Litographs: Wear a Book

Sherlock Photo 1

Litographs are about to be all over your walls and body. Seriously.

If you love reading and want to share that love with the world in a cool way, you need these. They create prints and shirts that feature the text of an entire book, displayed in a silhouette that hints as to which book it is.

Sherlock Photo 2

They offered to let me try out a couple designs, and I jumped at the chance to get this sweet Sherlock shirt. It’s now one of my faves! It’s comfy and unique–I haven’t seen any other shirts that have been printed all over like this before. Plus, the guy who gets stuck behind me on a bus will be entertained for hours. 😉

I also got the print of The Odyssey for my Greece-themed bathroom. It’s really neat looking, but HUGE, and the light blue is a bit hard to read. I’d recommend getting the colored prints if you’re going for more aesthetic appeal, and black ink if you want people to actually be able to read it. A lot of these books are LONG and the print will be very tiny.

Litographs introduces new books into their store every week, so if they don’t have our fave yet, just wait!

Basically, Litographs is the best gift you can get a book lover. Are you the literary type? Then it’s elementary, Dear Watson. Treat yourself.

Novel Prints, $24-39 each. T-shirts, $34 each. Check them out for yourself at


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