daniel Price of DEPdesigns sent me a wonderful email recently: He wanted to know if he could send me his new R2-D2 and C-3PO prints to review. Umm, heck yes. I showed them to Mr. Geek and he went “What? YES!” Basically, these prints are inspiring us to re-do our wall of geek art. Pictures to come. But in the meantime, take a look at these pieces. To me, they’re more than just representations of characters, it’s a way to say “We’re BFFs” to a friend or show that you and your roommate go perfectly well together. And the 11 x 17 size means they’re perfect to frame and put up next to each other on a wall.

You can get the prints from the DEPdesigns Etsy shop for $26 for the set. And while you’re there, look around a bit. I’m loving his Ryan Gosling and Wonder Woman prints as well! And the Aladdin print. And the Dexter ones. Oh, and the Black Widow…


Geeky Art by Mikeatron


I usually pick up some new artwork from Emerald City Comicon, and this year, the new art choice was a no-brainer: This Gelatinous Cube print from Mikeatron. I mean, how can you not?

I’m also in love with his Zelda print and his print titled “Still Life with Unicorn.”

He’s currently revamping his site, but you can see more from his Tumblr, or chat with him on Twitter. And hopefully we’ll be seeing him around at more cons!

Giveaway: TARDIS Robe!


Whew! I don’t know about you, but I’m still a bit tired from the time traveling we did over the weekend. If one hour wears me out, I can’t believe what a trip in the TARDIS would do to me! Talk about jet lag. All I want to do is cozy up in a nice, giant robe. And maybe drink some tea. And watch some Doctor Who.

Halloweencostumes.com wants to get you cozy and warm by giving away a sweet TARDIS robe. And, being Whovians themselves, they want to make sure you’re dressed in style by the time the new season of Doctor Who comes back on March 30th! What are you waiting for, enter below!

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Happy International Women’s Day!

women superheros

It’s International Women’s Day! According to the official site, “International Women’s Day (8 March) is a global day celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future. In some places like China, Russia, Vietnam and Bulgaria, International Women’s Day is a national holiday.”

Today I encourage you to acknowledge the women in your life. Thank them for their help, friendship and love, let them know why you’re proud of them, or offer your help and support on some of their projects. Try to make a positive difference in one of their lives today!

In the meantime, let me know some women you admire in the comments. Whether they’re personal friends or historical/fictional characters, I want to hear all about the strong, inspiring women in your lives!

Friday Favorites: March 8

Friday Fave 3-8
Many times I come across things that I absolutely love or use on a daily basis, but aren’t able to turn into full posts. Maybe they’re not geeky enough, maybe they’re not hostess-y enough, but they are all Geeky Hostess-approved. I’ve decided to start compiling them into Friday Favorites! Take a look–I’m sure you’ll find something you love as well!

Favorite Kickstarter: Job Hunters
Sorry guys, you’ll be hearing about this one for a while from me. But seriously. I’m so excited about possibly creating a second season of this web series. If you’re able to help promote the Kickstarter by tweeting, FBing, reblogging, anything, please do! I’m happy to give interviews or get you any promotional content you may need as well. You can check out the Kickstarter here.

Favorite Beauty Item: Philosophy’s Kiss Me Lip Balm
My lips/skin have been extra dry lately, but as always, my Philosophy Kiss Me Lip Balm has saved the day. I’ve used this stuff for years. It comes in a clear/yellow and a red, but they both go on fairly sheer. It looks great, feels great, and lasts a long time. You can find the red one for $9.49 here.

Favorite Treat: Halfpops
Half-popped popcorn. I should be able to stop right there. This stuff is addicting. It’s a little pricy per bag, but the enjoyment and wonder is worth it. It looks like you can only buy a 12-pack on Amazon, but just do it. You’ll eat them.

Favorite Press: Wired
Wired’s Geek Mom had a great article about my “Geek and Feminine” panel at Emerald City Comicon and included mention of my geeky makeup show, OneUpMakeup. They also mentioned our fave makeup company, Espionage Cosmetics! Check it out!

Favorite Comic: Scott Pilgrim
I’ve known about Scott Pilgrim for a while, and loved the movie, but have just recently got around to reading the graphic novels. Oh man. I was laughing out loud a lot. Just read them. They’re a quick and fun read, and something you’ll love having around to re-read or loan out to friends. And the box set’s only $40 on Amazon!

Favorite Baking Item: GIANT Icing Tips
I’ve been frosting my cupcakes with normal “cupcake decorating” tips for a while, and have been disappointed that they haven’t looked like the ones I see in cupcake shops. I finally found out the secret. Giant pastry tips. These things make cupcakes SO easy to frost and they look exactly like the professional ones. Yay! Here’s a great set to get you started.

What are you obsessing over this week?

Which Witch Are You? Oz-Inspired Makeup Palettes

glinda palette  theodora palette

Oz: The Great and Powerful opens tomorrow, and although the title hints at the Wizard being the main character, it sounds like the witches steal the show. You can get into character before seeing the movie with one of these makeup palettes from Urban Decay.

Are you looking for sweet colors from the Glinda palette, or something a bit more sassy from Theodora’s?

Glinda and Theodora Palettes, $49 each at Ulta.com.

Geek Beauty: Glitter Masks

ECCC Glitter Masks

In honor of their newest collection and the amazing superhero they came up with to go along with it, Espionage Cosmetics spent Emerald City Comicon putting glitter masks on people. When I first saw them, I thought they were rhinestones placed on a face, but they’re actually done with eyelash glue and loose glitter! Here’s how to make a glitter mask of your own:

IMG_4807 small

Use black eyelash glue to dab small dots on your face in the shape of a mask. Let dry slightly so it won’t run/smudge.

IMG_4808 small

Take loose glitter (we used ones from Espionage Cosmetics’ Comic Book collection) and tap it lightly over the glue dots, making sure you cover them all. Then take scotch tape and lightly remove the excess from your skin by going between the dots. If you want a look similar to Kristina and Liz up top, you can stop here! If you’re looking for more of a two-toned look, continue on.

IMG_4811 small

Using clear eyelash glue, apply dots in the middle of your mask or where you would like the second color to appear.

IMG_4814 smallLike the first time, pat the second color on lightly over the slightly-dried glue dots, and try to avoid getting the glitter onto the first color. Remove the excess with scotch tape.

IMG_4818 small

You’re ready to fight crime and look fabulous!

Check out Espionage’s full line of makeup at EspionageCosmetics.com.

Geek Fashion: Comicon Outfit

ECCC Outfit

You don’t have to cosplay or wear a t-shirt to rock a comicon-appropriate outfit (although those are perfectly awesome things to do as well). For those times when you want to dress up a bit for a panel or a party,  I recommend an outfit like the one I wore on Friday of Emerald City Comicon. Prefer a bit more color? You can pair the skirt and necklace with a comic shirt of your choice or a bright red, yellow, or blue top.

I made the skirt out of this fabric from Joann and some simple elastic. I haven’t sewn in a while, and I started and finished the project with time to spare while watching a movie. Use this tutorial, and you can make your own skirt too! (Seriously. It’s SUPER easy.) Not loving the elastic waist? Just put a belt over it, like I did here.

My Pow necklace was from Hot Topic, but Amazon and Etsy both have some great options.

Boots are a great way to add a bit of heel (or Superhero kick) to your outfit without hurting your feet too much. But flats would look just as nice!

I look forward to wearing the skirt to other functions like parties, ladies’ nights, and some events at other cons. I may even try my hand at sewing a few more before SDCC!

What’s your go-to comicon outfit?