Geek Etiquette: Holiday Thank-Yous

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The holidays are over. Gifts have been given, parties have been attended, eggnog has been drunk. Your responsibilities are over, right? Not so much. Don’t forget to send thank-yous! Emily Post suggests the following for Holiday Thank Yous:

Write thank-you notes as soon as possible, preferably within two or three days. Try to acknowledge holiday gifts before New Year’s Day.


– The sooner you write it, the easier it is

– Write the note as if you were speaking with the person

– Keep it short and sweet

– Personalize the note with the gift and giver

– Focus on the positive and don’t mention any dissatisfaction with the gift

If you’re reading this then you’ve already passed her deadline. I would personally extend the “Thank-You” deadline out to the first week of January. The holidays are a busy time, and a slightly later thank-you is better than none at all!

I believe holiday thank-you cards don’t need to be as formal as one from your birthday, wedding, etc. You usually exchange gifts with those who gave them to you, and may have already said thanks in person. If you don’t have time for paper thank-you cards to be mailed, a simple email will do. The email will also give you a chance to make some plans to see the gift giver sometime soon, if you’d like!

*One important geek tip: Try to keep the “thank-you”s off of Facebook, Twitter, or any other public platform. It may cause drama between the giver and those who didn’t receive a gift or party invite, and it prevents you from being more personal about the gift/giver. A private message is much more meaningful.

What are your thoughts? Do you send thank-yous for holiday gifts? Let me know in the comments!


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