It’s Summer: Treat Yourself!


I work hard. And in the Summer, most normal people take some time to relax and rejuvenate. So when Robert Leonard Salon & Day Spa asked if I wanted to come in for a cut and a color, I decided to make a mini “Treat Yo Self” day. No, I didn’t spend tons of money on fine leather goods or drink any mimosas, but I did some small things that made me feel great. I wore my favorite fuchsia lipstick, I walked around Downtown Seattle, I took the time to read a bit, and yes–I got my hair done.


I don’t normally color my hair, so the prospect was a bit scary, but as soon as I met my stylist, Cara, I knew I was in good hands. I even said the scariest words to utter in a salon: “Do whatever you want!” She put in a subtle ombre that is absolutely perfect for the color-shy. It’s not glaringly obvious that my hair is much lighter, but the colored parts catch light and create more bounce overall in my hair, and I’m in love with it. She then gave me a cut that got rid of some weight in my hair while keeping the length, and styled it with tons of volume.

The treating didn’t end there. I left the salon with two amazing new products, so I can continue to feel glamorous even after my hair is washed and re-styled. I got Oribe Royal Blowout, which helps your hair dry faster and smoother (like you got a blowout at a salon), and Oribe Apres Beach, which was lovingly referred to as “Gisele in a bottle” by Cara. (Apparently it’s what’s used on the Victoria’s Secret models to give them that perfect shiny, tousled hair.) I can’t wait to play around with my hair and the products!

So, by spending some time on myself, I ended up happier and more energized for the rest of the day. Treating yourself is an important thing! What do you do on your “Treat Yo Self” days? Watch a favorite movie? Eat a cupcake? Visit a friend? Get a message? Sleep? Leave a comment below telling me what you do when you want to treat yourself, and you’ll be entered in to win a $25 gift card from Robert Leonard salon! (Still want to comment but you’re not a Seattleite? Just let me know and I won’t pick you!) I’ll pick a winner on Wednesday, August 20th and will mail out the card!

EDIT: The winner is Deedee! Congrats! 

I challenge you to do something this week just for you. Whether it’s big (a new cut and color, buying a Batman suit), or small (making your favorite lunch, wearing your favorite shirt), I promise it will change your mood for the better!


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