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“Man” Candles

Yankee Candles launched a set of “Man Candles” that includes fragrances like Riding Mower, 2×4, First Down, and the weirdly named “Man Town”. I get the first three scents, but I don’t think I want anything to smell like a “man town.” These scents don’t seem too specific for men–I would enjoy them all myself. My guess is that these were made for women who wanted to secretly get themselves a gift by giving these to the men in their lives for Father’s Day. And for people who don’t feel comfortable buying candles named things like “Hugs and Kisses.”

Would you buy these candles? Do you think they need to create a specific men’s brand?

Man Candles, $17.99-27.99 at

Googly-Eyed Stationary

Let’s be honest here: Googly Eyes make everything better. Some ladies in the geek community have even started “vandaleyes”ing various objects in public with googly eyes. This stationary set will assure that the card is greeted with a huge smile. The set comes with 12 cards of various sweets (including cupcakes, cotton candy, ice cream, and lollipops) and 24 googly eyes to affix where you so choose.

Eye Candy Notecard set, $9.95 at

Smart Mudflap Girl

Show everyone that smart ladies are sexy (or get a mudflap sticker for the lady or gentleman in your life that likes their ladies smart!) with this awesome version of the traditional “mudflap girl” we’ve all seen before. At only $6.99, you can get a few for your friends! I know I’d want to strike up a conversation with someone who has this sticker…

Smart Mudflap Girl decal, available at

Geek Etiquette: Gifts for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is next weekend, and while flowers and brunch are great gifts, why not think outside the box a bit this year? I asked Sharon from Parenting Geekly to give me a list of the things she’d love to get for Mother’s Day. If you have (or are) a geeky mother, this should help make the gift-giving process a bit easier. 

Confession time: The thing I want most for mother’s day is for my husband to wake up and prevent the kids from making me breakfast on their own. I love the sentiment, but the culinary skills of my 5-year-old leave a lot to be desired and I’d rather not have to eat her solo attempt at breakfast again this year.

Okay, now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, I’m happy to share with you the gifts that I, as a geeky mom with geeky kids, would love to receive.


This “Illustrious Omnibus of Superpowers #2” print from Pop Chart Lab has over 300 superheroes, villains, and beasts all displayed in a cool chart. Developed with the aid of a comic book shop and a Marvel editorial director, you know it’s accurate. This would look so cool in the superhero themed bathroom I hope to one day have.
“Illustrious Omnibus of Superpowers #2” 18”x24” Print, $27  at


I love to cook, and I love science. Therefore it’s a given that I would love to combine the two and try my hand at molecular gastronomy. The kits from Molecule-R take what could be an insulting gift and adds a science-y, DIY touch transforming it from “I expect you to cook for me” to “Let’s do edible science together!”
Molecular Gastronomy kits, $59 – $116 at


Even perfume, one of the most traditional Mother’s Day Gifts of all, can be found with a geeky twist. Demeter Fragrance Library carries over 225 fragrances, many of them based on a singular scent. They “create scents that are drawn from memories [and] recognize scent as your memory’s best friend… We bottle down-to-earth scents that evoke pleasant memories and experiences of everyday life.” The scents are interesting, ranging from Black Pepper and Celery to Bourbon and “Clean Windows.” There is bound to be a scent that reminds you of mom, or that will remind mom of the kids (Marshmallow or Play-doh, perhaps?).
Fragrance spray from Demeter Libraries, $6-$39 at has a nice selection of T-shirts that would be great for any gamer mom, but I especially love the “Keep Calm and Continue Testing” Portal 2 shirt. It’s a riff on the popular World War II era British Propoganda poster, and is a super cute and fairly subtle way for Mom to show her love of gaming.
Portal 2 “Keep Calm…” T-shirt, $22 at


You really can’t go wrong with anything from ThinkGeek, but I have been eyeing this Light Saber Umbrella since they recently debuted it. It’s available in Anakin, Darth Vader and Obi-Wan versions. The hilts look surprisingly accurate, though they’ve been scaled down for comfort. And since I live in Seattle, where it can rain at the drop of a hat, the built in carrying strap makes this one of the more practical large umbrellas I’ve seen; great for covering a hand-holding Padawan!
Star Wars Lightsaber Umbrellas, $40 at

Hopefully these things that I would very much like will inspire you to tap into mom’s geeky side when shopping for a Mother’s Day Gift this year.

Make sure you visit Sharon at! Geeky moms–what are you hoping for this year?

Avenger-Worthy Deals

I’m sleep-deprived and full of all kinds of Marvel-knowledge after the Marvel Movie Marathon yesterday, and was excited to see that everyone else has been bit with the Avengers bug as well. Take a look at some of these sweet deals going on for the movie’s release!


All Avengers digital comics are only $0.99 each at the Marvel store!


Have Captain Amaerica, Thor, Iron Man, or Wolverine close to you with these swivel headphones or earbuds for $9 each. Available at


Whether you’re making yourself some sweet armor or welding a hammer made for the gods, this Metalworking class will get you started. Only $29 for a 2-hour class in Seattle!

Will you be seeing The Avengers this weekend?

Contest: Let’s Panic About Babies!

Spring is in the air, and with that warm sunshine and hint of birdsong comes BABIES. TONS of babies. I’ve purchased three baby gifts in the past week, and have some more on the horizon.

Are you also in search of baby shower gifts that aren’t lame? Buy the baby a superhero onesie, and then get the mom something that’s a step up from a breast pump: the book “Let’s Panic About Babies!” This book is exactly what you want out of every self-help book but rarely find: it’s laugh-out-loud funny, ridiculous, and actually a tiny bit informative. It will calm you down and freak you out about your pregnancy all at the same time. As one of the authors wrote on her blog: “Let’s Panic About Babies! is a book I wrote with the delightful Alice Bradley. You will like it if you are currently pregnant, if you have children, or if you have absolutely no intention of having children. Not just because it’s funny, but because you can burn it to stay warm.”

Want the book? Lucky for you, I’m giving away a signed copy! You can enter the following ways:

1. Leave a comment with your favorite piece of parenting advice.

2. Follow me on Twitter

3. “Like” me on Facebook

Leave a comment for each item to be entered! This contest is open to US residents only. I’ll pick a winner on Friday, May 4th, which means you’ll receive it just in time for Mother’s Day!

EDIT: We have a winner! selected #2, which is Erin! Erin, be on the lookout for an email!

Put Yourself in the Comics

The Comics Factory allows you to put yourself or a loved one into the body of your favorite superhero. Not a fan of Marvel? They can create custom superhero characters as well! This would make awesome artwork for your home or can be delivered in a digital file so you can use it for invitations and an epic Facebook profile pic.

Art ranges in price from $110-$487, and is available at

(Source: Nerd Approved)

Creative Wine Wrappers

Here’s another great thing from today (I seriously need to buy stock in this company, or get a job there or something): Wine Wrappers. These are created by Studio Oh! and are a great way to present a bottle of wine as a gift, or cover up an ugly or inexpensive bottle for a party. I think the “Drink Me” label is perfect for an Alice in Wonderland themed event, and the “Rate this Wine” would make for a fun wine tasting night.
The labels are $2.50 each at
Check out more beautiful and quirky goodies at

Pixel Heart Mug


Some people don’t feel fully alive until they have their morning coffee or tea. With this Pixel Heart mug, you can make sure the whole world knows that.

The heart fills up red once you pour a hot liquid in the mug, proving that you’re ready for any boss battles or early morning meetings that may come your way.

Pixel Heart Morph Mug, $14 at Urban Outfitters.

(Source: The Awesomer)