The Geeky Hostess is on Tumblr!


So, I finally did it. I started using my Tumblr account. I’m scared and excited. I have no idea what I’m doing.

You can find me here:

The tumblr account is going to be similar to my Twitter account: my personal account under the Geeky Hostess name. Which means you’ll find lots of geekery and parties and cupcakes and geek fashion, but you’ll also find random nonsense that made me want to click on the arrow button thing which I believe is reblog. I’m learning, guys.

Are you on Tumblr? Any accounts I need to follow? Any tips for me? I’m sure you’ll be hearing more from me and my Tumblr account as I learn more about it!

Tara’s at Emerald City Comicon!

ECCC logo


Emerald City Comicon‘s coming up this weekend, and I can’t wait to see folks, roam the exhibit hall, and attend/be on some panels! This is where I’ll be:

Friday: I won’t be at the convention itself, but I’ll be in the area and will most likely be hitting up some parties or shows in the evening! (Out of town friends: Let me know if you want to meet up for a drink or meal in the area!)

Saturday: Saturday is my day of panels! I’ll be on the following:

3pm: Makeup For Geeks (Room 2B)

The OneUpMakeup ladies will be joining forces with Espionage Cosmetics and Atomic Cosmetics to talk makeup! I’ll be moderating the panel and I’ll be providing some of my Geeky Hostess Espionage Cosmetics Collections for giveaways!!! (There are going to be a lot of great giveaways, so make sure you get to this panel on time!)

5pm: The Couple The Games Together… (GAMING – Sheraton Issaquah Room)

Mr. Geek and I will be joining other awesome couples to chat about what it’s like to be a couple that games together. I’m hoping to get to share some of my fave two-player board games as well as some “gaming with your sig. other” etiquette tips!

6:20pm: Building  Events the Geeky Way (Hall C – Room 610)

I’ll be talking about planning events–both Geeky Hostess-style parties and Dammit Liz-style larger events. If you want to know anything about any type of event planning in the Geek World (from dinner parties to conventions), you’ll want to be at this panel!

Sunday: I’ll be wandering around the exhibit hall, trying to say “Hi” to folks, and possibly catching some panels! I’ll also be at the one below…

1pm: Job Hunters Screening (TCC LL2)

Get ready for Season 2 by doing a re-watch of Job Hunters Season 1 with some members of the cast and crew. We’ll also show the teaser trailer for Season 2. We won’t have a chance to do an official Q&A, but grab us after the screening and we’ll be happy to answer your spoiler-free questions!


Emerald City Comicon is already sold out, but I’m guessing some of you already have your tickets! Will I see any of you there? What panels/guests/exhibitors are you looking forward to seeing?

LRR Con!

LRRCON logo-02

When I’m not blogging and making cupcakes, I’m working with Dammit Liz Productions on awesome geeky events. And we have one coming up in May that I’m pretty psyched about! We’ll be putting on the first ever LoadingReadyRun Con.

LoadingReadyRun, for those who may not have heard of them, is an online sketch comedy troupe. They’ve created awesome content for The Escapist and Penny Arcade, and are celebrating 10 years of videos! They’ll be taking over the Doubletree Inn in Seattle exactly two months from now (May 10th) for a day of gaming, videos, and live entertainment. There will be board games, MtG, exclusive merch, a panel showcasing LRR’s favorite sketches, and a  concert in the evening.

Tickets are available for $25. For tickets, hotel room reservations, and more information,  check out

If you like hanging out with awesome geeky people, you’ve gotta go! I hope to see you there!


LAST DAY To Get Geeky Sprinkles!


The Geeky Sprinkles Kickstarter campaign is ending in 5 hours. It’s been an exciting month of running the campaign, and I’m thrilled to see where we end up. We’re currently thisclose to $42,000 which means we’ve officially funded and hit a stretch goal! What does that mean?

Geeky Sprinkles are going to happen! And if you pledge at a $26 level or higher you’re getting a free bonus bottle of sprinkles of your choice! If you pledge at $45 or higher, you’re getting TWO free bonus bottles of your choice!

