Jägermeister Gets You Ready for the Game of Thrones Premiere

Everyone’s excited for tonight’s season premiere of Game of Thrones, and that includes Jägermeister. They’ve created Game of Thrones cocktails that’ll be the star of your premiere party!

The Wildling Toddy

Wildling Toddy

  • 2 part Hot Apple Cider
  • 1 part Jägermeister
  • 1/4 part Grand Marnier
  • Sugar Cube
  • Apple Slice for Garnish

Add the sugar cube, grand Marnier, and Jägermeister. Add the boiling hot cider and stir until the sugar cube dissolves. Garnish with the apple slice.

Tyrell Bed of Roses

Tyrell Bed Of Roses

  • 2 part Jägermeister
  • 1/2 part Fresh Lemon Juice
  • 1/2 part Grenadine

Combine all ingredients in a shaker and add ice. Shake well, strain into a martini glass and serve.

The Imp’s Revenge

Imp's Revenge

  • 1 1/2 part Dry Vermouth
  • 3/4 part Jägermeister
  • 3/4 part Benedictine
  • 2 dashes of bitters

Combine the ingredients in a mixing glass and add ice. Stir until well chilled and strain into a chilled martini glass. Serve.

Don’t have the time/ingredients to get that fancy? Then go for “Dany’s Deer and a Beer,” which is a shot of Jäger followed by Ommegang’s Fire & Blood Red Ale. I have mine ready to go!

What will you be drinking/serving at your Game of Thrones viewing party?

Brew Beer Like Wil Wheaton!


I love that the homebrewing community and geeky community so often overlaps. And while I haven’t homebrewed myself, I’ve gotten to try a few and it’s so much fun to see how people’s tastes and personalities fuse into their brews.

Thanks to Northern Brewer, you can now brew beer like Wil Wheaton! The first of many kits they’ll be teaming up to produce is the VandelEyes PA, named after Anne Wheaton’s “Vandal Eyes” project that I’m a big fan of. The finished product is “a wonderfully balanced IPA that has a noticeable caramel malt backbone, and a fresh citrusy hop profile with a huge, in your face aroma.” The base kit, which makes 5 gallons, starts at $45.45.

Have you homebrewed before? Planning on doing it anytime soon?

Choose the Fourth Game of Thrones Beer


For those that may not be aware, HBO teams up withBrewery Ommegang to create Game of Thrones beers. They sell out super quick, and the third beer, Fire & Blood, is coming out at the end of March.

HBO, however, is already making plans for the fourth beer in the series, and they want your help. Visit the Game of Thrones Facebook page and vote for which of these Belgian beers should be made for the Fall:

1) Valar Morghulis - Dubbel - Valar Morghulis is an Old Valyrian saying closely associated with the desire for vengeance. Thus, a Belgian-style Dubbel was chosen to capture the sweetness of revenge as well as the dangerous consequences that come with it.

2) Hand of the King - Quadrupel - The responsibility of running a kingdom can only be matched by the complexity of a Belgian-style Quadrupel ale. Rich in flavor and dark in color, a Quad is the perfect companion for waging war, brokering peace, or enduring a Small Council meeting.

3) Seven Kingdoms - Tripel - The golden Tripel is the universally agreed pinnacle of Belgian brewing achievement, making it the perfect beer to represent the legacy of the Seven Kingdoms. Though supremely drinkable, the Tripel comes with a spicy character that represents the sordid events of the history of Westeros.

4) Khal - Quadrupel - The Dothraki people, like the Belgian-style Quad, are the strongest of the strong and Boldest of the bold. Quads rest atop the pyramid of Belgain beer because of their strength, so this style makes a fitting tribute to the men that rule the mighty Khalisars of Essos.

I’m voting for the Valar Morghulis myself. What are you voting for? (Vote soon, it’s only open for 2 days!)

Hocus Pocus Cocktails

For my birthday, I wanted a low key night where I watched Hocus Pocus (my favorite Halloween movie) with some friends. Apparently low-key to me means fall foods, pumpkin spice cupcakes, and three specialty cocktails inspired by the Sanderson sisters (and based on the color of their robes). The cocktails are all pretty easy and fairly low maintenance during a party. Just set them up right before and you won’t have to worry about it while you watch a movie or dance until you’re dead. Without further ado:


Sarah: Bubbly, sparkly, and purple. This drink attracted all of the men. 


Pour a little bit of Chambord into the bottom of a champagne glass. Fill the glass with champagne. Top with a few Pop Rocks.



Winifred: Traditionally witchy, strong, and has a pretty big bite.


  • Jolly Rancher Green Apple Jello
  • 1 Cup Water
  • 1 Cup Cinnamon Whiskey (I used SinFire)

Heat one cup of water on the stove until boiling. Add in the Jello mix and mix until fully dissolved. Add in 1 cup of Cinnamon Whiskey and a couple ice cubes, mix. Pour into Jello shot containers and let chill in the fridge for four hours.



Mary: Fruity, fun, and reliable. 


  • 1 Part Raspberry Vodka
  • 2 Parts Pomegranate Juice
  • 2 Parts Cranberry Sprite

Mix together in a large pitcher with ice and pour into individual cups.

Which Sanderson sister is your favorite? 

