Chicken n’ Waffles Syrup

People thought they were crazy when they came out with a bacon syrup, but this new flavor from Torani may take the cake.

Bacon I could understand. But Chicken n’ Waffles? What can you use this for?
Torani suggests you make the following drink:

“Harlem Jazz Smash”


¼ oz. Torani Chicken n’ Waffles Syrup
1 barspoon honey
2 peach wedges
1 ½ oz. Jack Daniels
2 dashes peach bitters


Muddle peach wedges in Torani and honey. Add bitters and Jack Daniels, fill with ice. Stir well and garnish with a butter waffle cookie balanced on the rim.

Ok, I guess that does sound kind of good. Would you purchase Chicken n’ Waffles syrup? What would you make with it?

The syrup will be available starting in April, unless it’s revealed to be a long April Fool’s Day joke.

EDIT: As I joked above, it looks like this product was in fact an April Fool’s Day joke that started too early. Never fear, their bacon syrup is still real.


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