Work Out Like a Superhero

Tara Theoharis - Workout-6

(Topaz Peak Mesh Paired Up Swim Tank and Santa Rosa Flex Splice Tights)

I used to think I didn’t like exercise. It felt like punishment, and I didn’t believe anyone who truly enjoyed it. But now I get it. There is something out there for everyone. I personally love taking Barre 3–it’s a mix of pilates and yoga that leaves me feeling renewed, reconnected, standing taller, and that good-kind-of-sore you get from a full body workout.

I had to learn that working out wasn’t just about working off calories or looking better. It’s about making time for yourself, making yourself stronger and more capable, and finding a way to relax and focus on something other than work. And as much as I love going to barre classes (and the occasional Zumba or dance class when I want to just have fun with friends), sometimes you need a bit more motivation. That’s where your superhero outfit comes in.

Tara Theoharis - Workout-12

(Coral Bay 2 in 1 Tankini and All Elements Running Tights)

Every hero has an outfit they wear when they’re called to duty. This outfit makes them feel invincible. It helps them move. It protects them. And darn it, sometimes it just makes them look bad-ass. I think  your workout attire should do the same thing for you. You’re your own hero, so look like it! Don’t be afraid to break out the bright colors and the high tech fabrics. If it scares you off, think of your superhero persona. You’re Clark Kent by day; what are you when you hit the gym?

Tara Theoharis - Workout-9

TYR acted as my Edna Mode recently and hooked me up with some great new ensembles. I love the bright colors, fun details, and the fact that the fabric does triple duty. All of these pieces have built in UPF 50+ capabilities to protect me from the sun, and the tops and printed leggings can be worn in and out of the water. Plus, the outfits are comfortable. In fact, after this shoot, I stayed in the tankini and running tights for the rest of the day!

Tara Theoharis - Workout-14

It took me too long to realize the benefits of a good workout and even longer to understand how a great workout ensemble can help. Learn from me. Don’t wait until you’ve worked out and toned up to get a fun outfit. Get yourself something now. It’ll  help you be the hero you know you can be.

Tara Theoharis - Workout-2

What’s your fave workout? And do you have any fave pieces you wear when you’re exercising?

Check out more fun items at, and a special thank you to Mallory Shoemaker for snapping the pics!

Geeky “Ugly” Holiday Sweaters

December is here, which means the ugly sweater parties are just around the corner. Just because you’re forced to wear a bright and “tacky” sweater doesn’t mean you can’t show off your geeky side! Break the ice and show off your fandom with these geeky sweaters. I’m guessing you’ll want to wear them long after the parties are over!

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 9.44.13 PM

A Christmas Story Sweatshirt, $23.95 from Amazon.

Darth Vader sweater

Darth Vader sweater, $49.95 from

Fargo sweater.

Fargo Sweater, $85 from Mondo Tees.

Gremlins sweater
Gremlins Sweater, $85 from Mondo Tees.

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 9.48.38 AM

Home Alone Sweater, $39.99 from Amazon.

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 9.59.53 AM

Laser Cat-Zillas Sweater, $48.95 from Amazon.

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 10.03.31 PM

Olaf Sweater, $25.55 from Hot Topic.

Pizza sweater

Pizza Sweatshirt, $59 from Beloved.

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 9.58.01 AM

Robot Sweater, $29.99 from Amazon.

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 9.56.02 AM

Santasaurus Rex Sweater, $29.99 from Amazon.

Street Fighter sweater

Street Fighter Sweater, $43.58 from Yellow Bulldog.

Think Geek Sweater

ThinkGeek Ugly Sweater Hoodie, $29.99 from ThinkGeek.

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 9.41.28 PM

Unicorn Sweatshirt, Starting at $18.50 from Amazon.

Screen Shot 2014-11-30 at 9.53.47 AM

Video Game Santa Sweater, $29.99 from Amazon.

Handmade, Indie, and Cool Products from 9th and Elm


I recently found out about 9th & Elm, an online store that features handmade and independent designers, and I’ve become obsessed. I was given the opportunity to pick out some goodies, which I then modeled around Central Park (shout out to my MIL Roni for taking the pics!), and I still check the update emails every day and browse the site whenever I have the chance.

You’ll find your favorite indie designers and Etsy shops, and a bunch of folks and products you’ve never seen before, all for a great price. Above, you’ll see me wearing:

  • “Mother of Dragons” tank top from ClassicSciFi (No longer on the site, but there are other fun graphic tanks available!)

This shirt is ridiculously comfy and looks great with jeans or as a workout top. I got a few compliments from strangers the first day I wore it around!

  • Scarfbag from Go For the Throat (No longer on the site, but there are other hidden pocket scarves available!)

It’s a scarf. With a secret hidden zippered pocket. It’s AMAZING. Plus, the fabric is super soft and cozy. This is going to be my go-to scarf this Fall and Winter!

This organic, vegan lip balm smells and tastes just like a vanilla cupcake, and keeps your lips nice and soft. It’s the perfect size for your purse or pocket as well!

The selection on the site changes daily, but you’ll always find clothing, accessories, housewares, jewelry, and gifts. Prices vary just as much as the designers–you can get super inexpensive and super high quality items right next to each other. The collection is well curated and fun to look through–it was tough narrowing down what items I was going to add to my first order, and I can’t wait to place another!

Check it out at and let me know what you end up getting!