Take a peek at the campaign and cheer me on for the last few hours. And don’t forget to make or adjust your pledge before time’s up! I’ll be on Twitter counting down until 9pm! Stop by and say “Hi!”

My Kickstarter: Geeky Sprinkles!


I’m here today with exciting, scary, nervous-making news: I’ve launched a Kickstarter! The Kickstarter is for a Geeky Sprinkle line. I’m starting with steampunk shapes, lightning bolt shapes, and blue police box shapes. So all you steampunk, comic, Harry Potter, and Doctor Who fans, rejoice: You will finally have pretty sprinkles to put on your cupcakes or ice cream sundaes.

Basically, I’ve been wanting more fun, geeky sprinkles for a while and about a year ago I started researching options of having them made. I found the best of the best of the best people to make it happen, and I’m so excited to start making these sprinkles a reality. I hope to bring a bit more fun into kitchens and bakeries around the world in a different way than my blog already does.

If you’re as excited about the sprinkles as I am, please pledge to the Kickstarter! If you know someone else who would like these sprinkles, please share the project with them! I need your help to make this a reality.

And if nothing else, just check out the video on the Kickstarter page. The folks at Cinesaurus did a fantastic job making a ridiculous, fun video for me and I’m excited to share it.

Yay! Go! Kickstart!

Pinterest Day!


I have a love/hate relationship with Pinterest. I love using the site as a way to find new recipes, party ideas, decor and organization ideas, but I feel like the popular pins are all the same. If you’re planning a wedding, your board will be full of “rustic glamour” including barns and a whole lot of mason jars. Planning a party? It better include a dessert table, and EVERYTHING better be labeled with puns and rhymes. Want to lose weight? I’m guessing your weight-loss board includes black and white photos of models working out with “inspirational” sayings about pushing yourself to the max. And all pins have the same comments: claims that the tip is the “Greatest thing EVER!” or “a Lifesaver!” PEOPLE: A braid tutorial is not the best thing ever in the world. Let’s calm down a bit.

Let’s not even talk about the fact that Pinterest is a time suck. I’ve spent evenings with a glass of wine and my laptop, and entertained myself for hours entirely with Pinterest. And then what? How often do people even do the things they pin?

Well, I’m gonna pin, and I’m gonna actually DO the pins. On Sunday, November 24th, I decree it will be “Pinterest Day.” On Pinterest Day, I will workout, craft/DIY, make all of my meals, and do my hair, makeup, and style my outfit based on popular pins. I will live-tweet throughout the day, and do side-by-side comparisons of the pins and my experience. You can find the pins I’m considering (as well as the side-by-side comparisons after the 24th) on my “Pinterest Day” board. (While you’re there, why don’t you follow all of my boards? Lots of geeky goodness there!)

What do you want to see me do? Let me be your Pinterest Guinea Pig. If there’s something you’ve had your eye on, send it my way. You can either leave a link to the pin in the comments of this post, or tag me in the comments of the pin itself. I’ll add them all to my Pinterest Day board!

I also encourage you to join in. Find one project you’ve been wanting to do from your boards, and plan to do it on the 24th. Tweet/Facebook about it with hashtag #PinterestDay so we can see what other folks are doing!

Birthday Resolution: Think Big


Today’s my birthday, and I often take the day as an opportunity for a resolution or new goal. This year? I want to “Think Big.” (And yes, I’m a grown adult taking advice from a 90′s cartoon character. What of it.) You see, as an entrepreneur/blogger/marketing person/etc./etc., I often have fun, ridiculous, and grand ideas. Usually these go away as quickly as they come with thoughts like “that’ll never work” or “I’m just one person. I can’t do that.”

In this past year, I’ve done some awesome stuff. I’ve put together fun events, had a booth at a convention, started planning for an upcoming Kickstarter, created an online store, attended more cons, and laid plans for future partnerships/opportunities with the blog. A lot of these things have been scary. At some point in all of it, I’ve doubted if I could even do it. But I’ve loved everything and learned so much.

