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ECCC Vendors

Phew! Emerald City Comicon took way more out of me than I thought. I had a great time on panels, at screenings, and meeting people, but ended up being too tired to function for multiple days after. The con may have ended on Sunday, but I’m just now ready to start talking about all of the cool things I saw! Starting with: Vendors. I spend most of my time at conventions in the exhibit hall, and this was no exception. There were old favorites (like Espionage Cosmetics and CuteBricks) and a bunch of new folks that I fell in love with. You need to check out the following folks immediately:

We Love Fine


I’ve been an admirer of WeLoveFine for a while, but finally bought my first pair of leggings from them on Saturday and wore them on Sunday. They were super comfy and I got lots of compliments! I can already see more legging purchases in my future…

Daily Lovelies

Daily Lovelies


Yes, I have a weakness for geeky cosmetics. And yes, I already have too much. But when I found the adorable Daily Lovelies, I couldn’t resist grabbing some to try! I purchased the gorgeous and glittery “Who’d Want Me for a Flatmate?” (seen above), and “I Solemnly Swear I’m Up To No Good,” a shimmery neutral that has already become my go-to eyeshadow base.

The Truffle Cottage


I unfortunately didn’t get to try these truffles, but that didn’t stop me from staring at them every time I passed by the booth. I mean, they have chocolate truffles in the shapes of the Ghostbusters and Superman logos, and Iron Man’s head, and they have large TARDIS truffles, and…and…you just have to check them out. And if you’re ever looking for a gift for me, you know where to find it.



I’ve seen Zoms at a few different conventions, and I always have to stop to ooh and aww over the cutest plush zombie the world’s ever seen. They’ve grown to include a few different types of plushies, and I hear they have some really cool new ones that they’ll be launching soon.

Were you at ECCC? What exhibitors did you fall in love with?

I’ll be profiling one more vendor in detail tomorrow, so stay tuned!

Gritty Mario Reboot: The Four Players

“The Four Players” have been around since November, but I just got around to watching them this week. I was expecting some fun little videos showing grittier sides of the four player characters in Super Mario Bros., but I was blown away at the quality. There’s great acting, singing, and special effects (that even include puppetry!) I really enjoyed watching these interpretations. If you’ve got an extra 15 minutes or so, check these out:

Taco Bell Launches Breakfast, Gift Store

Screen Shot 2014-03-25 at 9.53.37 PM

Taco Bell conquered the 4th meal, so they’re going back to Meal #1, and you can have it in your mouth starting tomorrow morning. (I’m personally excited for the AM Crunchwrap and the Cinnabon Delights, but I’ll most likely try one of everything because I want to treat my tastebuds and punish my body.)

But did you know Taco Bell is MORE than just meals? I believe they’re starting to take over the world as the hot new lifestyle brand, and they’re starting with their fabulous Live Mas store.

Live Mas Store

The store says that it’s “Coming Soon” and it currently only has a limited amount of items for sale, so I’m looking forward to what else they may come out with. I’ve heard rumors of pajamas and bedding based on their breakfast line. My wallet is ready.

What are you more excited for? The Taco Bell breakfast or the Live Mas store?

Seattle Mini Maker Faire Recap

Seattle Mini Maker Faire

Over the weekend, I got to check out the Seattle Mini Maker Faire at the EMP, and it was really, really cool. There are SO many local maker groups in the Seattle area alone! I learned of some maker spaces and tool libraries near me, saw a lot of kids and families get to make things, and found practical day-to-day uses for a lot of science. A few exhibitors stood out to me as ones that would be at home on The Geeky Hostess, and I’ve profiled them all below for you! Check them out and feel inspired, as if you’re at your own digital mini maker faire!



This was my first stop and also some of the most colorful 3D printed-objects I saw during the day. Tinkerine is a 3D Printer manufacturer, and you can buy one of their three models pre-assembled or save $300 and put it together yourself. Their printers range in price from $999-$1900, and include your first filament spool (normally $45). They have more filament colors than I’ve seen anywhere else. If I was interested in picking up a 3D printer, I’d seriously consider these guys.



If you like things that light up, then you’d love SeattleLumin.com. They sell everything  you need to make yourself or other things glow–from EL Wire, Drivers, and Kits, to premade items. If you want to make your clothes or bike glow, these are the folks to talk to. (The picture you see above were of some flashing plug and play kits they had available for purchase. The blurriness is what happens when I tried to get a pick of them all lit up at the same time. Let’s just pretend it’s supposed to be artsy.)

