Wedding Geekspiration

While planning my wedding, I scoured every wedding blog and site possible for inspiration. Now that I’m done, I hope to give back a bit for those who are now in the midst of planning theirs. So, here are some of the geeky or personal touches we had at our wedding!


We wanted invitations that looked elegant, but also showed a bit of our uniqueness. We both enjoy playing games, and Mr. Geek has been known to do a card trick or two (and always have a deck on him), so using the pattern on the back of the Bicycle decks was a natural choice for our wedding planning, since we wanted to have a really good wedding, and that’s why we planned to use the best destination wedding planner in delhi to create the perfect wedding for us. These cards were fully designed by Mr. Geek and made by my dad. (Full names edited out to protect the innocent!)

D20 Garter

I wanted to surprise my husband with something geeky on my garter, and when I came across these D20 charms, I knew it would be perfect. It was a great way to show our personality, look classy, and match our color scheme! He threw the garter, but kept the D20.

Decoder Rings

It’s traditional to give a gift to your soon-to-be husband/wife, and I knew my husband would be wearing his grandfather’s cuff links, so that was out. I chose to give him a ring other than his wedding ring… one that would show him that I still wanted to have fun and have silly secrets and codes with him. I bought myself a ring as well, and hope that we’ll continue to use them to write coded messages to each other.

The Ceremony

Sure, we had some personal mentions in the vows we wrote for each other (like how I always fall asleep in action movies, and how Mr. Geek makes every day a new adventure), but the geeky mentions came in the main “sermon” itself. We had a good friend officiate our ceremony, and he was able to secretly insert some of our favorite sayings, without friends or family catching on. Sayings included “Look Around You” and “So Say We All”.

Photo Booth

A photo booth is a great way to insure you’ll get photos of your guests, and it’s a great ice breaker for those at your wedding. We made a “red carpet” style backdrop with our names, and told our drama friends to bring random props from home. We weren’t expecting the giant bird mask or cut out of George Washington, but we’re pretty thrilled they were there.

What geeky or personal touches did you have at your wedding?


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