A Registry by Geeks for Everyone

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If you’ve recently gotten engaged, you may have started the arduous task of figuring out your wedding registries. The tough thing with most of them is that they limit you to just one store. Nathan and Kaylee weren’t loving that limitation when they got engaged, so they do what any geeks do: started working on a better option.

They created, a registry that allows you to add items from any online or physical store. Now you can add some items from Amazon, or ThinkGeek, or the local Mom & Pop shop down your block, all to the same place! (Heck, you can even register for some sprinkles…) Guests can also donate to a cash fund or split the price of gifts with other guests. costs a one-time fee of $20 to use, but because they like fellow geeks and want to help out other engaged couples, they gave me two coupon codes to pass along to you! Want to win a free registry? Enter below!

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Geeky “Just Married” Car Clings

Just Married Car Cling

Getting married and want something that’s so “you” on your car as you drive off into the sunset? Tell your wedding party to put down the car chalk and toilet paper, and direct them towards Anthony Herrera Designs. He has wedding-themed window clings for every type of geek, whether you like Doctor Who, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, The Princess Bride, The Simpsons, Back to the Future, or gaming. The best part? The clings are easy to put on and take off, and look really great.

I think these would be absolutely fabulous for a couple planning a road trip for their honeymoon, or anyone who wants to show off their love for their favorite fandom and their new partner at the same time!

You can check out all of the options on Etsy. Which one would you pick?

Happy “Hug a Geek” Day!

Is he teaching me to be lighthearted and playful, or did he forget he was holding me and is about to drop me? There's no way to know. Ever.

Is he teaching me to be lighthearted and playful, or did he forget he was holding me and is about to drop me? There’s no way to know. Ever.

Last year I decided May 29th would be unofficial “Hug a Geek” Day. Why? Well, that’s when I married Mr. Geek! 3 years ago today we said “I Do” (with a secret “So Say We All” hidden into the vows), and on our anniversary I like to reminisce a bit on relationships with geeks. Two years ago I talked about geek love (and why it’s so great). Last year I talked about how common geek attributes translate into a relationship. This year? I want to chat about the way your relationships change you (hopefully for the better!).

As I’ve mentioned before, Mr. Geek is responsible for a lot of my geekiness. Before him I had never played D&D, never played European board games, and probably wouldn’t have set foot into PAX. But there’s so much more. He is more outgoing than I am, more adventurous, and more creative. He encourages me to travel, try new things, get out of the house, spend time with friends, and achieve my various goals. I joke that I’d be a mean ol’ recluse if it weren’t for him, but I think there’s some truth in that. Without someone to remind me to have fun, I would work non-stop. And even when he’s not specifically telling me to do something, he’s still inspiring me. His sense of humor makes me step up my game. (I still get really proud when I can make him laugh!) His intelligence makes me want to learn more. And his outlook on life wants me to match his positivity and drive.

So today, go hug the geeks in your life, whether they’re your partner, family member, or friend. Let them know that you’re a better person because of them, and tell them why. (Or better yet, give them a shout-out in the comments!)

(And for those interested, here is the obligatory wedding video link I post every year!)

Adorable Fandom Wedding Invitations

Fandom Wedding Invites

If you’re planning a geeky or fandom-centric wedding, then you’ve gotta check out these printable invites. Paperling has created four new sets of invitations based on couples from some of your favorite movies and shows: Battlestar Galactica, Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, and Star Wars. And the best part? For $45 you will receive a customized template with your invitation, save the date, RSVP card, and Thank You card. That means you can go and print them on the paper you want for the cost you want. You can even choose between four fonts and if you’d rather have a colored or white background.

Fandom Invites 2

This seems like an adorable, fun, and cost effective way to get wedding invites, especially if you’re having a themed wedding around any of these fandoms!

Are you adding geeky elements to your wedding invitations?

A Meaningful, Geeky Wedding in 5 Minutes

Last week, I saw a beautiful wedding. I wasn’t invited and the ceremony took 5 minutes, but I could tell just by watching that it was significant, meaningful, and perfect for the couple. The couple had met at a previous Ignite talk after both giving talks themselves.

