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DIY Disaster Survival

The world is supposed to end in a couple days, and it’s snowing in Seattle. EVERYONE PANIC! Or, just read through this DIY Disaster Survival infographic and make sure you grab the supplies soon, so you have them on hand if/when you need them. Need a last-minute holiday gift? Print […]

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Geek DIY: Felt Dice Pillows

I love Bonnie, I love Wil, I love geeky pillows. This is a win-win-win for me. This DIY is super easy and is an entertaining piece of inspiration for me–I really need to get back to crafting! The best part? The comments provide extra tips on how to make this […]

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How To Make a Dalek Dress

I’m heading back home after an amazingly busy and fun San Diego Comic-Con, and I’m even more inspired to cosplay now. The Suicide Girls have teamed up with American Apparel to create easy cosplay video tutorials using American Apparel clothing. Check out this one for a Dalek dress! They will […]

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Comic Book Kit

Making your own comic book just got easier thanks to Todd Oldham, of all people. His “Kid Made Modern” line of craft products for Target includes this Comic Book Kit, which comes with paper, markers, stencils, stamps, and stamp pads. All you need now is an idea! Comic Book Kit, […]

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Googly-Eyed Stationary

Let’s be honest here: Googly Eyes make everything better. Some ladies in the geek community have even started “vandaleyes”ing various objects in public with googly eyes. This stationary set will assure that the card is greeted with a huge smile. The set comes with 12 cards of various sweets (including […]

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Contest: Knits for Nerds

I received an amazing book in the mail recently titled “Knits for Nerds“. The book has 30 knitting projects all based on things from our favorite shows, books, and activities. The only problem? I don’t knit. Correction: I knit lumpy scarves with the best of them (and I LOVE my […]

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A Muse in Your iPhone

We’ve all been there. You’re in the middle of writing a story or a play, putting together your photography portfolio, creating a D&D campaign, or even writing a blog post, and the inspiration stops. BAM: You’ve been writer-blocked. Luckily, inspiration can be just a couple taps away on your iPhone […]

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Xbox 360 Hot Pocket Dispenser

Looking to enjoy dinner with your gaming session, but don’t want to take a pesky break to actually pick up your Hot Pocket? Make one of these handy-dandy Hot Pocket dispensers for your Xbox 360 controller with the help of Ben Heck. I personally would have stopped after he duct […]