Geek Fashion: Dress Like A Tribute

After a wildly successful opening weekend, it looks like The Hunger Games will be sticking around for a while. Lucky for us, many of the characters/costumes in the movie are pretty easy to recreate (especially since they didn’t take the Capitol people to the level of body paint and whiskers).

NECA (National Entertainment Collectibles Association) has come out with some great Tribute/arena gear that could easily take you from cosplaying at a convention to your local gym without anyone batting an eye.

Training Shirt

Represent District 12 and wick sweat away with this replica Tribute training shirt. $59.99 at

Katniss’s Arena Jacket

When your training takes you outside, or you must brave the elements while fighting your way to the nearest sale, this replica of Katniss’s arena jacket will keep you dry. $149.99 at

District 12 Nylon Sack

Perfect for cons, the gym, or hiding meds around your house. Other districts are available as well, in case you see yourself more as a Career Tribute. $39.99 at

Which character are you wanting to cosplay as, now that you’ve seen the movie?


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