Today I have something pretty ridiculously awesome to announce. I’ve teamed up with Espionage Cosmetics to curate a Geeky Hostess collection of makeup, available exclusively in the Geeky Hostess store.

I curated the collection to be as versatile as possible. You can stick it in your suitcase or your purse and be set with all of your colors for the day! The colors include:


Not Today: A pure, matte red (I use it for blush and mix it with lip gloss for a great lip color, you can also see it on my nails in the pics)
Mrs. Reynolds: A soft, sheer, sparkly pink (This is my go-to base eye color, and mixes well with the red for cheeks/lips)
White Chocolate Mocha: A white frost with a hint of copper shimmer (A great mixer to tone down the red/pink, and a fun highlighter for the face/eyes)
Josephine Baker: Dark shades of cocoa mixed with iridescent green (This makes a GREAT smokey eye and can also be used wet as a liner)

To launch it properly, I’m doing a giveaway! Enter below! And then go check out the cosmetic collection or see all of the photos from my Wonder Woman/Pin-Up inspired shoot on Facebook!

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29 thoughts on “Geeky Hostess Makeup Collection

  1. Great to see you team up with my favorite local cosmetics line! I currently have their Otaku collection and love it dearly. Looking forward to your collection now.

  2. I just love that you have one called Mrs. Reynolds. Who wouldn’t want to be Mrs. Reynolds. All four of those colors are so versatile, it’s awesome.

  3. Ok, I’m a bit inept with makeup once we pass the blush, mascara, and basic single color eye shadow stage… So, how do I use this one thing of color for eye shadow, eye liner, AND nail polish? (I did subscribe to OneUpMakeup last week, so maybe I’ll learn there…)

  4. I love Espionage cosmetics (and Tara!) I really want to know the full, indepth story behind what inspired each color and its name… maybe a follow up blog post, for the curious?

  5. I’ve been meaning to buy a couple of these colors. I have the Browncoats line, and Мrs. Reynolds is my everyday eyeshadow!

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