Geek Etiquette: Be Nice on the Internet!

The Geeky Hostess is gonna help you get your manners on! Each Monday, we’ll focus on a topic of etiquette. We’ll take a look at the classic rules (using Emily Post as a guide), and then evaluate the rules for our daily lives, creating a guide to “Geek Etiquette.” Have an etiquette question or topic suggestion? Email!

Last week, Real Simple instituted a “Be Nice on the Internet” week, encouraging their readers to share stories of when they were wronged and tips on better online etiquette. They started the week off with a great article: “Why Is There So Much Negativity on the Internet?”. The article goes into scientific explanations for why we act the way we do online, and tips on how to prevent it, whether you’re giving or receiving the negativity. Although the “Be Nice on the Internet” week is officially over, that doesn’t mean we need to stop. I encourage you all to reach out to one individual and one company that you really admire, and let them know. This will help us take the step from avoiding negativity to producing more positive content, and I guarantee you’ll make their day.

If you’d like to take a look at other tips provided by Real Simple, you can check out their Facebook page or Etiquette and Advice page.


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