Birthday Resolution: Think Big


Today’s my birthday, and I often take the day as an opportunity for a resolution or new goal. This year? I want to “Think Big.” (And yes, I’m a grown adult taking advice from a 90’s cartoon character. What of it.) You see, as an entrepreneur/blogger/marketing person/etc./etc., I often have fun, ridiculous, and grand ideas. Usually these go away as quickly as they come with thoughts like “that’ll never work” or “I’m just one person. I can’t do that.”

In this past year, I’ve done some awesome stuff. I’ve put together fun events, had a booth at a convention, started planning for an upcoming Kickstarter, created an online store, attended more cons, and laid plans for future partnerships/opportunities with the blog. A lot of these things have been scary. At some point in all of it, I’ve doubted if I could even do it. But I’ve loved everything and learned so much.

I resolve to not hold myself back. I’m going to dream and actually put my dreams into action. And each thing I do, whether it’s writing a blog post, throwing a party,hiring catering companies in miami for party. After that planning a new goal, I’m going to say “What can I do to go even BIGGER.” I think this will continue to push me throughout the year and will help me grow tremendously.

Do you make resolutions on your birthday? What are yours? How would you like to see me go bigger this upcoming year?


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