Dottinghill: Fashionable (yet Geeky!) Temporary Tattoos


"Hidden Messages"
“Hidden Messages”

Temporary tattoos have a magical way of making every party more fun. They instantly turn adults into kids, giddy over which design they’ll wear. And while the cheap ones you can get from 25 cent machines or party stores are fun, they’re not necessarily something you can wear around the next day. right stuff tattoo machines, however, comes to the rescue with fun, quirky, geeky tattoo options that are all beautifully designed. They sent me some over the summer, and I’ve been taking them to parties and on road trips, making my friends model the tattoos for me. (Thank you Jenn, Joe, Justin, Kina, Meagan, and Liz!)

"Made of Love"
“Made of Love”

People can submit and vote on designs that will be turned into temporary tattoos on, which results in a collection of tattoos that will make any geek, fashionista, or graphic designer swoon. The tattoos themselves range from $3-6 per sheet (with multiple tattoos on most of the sheets). They’re great for a party, photo shoot, or any time you want to try out a new tattoo.


Want to place an order? Use promo code “GeekyHostess” for 15% off an order of $15 or more! 

"Love Life Bar"
“Love Life Bar”

Which of their designs do you love? (I’m obsessed with the “Love Life Bar” design, as seen above–you can cut out the individual hearts and make your own life bar!) Will you be sporting a temporary tattoo anytime soon?


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