I resolve to not hold myself back. I’m going to dream and actually put my dreams into action. And each thing I do, whether it’s writing a blog post, throwing a party, or planning a new goal, I’m going to say “What can I do to go even BIGGER.” I think this will continue to push me throughout the year and will help me grow tremendously.

Do you make resolutions on your birthday? What are yours? How would you like to see me go bigger this upcoming year?

Tara’s at GeekGirlCon!

GH Booth

GeekGirlCon is this weekend and I cannot wait. I just got back from the initial setup of my booth and I’m so excited to share it all with you! If you’re at GeekGirlCon, stop by Booth #202 for mini Mountain Dew cupcakes, awesome merch, and a chance to chat with me and Mr. Geek.

In addition to running my first-ever booth, I’m on two panels! Check them out:

Saturday, 10am: Geek Etiquette (Room 204)
Panelists: Ana Visneski, Marian Call, Sharon Feliciano, Tara Theoharis
How should you act at conventions? What do you do when your friend doesn’t get your references? How will you handle that internet troll? These questions and more will be discussed in this lively look at etiquette in geek culture. Learn how to be a well-mannered geek and get answers to all of your burning etiquette questions! 

Saturday, 2pm: Home Geek Home (Room 204)
Panelists: Bonnie Burton, Corrina Lawson, Jenn Fujikawa, Kelly Knox, Tara Theoharis
Wondering how to make your home fun and stylish with a geeky twist? From commissioning comic book artists for art to adorn your walls, creating your own home decor with fabulous geek crafts, finding inspiration from Star Wars and more– whether it’s baking in the kitchen or entertaining, you’ll hear tips from the experts on infusing your home with your personality without scaring away the Muggles.

Will I see you around? What are you looking forward to at GeekGirlCon?

Pre-Order Geeky Hostess Merch for GeekGirlCon!

Geek Girl Con Pre-Order


I will have my first ever Geeky Hostess booth at GeekGirlCon and I can’t wait! I’ll be selling Geeky Hostess products, giving out cupcakes, sharing some upcoming projects, and chatting with all of you. Since I haven’t sold my merch at a convention before, I don’t know how quickly items will sell or what will be most popular. Because of this, I’ll be starting small. There will be limited quantities of all products and sizes. If you’ll be attending GeekGirlCon and want to make sure you get an item, order now with code GGCPREORDER. You won’t be charged for shipping, and your order will be ready and waiting for you under your name (and may include a small surprise!). Pre-orders will be cut off at the end of the day on Wednesday, October 16th, so get them in soon!

If you’re attending Geek Girl Con, make sure you stop and visit me at booth 202! I’ve got mini cupcakes for you. I’ll also be on the panels “Home Geek Home” and “Geek Etiquette,” both held on Saturday. See you there!

Gaming and Cooking for the Kids: Extra Life 2013


It’s that time of year. Time to start prepping for a 24 hour gaming fest with my friends at Team Hypercube! Last year, they played video games for 24 hours straight while I made 24 hours of video game-inspired food and we livestreamed the whole thing. This year, we’re at it again! On November 2nd, we’ll be participating in Extra Life with games, special guests, food, prizes, and other surprises. In addition to joining them for games, I’ll be making the following:

Breakfast #1
Caffeinated Snack(s)
Breakfast #2

If you have any ideas of food from or inspired by video games that you’d like to see me make, let me know in the comments! Last year items included Team Fortress 2′s Sandvich, a caffeinated “health potion,” and a Yoshi Egg Scramble. I’m excited to start brainstorming more recipes! I’ll post the recipes and hopefully some video from the event after. You’ll also be able to tune in and see me cook them live throughout the day. I’ll do a post on November 2nd with a schedule and a link to the livestream.

Extra Life isn’t all just fun and games–it’s also a fundraiser for the Seattle Children’s hospital. If you’re interested in pledging a bit of money to make us go through it, you can do so on my fundraising page. I raised over $500 last year and would love to top that this year! If you do donate, let me know if there’s a certain game you’d like to see us play or a recipe you’d like me to make. Donors get first pick!

Are you participating in Extra Life?