Take a look then check out my thoughts on what made this such an incredible wedding:

So good, right? I’m in love with this for the following reasons:

1. The couple incorporated something special and personal to them (Ignite).

2. The ceremony was extremely inclusive in multiple ways. Not only did it include all who were at Ignite (or who watched the video), but it showed their awareness of and inclusion of those who are not in committed relationships or those in committed relationships with different sexual orientations.

3. The vows were respectful and meaningful. They are not only vows that the two of them can uphold in their marriage, but ones that all of us could consider and hold in any of our relationships. Plus, they included adorable mentions of their cat complete with fun diagrams!

So, join me in congratulating Teresa and Noah on their union and on giving the best Ignite speech I’ve seen.

George R. R. Martin: Wedding Planner?

We’ve all been thinking it. What would our wedding be like if it was in one of George R. R. Martin’s books? College Humor put together a great video that gives us an idea…

(NSFW: Language and some spoilers for the most recent episode)

One of my engaged friends posted this on her fiance’s Facebook wall. Sorry, but I’m gonna have to turn down my invitation if you end up going in this direction with your wedding.

It’s Hug a Geek Day!

Wedding Pic

May 29th may not officially be “Hug a Geek Day” (yet), but it’s my personal Hug a Geek Day. 2 years ago today, Mr. Geek and I got married. (It was magical, and if you haven’t yet seen the video, you can check it out here.)

On this day, I like to reflect a bit about geeks and relationships. Having a geek as a partner (or a friend, or a mentor, or a colleague) is absolutely amazing, because they do things a little bit differently than other folks.

  • They understand passion. Whether it’s for a tv show, a moment in history, a theorem, or a person, they understand that you can get so focused on something that nothing else matters. A good partner/friend will let you have your time to focus on this passion, encourage your growth in this field, but will also be able to tactfully remind you that there is more to life than that.
  • They introduce you to new things. You have your passions and they have theirs. If you take some time to share them with each other, you’re both going to grow.
  • They’re creative. A lot of the games geeks play (whether they’re tabletop or video) involve a lot of imagination and storytelling. Geeks are able to tell stories effectively and in an entertaining fashion. Think of your DM. Or the writers of your favorite shows. Or the folks who made your favorite game. A geek as a partner means it’s likely you’ll never be bored.
  • They’re driven. When geeks are passionate about something, they want to grow in it. Learn more about it, become a part of it. And you don’t stand in the way of a geek’s passion. Whether they’re driven to code the perfect site, get hired by the perfect game company, finish the perfect novel, or just make the best mac and cheese ever, you’re likely to win by being surrounded by that hard-working spirit.

Whether your geek embodies one or all of these characteristics, today’s a day to let them know you appreciate them. Give them a hug. Let them know why they’re so amazing. Share your passions with them and ask to learn more about theirs. And share your love for them!

Who’s the amazing geek in your life? And did you hug a geek today?

Adorable Music Video: “Geeky Love”

Proposal Day is coming up in a week (no, seriously, there is an official “Proposal Day” and it falls on March 20th) and this music video will get any geek in the mood for love and popping the question.


Mr. Geek proposed to me during an improv performance (we met in that improv troupe) at Relay for Life (where we first officially started dating) on our 5 year anniversary. It was absolutely perfect for us! Are you engaged/married? What was your proposal like? Still single? What’s your dream proposal? (And if you plan on popping the question soon and don’t know how you should do it, email me! I love to help with that sort of thing!)

Titanium Escape Ring

escape ring

Feel a bit like Bond wherever you go with the Titanium Escape Ring. This ring has a hidden saw/shim pick tool inside of it that will allow you to open handcuffs and cut through zip-ties, duct tape, rope, or whatever else you may currently be tied up in.

Think of this ring as a nice way to say “I want to marry you, but will still allow you some freedom.” Or just buy it for yourself if you often find yourself in a bind.

Titanium Escape Ring, $69 at