A Geeky Home

Combat Kitchenware

Do your pots and pans just not feel bad-ass enough? Check out this new Kickstarter. Morlock Enterprises is sticking swords onto pans and letting you feel more powerful as you cook that egg. You can choose the type of pan you’d like as your incentive, and the prices aren’t that bad. Make sure you watch the video to get a better feel for the final product.

Did you end up pledging to their Kickstarter? Let me know what incentive you got in the comments!

Ybuy: Rent the Newest Gadgets

You know that brand new gadget that you want to get your hands on, just to try out? And that weekend trip you’re going on where you really need a camera, but don’t want to buy a new one? Check out YBuy. They let you try out all of the newest gadgets for just $24.95. Don’t like it? Send it back. Have to have it? Keep it and pay the rest of the retail value.

YBuy includes game systems, cameras, tablets, fancy coffee makers and kitchen equipment, and anything else you may have always wanted. They’re selectively letting people in at the moment, but I can get you to the head of the line by sending you an email invite. Want in? Leave your email address in a comment, and I’ll get you in!


Geeky Car Emblems

I often forget about decorating my car. It’s there to transport me from one place to another, and that’s about it. There’s no sign of geekiness to it, and even my cupcake air freshener is hidden away, not hanging prominently. That’s why I think my car needs one of these car emblems, asap.

These emblems cover all sorts of geekery, as evidenced above, and are subtle enough that a non-geek (that also knows nothing about cars) may actually mistake it for the real thing. Now the big question: Is my car more of a “Firefly,” “Galactica,” or “TARDIS?”

Custom Car Emblems, $12-15 each at Empira’s Etsy shop.

Street Fighter Wall Decals

Make every day into a competition with these awesome Street Fighter Wall Decals. They’re moveable and reusable, meaning they’re a great way for keeping score–I’d use it to track who’s won the most games.

The set includes:

51 movable decals per package:
7 orange squares 4″x4″ (102mm x 102mm)
7 blue squares 4″x4″ (102mm x 102mm)

Let everyone in your household know who’s winning with the Street Fighter Wall Decals, $48 at JamesBit.Etsy.com.

Threadless Home Goods

Threadless just keeps branching out to new products. Give them enough time, and everything in your home and on your body can be a Threadless design. (At least, we can only hope!) Here are some ways you can incorporate them into your home:

Throw Pillows, $24.50


Dish Sets, $19.50

Pet Beds, $24.50

Make sure you check out everything they have to offer (including Wall prints, iPhone cases, and more!) at Threadless.com.


Non-Girly Air Freshener

Archer “Air Superiority” is a set of air fresheners that are apparently made for men, but could easily be appreciated by both sexes. Scents like “European Sports Car,” “Distillery,” and “Hunting Lodge” fill your room with interesting and inviting scents with nary a lavender, vanilla bean, or spring rain mist in sight. I personally think these scents could help set the mood for fun events: Use “European Sports Car” for a car-chase filled action movie night, and “Hunting Lodge” to get your adventuring party in the mood for your next D&D night. Plus, the spray paint can style will make you feel a bit rebellious every time you use them.

Archer Air Superiority, $14 each at Archermen.com.

Smell Like Your Favorite Author

The Library collection of candles won’t make your home smell like old books–instead, it will make your home smell reminiscent of your favorite author. Whether you prefer the cardamom, sandalwood and absinthe scent of Edger Allan Poe or the gardenia, tuberose and jasmine scent of Jane Austen, there’s a candle for you. I personally think Oscar Wilde would make a fantastic candle for the kitchen–it’s cedarwood, thyme and basil!

Which author do you most want your house to smell like?

The Library Collection, $8-$28 at Paddywax.com.