Poison Apple Cocktail

Poison Apple Cocktail

It’s Fall. Time for apples, spices, cozying up with a good book, and relishing in a little bit of evil. I was inspired to create a “Poison Apple” cocktail by these dried Apple slices from Simple & Crisp. They were craving to be used as a garnish on a cocktail and I wanted to do something a bit more than just your average “appletini.” Combine my love for fairy tales and the season and you’ve got a Poison Apple Cocktail! The drink has apple, a bit of spice, and a hint of fizz. The perfect drink to give to the person you think is the “fairest of them all.”


  • 1 ounce Cinnamon Whisky (I used Sinfire)
  • 1.5 ounces Apple Cider
  • 1 ounce Ginger Ale
  • Cinnamon Sugar (for rim)
  • Simple & Crisp Apple Slice (for garnish)


Pour cinnamon whisky and apple cider into a mixer with a couple ice cubes, shake.

Add in ginger ale and give it two shakes just to gently mix together.

Lightly wet a martini glass rim and dip it onto a plate of cinnamon sugar until the rim is evenly coated.

Pour drink in the glass.

Top with an apple slice.


What’s your favorite fall drink?

Why You Should Consider Boxed Wine For Your Party

Black  Box Wines

I recently had the opportunity to try Black Box Wines, and luckily that opportunity came the day before my Arrested Development party. I was considering picking up boxed wine as “Lucille’s Juicebox” but was dreading picking up your standard Franzia or other boxed wines that are known for being cheap but not much else. Black Box wine is decent wine that just happens to be boxed. But still–what’s the benefit of having Black Box, or other boxed wine, at your parties?

  • It’s inexpensive. One of these boxes holds 4 bottles of wine, and at around $25 each, that’s a cheaper price per bottle than you can normally get. 
  • It’s low maintenance. You don’t need to worry about opening up multiple bottles throughout the party. Just put one of these guys on your table, and you’re ready to go.
  • It lasts longer. If you don’t go through the whole box at one party, it’s not a problem. One of these boxes will last a month. We didn’t finish all of the Merlot at the party, so I’ve been able to enjoy a small glass of wine here and there with dinner or use some when cooking without worrying about opening and finishing an entire bottle of wine. This is actually my favorite part of these boxes!

My friends seemed skeptical at first, but a couple of them had heard of Black Box and knew they were decent. They seemed to enjoy it–the Sauvignon Blanc didn’t make it through the night!

So how can you use these? Try any of these ideas:

  • Minecraft party
  • Pixelated/nostalgic games party
  • Arrested Development party
  • Wine tasting party (Keep it in the kitchen and pour it along with a few bottled wines into different glasses. Hold a tasting and see what people like best!)

If you want to learn a bit more about Black Box Wines or pick some up for yourself, visit They’ve also got some cute little tetra packs that hold 3 glasses of wine that are perfect for picnics.

Are you a boxed wine drinker? Would you get boxed wine for a party you’re hosting?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Black Box Wines. The opinions and text are all mine. See more info from bloggers using Black Box Wines here

Other Awesome Geek Lifestyle Bloggers


At PAX East, I had the pleasure of running into a bunch of great geek lifestyle bloggers–some I knew of, some I just learned about this weekend. Take a look at the list of awesome people I met, and make sure you start including them in your daily reading!

  • PwnLove: This gamer fashion blog will keep you up to date on all of the latest gaming clothing lines, as well as what the blogger is wearing. I may have a special post planned with her for a later date!
  • Console to Closet: Another gamer fashion blog, this one focuses on wearable outfits inspired by your favorite video gamers. They’re subtle and fashionable to be worn anywhere–only you and the biggest gamers will know what you’re really wearing!
  • The Drunken Moogle: Looking for a cocktail based on your favorite game? Look no further. The Drunken Moogle is one of my fave blogs, and I was psyched to meet the creator in person!
  • GamerWife: The creator of the GamerWife blog gets extra points for making me look good in front of my brother when she recognized me on the floor at PAX. Her blog includes video game reviews, recipes, adorable animal pics, and more!

What are some of your favorite geek lifestyle bloggers?


A Robotic Bar You Can Actually Purchase


With Bartendro, you can order drinks from your iPhone and have them made in 10 seconds in front of you. By a robot. This is the future, you guys.

The creators of Bartendro are currently running a Kickstarter for their items, and for a donation of $99 or more, you can start getting the supplies to make your very own open-source bartending-bots.

Once you donate, invite me over and we’ll give the bot a try.

Get your own Bartendro at


Game of Thrones Beer

Game of Thrones Beer

As a complete shock and surprise to EVERYONE, the world did not in fact end today. So now that we’re all still around, let me give you something to look forward to! In addition to new episodes of Game of Thrones in March, you’ll be able to sit down to watch them with a cold, themed beer.

HBO has teamed up with Ommegang, a brewery in upstate New York, to create Iron Throne Blonde Ale, which will be released around the same time as the new season.

According to sources, “Iron Throne is a blonde ale at 6.5% ABV and brewed with a robust amount of pils, honey, aroma malts and red wheat. Gentle hopping includes Styrian Golding and Hallertau, appropriately noble hops.”

…I’m already planning the party.

(While you wait for more info on the beer, make sure you grab your Game of Thrones steins so you’ll be all ready when it’s released!)