Ill Gotten Games

Ill Gotten Games

Il Gotten Games is a game development company out of Bellingham. They were showing off a variety of awesome miniatures and games they’ve created with a 3D printer, which totally makes me want to buy one. (Creating your own miniatures??? Seriously, how cool would that be?) They’ve also recently launched a Kickstarter for an RPG they’re creating! Check it out!

Hack Your Clothes

Hack Your Clothes

Jennifer, the creator of Hack Your Clothes wants to help people learn to sew and “hack” their clothes to get pieces that fit them perfectly and that they love. She currently has a site and offers weekly sessions where she’ll oversee your projects and assist you as you need it. Want to take in a dress, make a corset, or create a great costume from scratch? She can help! And I hear that she’ll be opening up a studio in the Seattle area sometime soon. I’ll let you all know as soon as it opens! (She also blogs often about cleaning and restoring old sewing machines which is a really cool read! Check it out!)

Scroll Wood Shop

Scroll Wood Shop

As I walked by this booth, I had to get a closer look. There was a man making puzzles out of tiny objects (seen here with postage stamps adhered to wood) entirely by hand. All using a scroll saw. Scroll Wood Shop has an Etsy page available, where you can purchase these handmade puzzles or have a custom one created with stamps of your choice, or even from a business card. I also love their jigsaw coasters–they would make a super cute gift for gaming/puzzle enthusiasts!

You can stay up to date on future Maker Faires in the Seattle area by visiting makerfaireseattle.com. I’m definitely looking forward to checking out the next one! Have you been to a Maker Faire before? Are you an avid 3D printer, arduino, or woodworking maker? 

Win Tickets to Wedlocks


My friend and geeky event-planner extraordinaire Kelli Bielema is hosting a really fun event this weekend and she wants to give YOU free tickets! It’s in Seattle on Sunday,  March 30th, which is during Emerald City Comicon, but if you didn’t get tickets or just need a break on Sunday afternoon, you’ve gotta check it out. (You could walk between the location and the convention center!)

The event is Wedlocks: a day where a bunch of salons, makeup artists, and beauty experts all gather in the same room and let you try them out and ask questions. Although originally created to help brides and wedding parties find the right look for their wedding, the event is open to anyone. I’m excited to go just to get to know new trends, check out some local talent in the area, and to feel pampered and extra pretty after mini makeovers! Bonus, since Kelli is involved, I’m guessing most of the vendors at the event will be geek/offbeat-friendly. So don’t be afraid to ask questions and try out more risky looks! (Also, there’s going to be photo booths and COTTON CANDY.)

Want to attend and get pampered with me? Then start gathering your friends, because the winner will receive a code good for FOUR free tickets! Just enter below. I’ll notify the winner on Friday!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Tara’s at Emerald City Comicon!

ECCC logo


Emerald City Comicon‘s coming up this weekend, and I can’t wait to see folks, roam the exhibit hall, and attend/be on some panels! This is where I’ll be:

Friday: I won’t be at the convention itself, but I’ll be in the area and will most likely be hitting up some parties or shows in the evening! (Out of town friends: Let me know if you want to meet up for a drink or meal in the area!)

Saturday: Saturday is my day of panels! I’ll be on the following:

3pm: Makeup For Geeks (Room 2B)

The OneUpMakeup ladies will be joining forces with Espionage Cosmetics and Atomic Cosmetics to talk makeup! I’ll be moderating the panel and I’ll be providing some of my Geeky Hostess Espionage Cosmetics Collections for giveaways!!! (There are going to be a lot of great giveaways, so make sure you get to this panel on time!)

5pm: The Couple The Games Together… (GAMING – Sheraton Issaquah Room)

Mr. Geek and I will be joining other awesome couples to chat about what it’s like to be a couple that games together. I’m hoping to get to share some of my fave two-player board games as well as some “gaming with your sig. other” etiquette tips!

6:20pm: Building  Events the Geeky Way (Hall C – Room 610)

I’ll be talking about planning events–both Geeky Hostess-style parties and Dammit Liz-style larger events. If you want to know anything about any type of event planning in the Geek World (from dinner parties to conventions), you’ll want to be at this panel!

