Hero in the Air (A Geeky Love Song)

Let’s end this week with a breezy, geeky love song by HelloIamDanica. It just feels perfect after our chat on Geek Love earlier this week. Have a wonderful weekend full of sunshine, geeky activities, and love! (And if you’re in the Seattle area, check out the Science EXPO Day on […]


Don’t Mess With the Hostess

I try not to post every Job Hunters update here, but I thought this episode particularly applied to The Geeky Hostess: Now you know the importance of RSVPing. And then actually attending the event. What’s the worst tantrum you’ve ever thrown over a party?

Entertaining, Libations

Superhero Ice Cubes

On beautiful days in Seattle (like today), the whole city stops to stare out the window, take walks, fill patio seating parties thanks to an event seating rental, and look for a nice cold beverage. If you’re entertaining on a day like that, these ice trays will make your beverages […]


The Geeks in the Seattle Met!

Mr. Geek and I were thrilled to find ourselves front and center in the Met pages for attending Shindig’s Cinefresco launch party. What is Cinefresco, you say? It’s a brand new outdoor-movie party that comes to you! You can’t go wrong with popcorn, drinks, a photo booth, lawn chairs, vintage […]

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Unique Sandwich Cutters

It’s the first day of Spring, and dreams of sunny picnics and lazy afternoon tea parties have entered my head. Little sandwiches are a go-to at both of these events, but it’s best to avoid the cliche triangles, circles, and squares. Dress your sandwiches up with these fun sandwich cutters! […]


Job Hunters Trailer

I’ve been hard at work on the web series “Job Hunters” for the past few months, and am thrilled to present the release of our trailer! The series premieres online on April 4th, but you can see the first episode before the rest of the internet at Emerald City Comicon […]

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Dinner Party with UncommonGoods

One of my resolutions this year was to have more “grown-up” dinner parties. This means less people over, cloth napkins, and meals that don’t involve calling Domino’s. However, it’s me, and I still like to have a fun theme or activity planned. UncommonGoods came to the rescue with some fun […]