Slumber Con

Missing conventions? Don’t have anyone nerdy and awesome near you? Just want an excuse to watch some cute, funny, geeky ladies interview people in their pajamas? You need Slumber Con! This show looks so cute and makes me go “Why didn’t I think of that first?” Guess I’ll just have […]


Fund the My Drunk Kitchen Tour!

Hannah Hart of My Drunk Kitchen fame has an IndieGoGo campaign going to fund a trip across the US. She’ll visit people, through parties, and take My Drunk Kitchen on the road. The campaign started yesterday, and raised more than $90,000 by the end of the first day. (Her goal […]

Entertaining, Geek Etiquette

Disney Inspired Aprons

Channel Cinderella (or a variety of other Disney princesses) next time you have to do the chores or cook–I dare you NOT to prance around singing “In My Own Little Corner” while wearing this. These aprons are available in LoverDoverClothing’s Etsy shop and range in price from $22-$39.50. They’d make […]

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Cabin in the Woods Party

Cabin in the Woods will be released on Blu-ray/DVD on Tuesday, and is already available for digital download. This film is one of my new all-time faves, so I knew I had to do something for the release. Check out the details on my “Cabin in the Woods Party” and get planning your […]


Horror Movie Trivia

Use these trivia questions for your next Horror Movie/Halloween party–I used them for my Cabin in the Woods party! In the movie “Halloween,” Michael Myers’ mask is actually an altered mask of which fictional character? Captain Kirk The original name of the movie “Alien” was actually going to be what? Star Beast […]


Humble Music Bundle!

My favorite impromptu purchase, Humble Indie Bundle, introduced the “Humble Music Bundle” yesterday. The idea is the same: pay what you’d like for the items listed, and part of the proceeds will go to charities. However, instead of games, you’re now getting great music! The Humble Music Bundle includes exclusives […]


“Sexy Hotness” Sleeping Bags

Looking for a practical and (dare I say it?) sexy sleeping bag for your next camping trip? The “Sexy Hotness” sleeping bag has zippers along the side that allow you to connect to other sleeping bags for a warm and cozy night. When you aren’t sleeping, your sleeping bag on […]