InstaWatch: Personalized Watches

Whether you prefer them for telling time or just as a fashion accessory, everyone could use a good watch. Instawatch has created an easy-to-use and inexpensive way to customize their watches, complete with an image and band color of your choice. At $44 each, it looks like all of my friends are getting my face on a watch for the holidays this year.

Check out the color options and make a mock-up of your ideal watch at

Geeky Lollipops

Vintage Confections makes some of the coolest lollipops I’ve seen. Space, dice, skulls, superheros, emoticons and insects are just some of the decorative options they have available. Most lollipops are available in the flavor of your choice (I’m loving options like champagne, cinnamon roll, and banana cream) and many are customizable. I think these would make the best hostess gift, party favor, or Halloween candy. Just beware–the shop has gotten a lot of attention and has some delayed times for certain lollipops because of it.

Geeky Lollipops, ranging in price from $1-2 each, are available on

Battleship Shots

You may remember seeing a photo that was going around the internet: it was of pizza boxes that were converted into a “battle shots” board game, allowing players to drink their battleships as they were being sunk. ShipShots have taken that idea and made it a bit more classy (if that’s possible for a drinking game). Their boards are custom-made in the colors of your choice, and will ensure you have a few good evenings with your friends. The pricepoint ranges from $45-55, making it a great gift idea.

The only question remaining: what will you fill your ship shots with?

(Source: Thrillist)

Loot Crate

You remember that feeling on Christmas, or your birthday, or that non-denominational day that you were showered with surprise gifts? In front of you was a mystery box–you have a feeling you’ll like what’s inside, and you get this great feeling of anticipation as you start to open it. That is the feeling you get each month with Loot Crate.

Loot Crate is a monthly subscription box that sends you 6-8 “handpicked epic products” that any geek would love. At $13.37 (plus $5 shipping), it’s a decent price for the items you’re getting, not to mention the sense of surprise and wonder you get with every box. Past items have included nerdy candy, energy-infused everything (including turkey jerky!), geeky cologne (my husband now smells like Thor), and discounts on cool art. It’s pretty much like a convention in a box, minus the sore feet.

Plus, if you’re lucky, the box will include items that will turn you into a sexy, mustachioed, 8-bit, Mario-inspired beast.

In an entirely unrelated note, I learned today that fake mustaches and lip gloss don’t mix.

Get signed up for Loot Crate at

Thor Hammer Ring

This Thor hammer ring is my favorite type of geeky jewelry: It’s subtle and stylish enough that non-geeks will compliment you on it. Once they do, you can explain what it’s based on, and potentially turn a fashionista into comic book fan! Plus, how strong will you feel wearing Mighty Thor’s hammer on one of your fingers?

Thor Silver Hammer Ring, $15.99 at

(Source: Fashionably Geek)

Geek Beauty: ZOMG Smells

When I approached this booth at GeekGirlCon, I immediately understood their name. You can’t have any reaction other than “ZOMG Smells” when you see their offerings. Whether you like something musky, fruity, flowery, or sugary, there’s a scent for you. With names like “Baby Unicorn Birthday Party” and “SpaceBat,” you won’t be able to resist smelling them all. One of my faves was “Pink Seven, “ which, appropriately enough, included the scents of every pink thing the creator could find.

ZOMG Smells is seriously the geeky lady’s answer to flowery, silly perfumes. They’re available in 1ml vials or 5ml bottles on their website, and would make an awesome birthday, bridal shower, or bachelorette party gift.

Perfume, $2.50 for a vial or $14 for a bottle at

Fortune Keeper Bracelet

I have a couple fortunes from fortune cookies that I have saved over the years, but they always end up in the weirdest places. Corners of mirrors, taped to my laptop, hidden in a wallet…if I had this bracelet, I could keep those fortunes close to me at all times. My favorite? “Eyes that sparkle with joy need no makeup.”

Fortune Keeper Bracelet, $49 at

What’s your favorite fortune?

Leather Book Case for MacBook Pros

I’m suffering roomie withdrawals from SDCC, so I’ve been gravitating towards book-themed goodies (a favorite of my roommate, Rachael’s) over the past couple days. She and I shared many great conversations on books, and I now have a giant list I need to get started on. When I’m not reading, I want to rock my laptop in this book case so I can seem just a bit more intellectual.

BookBook Hardback Leather Case for MacBook Pro, $79.99 at

(Source: GeekAlerts)

Kanamit Cookbook Journal

I ordered this Kanamit cookbook (from Twilight Zone’s “To Serve Man” episode) from Entertainment Earth almost a year ago, and it FINALLY arrived! I can’t wait to start writing all of my recipes and new cooking projects in it.

I received a fully bound version (you can see it here, available as part of their SDCC Exclusive set), but you can get this much more practical wire-bound book for $9.99 at