Shoe Bakery – Shoes Inspired by Ice Cream and Cake

Pink Cake Wedges


When baking, I often spend a lot of time decorating the goodies, and don’t end up leaving enough time to decorate myself. Many parties and weddings have had me running around minutes before everything began, trying to throw on something not covered in flour and icing. But with ShoeBakery, I don’t need to worry about that. I can wear some AMAZING shoes to match my baked goods, and all eyes will be on my feet. More of an ice cream-lover? They’ve got you covered as well. I think the ice cream flats would be my go-to summer shoe.

Ice Cream Heels

I love their heels and wedges for fancy-yet-fun occasions, and I NEED the Pink Sprinkle Flats in my life for when I take my Geeky Sprinkles to conventions and trade shows.

See them all at Would you wear cake and ice cream inspired shoes? And which one are you craving the most?

Hat Tip: CakeSpy

Dottinghill: Fashionable (yet Geeky!) Temporary Tattoos


"Hidden Messages"

“Hidden Messages”

Temporary tattoos have a magical way of making every party more fun. They instantly turn adults into kids, giddy over which design they’ll wear. And while the cheap ones you can get from 25 cent machines or party stores are fun, they’re not necessarily something you can wear around the next day. Dottinghill, however, comes to the rescue with fun, quirky, geeky tattoo options that are all beautifully designed. They sent me some over the summer, and I’ve been taking them to parties and on road trips, making my friends model the tattoos for me. (Thank you Jenn, Joe, Justin, Kina, Meagan, and Liz!)

"Made of Love"

“Made of Love”

People can submit and vote on designs that will be turned into temporary tattoos on, which results in a collection of tattoos that will make any geek, fashionista, or graphic designer swoon. The tattoos themselves range from $3-6 per sheet (with multiple tattoos on most of the sheets). They’re great for a party, photo shoot, or any time you want to try out a new tattoo.



Want to place an order? Use promo code “GeekyHostess” for 15% off an order of $15 or more! 

"Love Life Bar"

“Love Life Bar”

Which of their designs do you love? (I’m obsessed with the “Love Life Bar” design, as seen above–you can cut out the individual hearts and make your own life bar!) Will you be sporting a temporary tattoo anytime soon?

MOAR Nail Wraps From Espionage Cosmetics!


Today, Espionage Cosmetics launched their second Kickstarter. If you missed out on their nail wraps the first time, need to refill your stock, or (like me) just can’t wait to get the new designs, you’ve gotta pledge now.

The nail wraps are geeky, beautiful, and easy to use, and this time many of the designs are licensed. This means you can fangirl even harder with official products from your fave creators.

I’m particularly excited for Baker Street, Lunar Phase, Mermaid, and Treasure Map wraps, and the “Glitter is the New Black” t-shirt. Check out all of the initial new designs below and let me know what you’re excited for in the comments! (More wraps may be unlocked if and when they hit stretch goals, so keep checking in on their page!)


What are you waiting for? Go pledge now! 

It’s Fashion Time with AMI Clubwear!


Photos by the always lovely Liz Leo!

I’ve known AMI Clubwear as a site that has tons of really, ridiculously hot dresses and (you guessed it), clubwear, but it wasn’t until they reached out to me that I found they also carried some fun geeky items.

When I go to cons, I often pick a couple of tiny little dresses like this for after parties, and this is one of the first I’ve seen with long sleeves. This means that I can pair it with leggings and boots in the winter and actually stay warm! Plus, having all of the Adventure Time characters makes it ridiculous and fun. It’s definitely a conversation starter!

Adventure Time DressAMI Clubwear wants to give one of you a $50 gift card so you can splurge on some awesome partywear as well. The Cartoon Dress I’m wearing is only $32.99, so you’d still be able to treat yourself to something else if you got it! They also have an incorrectly labeled Ewok dress, a Corpse Bride dress, a Lumpy Space Princess dress, a South Park scarfcostumes, and more.

Wanna win? Enter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Happy Batman Day!

Happy Batman Day! Today we celebrate the 75th anniversary of Batman, which is convenient for all of us heading to SDCC. So while I travel off to San Diego to immerse myself in comics and pop culture, I recommend you make yourself some Batman Cupcakes and check out the evolution of the Batman Symbol! It’s so fascinating to see it change throughout the years as comic and movie styles change. Which one’s your favorite?

Batman Symbol Evolution Infographic

The Only Convention Hoodie You’ll Ever Need

Nerdist Convention Hoodie

Just in time for SDCC, Her Universe and Nerdist teamed up to create the ULTIMATE hoodie. It’s made to be a convention hoodie (with pockets for poster tubes, comic books, water bottles, and more), but looks like it would come in handy on a daily basis. I can see wearing this to street festivals, while traveling, while running events…I’d basically never take it off.

I’m even more psyched to see that the hoodie comes in men’s and women’s sizes, which means I can still have it fit and look cute. The hoodie is available at the Her Universe booth (2913-E) at SDCC, and should be available online after the con.

Will you be picking one of these up? What features would you include in an ultimate convention hoodie? (I wouldn’t mind a mini flashlight on the drawstring for when you’re walking home after parties, and maybe a special “protein bar and ibuprofen” pocket for the early mornings….)

Get Geek-Chic with Modcloth

I was perusing Modcloth the other day (as one does when they want to put off real work), and I noticed they had a “geek-chic” section. I already love Modcloth, but I now want to fully live in the world that exists on their website. They have items for space lovers:

Modcloth Space

Science lovers:

Modcloth Science

And cat lovers (so, all of the internet),

Modcloth Cat

as well as cute items inspired by novels, school, fantasy, fandoms, and more. Basically, I want to re-do my home and wardrobe. Want to peruse their goods? Check out everything geeky Modcloth has to offer here!

What’s on your “must buy” list? (I really want these planet plates…)