EMP’s Icons of Science Fiction Exhibit

Last weekend, I had the privilege of attending the Icons of Science Fiction party and previewing the exhibit before it opened to the public. The exhibit was amazing and I had a great time at the party taking pics, playing games, and hanging out with the Seattle geek community. Take a look at some of my favorite pics, and make sure you check the exhibit out for yourself! The Horror and Avatar exhibits are still there as well, which turns your time at the EMP into a trifecta of geek-awesomeness. Get tickets here.


The guns from Men In Black were my favorite part of the exhibit--they looked so cool up close!


You can put yourself in an old-timey sci-fi with their green screen, props and costumes. (And apparently everyone comes out looking like they're from the Jersey Shore.)


...While you're becoming a star, your friends can introduce opponents for you to fight!


This skull from Terminator 2 is horrifying and amazing in person.


We hopped over to the horror exhibit next, and I fell in love with their graphic design. Do you think they'd let me decorate my home with these when the exhibit's over?


One of our favorite props from the Horror exhibit: Buffy's Mr. Pointy!

Thank you to the EMP Museum for inviting me out!


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