Kristina and Tara are Betty and Veronica!

Kristina and I have often talked about how fun it would be to do a “Betty and Veronica” shoot together. We both read the Archie comics while growing up, and although we may not agree with the girls always fighting over the same guy, we do have fond memories of the comics. When offered to send us some Betty and Veronica costumes so we could finally do our shoot, we literally jumped at the chance. Take a peek at our version of the characters below–one where they can just hang out and have fun without the distraction of stupid ol’ Archie–but first check out Kristina’s behind-the-scenes video!






Which comic character have you always wanted to dress up as?

Betty and Veronica’s costumes are $44.99 each at, and include the top, skirt, knee-high leggings, and wigs (not shown).


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