Sunday: I’ll be wandering around the exhibit hall, trying to say “Hi” to folks, and possibly catching some panels! I’ll also be at the one below…

1pm: Job Hunters Screening (TCC LL2)

Get ready for Season 2 by doing a re-watch of Job Hunters Season 1 with some members of the cast and crew. We’ll also show the teaser trailer for Season 2. We won’t have a chance to do an official Q&A, but grab us after the screening and we’ll be happy to answer your spoiler-free questions!


Emerald City Comicon is already sold out, but I’m guessing some of you already have your tickets! Will I see any of you there? What panels/guests/exhibitors are you looking forward to seeing?

Rapunzel-Inspired Makeup Tutorial

Sometimes, you’ve gotta do things that scare you in order to grow. And while I love makeup and think I’ve mastered basic natural looks on myself, I don’t have the artistic flair that my fellow OneUpMakeup ladies have. I love getting my makeup done by them, but I hadn’t done a look on anyone else. (Heck, I barely know how to use makeup brushes and everything I do ends up looking way too natural or fading instantly.)

Well, I finally did it. I did a Tangled/Rapunzel-inspired look on Kristina. Is it flawless? Not at all. But I did it. And I’m excited to see what my next look will be and how I can grow and learn from this first experience. (For instance, colors look different on different skin tones! And the lighting you use for your filming will affect how the makeup looks!) Take a peek and let me know what other characters/looks you want me to try in the future!

Custom Named Nail Polish

Pretty Please Polish

I have a problem. Well, a couple problems. The first is that I have a slight nail polish addiction. My collection has grown larger than my lip gloss collection (and that’s saying something). The second problem is that I’m a sucker for fun nail polish names. I could do without the punny OPI names, but if something geeky comes up, I’ve got to have it. I’ve almost purchased this $27 Chanel nail polish just because the color name is “Dragon.” (And I still want it!)

So I’m naturally thrilled about Pretty Please, a nail polish company that lets you pick your color and name it whatever you want. You can purchase one bottle for yourself (for $10) or a bunch for gifts, party favors, etc. (depending on how many you purchase, the price can go down to $5.50 each!) I think this is a ridiculously fun way to wear the latest colors on your nails, but call the polish a name based on your favorite fandom, inside joke, or person.

Did your DnD group just complete their quest? Get them the gold nail polish with the quest name or their XP.

Have a weekly tv-watching session? Get a color named after one of the characters so you can all paint your nails together the next week!

Want to thank your wedding party for being in your wedding? Pick the color that suits each person best and name it after them.

What color and name would you pick? (Check them all out at prettypleasenailpolish.com)

Her Universe Fashion Show Design Competition


Calling all geeky fashion designers! If you prefer to create couture to cosplay, and want your character-inspired pieces to be as beautiful as something you’d see on the runway, then you’ve got to enter this contest!

Her Universe is putting together a Geek Couture Fashion Show during San Diego Comic Con, and is accepting entries to be one of the 30 designers to show off your stuff. Two Winning Designers will have the opportunity to work with Ashley from Her Universe to co-design an exclusive Her Universe fashion collection for Hot Topic!

Enter and get more information from the official rules here!

Pi Day Deals

Pi Day Tee

It’s Pi Day! A day where lovers of math, baked goods, and all things irrational come together to celebrate 3.14. And lucky for us, a bunch of stores are celebrating with sales or special products! Check out these places below:

Hot Topic: Nerdist and Hot Topic teamed up to create you the awesome shirt you see above. They’re also currently running a Pi Day Sweepstakes.

Pizza Hut: Pizza Pie more your thing? Use #PizzaHutPiDay on Twitter between 1pm and 4pm CST and be entered to win one of 140 $10 gift cards!

ThinkGeek: ThinkGeek is celebrating with Pi-themed items and 100 items on sale for only $3.14! Plus, use code PINSTEIN for 20% off orders of $40+.

WeLoveFine: 20% off all t-shirts from 12pm PST to 3:14pm PST on 3/14! Use code TGIPIDAY.

Whole Foods: A variety of events/sales are going on nationwide. In the PNW, you can get $5 off a large fruit pie!

Do you know if any other sales/deals going on today? Let me know in the comments and I’ll update the post! Have fun and Pi responsibly!