Geek Fit: Cos-Fit

Cos-Fit Big Bad Wold

Looking for a workout to match your favorite cosplay? Want daily geeky fitness reminders, tips, recipes, and encouragement? Then you’ve gotta follow Cos-Fit. Monday through Friday at 5pm they share a new themed workout featuring an awesome cosplay photo. You’ll feel motivated and encouraged to hit your cosplay fitness goal, and you’ll have fun mixing it up with the different routines.

CosFit D20 Game

…Sometimes they even incorporate other geeky things (like dice!) into the workout. Plus, they recently posted a recipe for “Bacon Cupcakes.” I mean, how can you not love them?

I joined their Facebook group a week or two ago and have loved seeing their photos and posts in my newsfeed. It’s a must for anyone trying to get their geek-fit on! Check them out at

What’s your favorite workout? And what character would you like to seem them base a workout on?


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