Custom Named Nail Polish

Pretty Please Polish

I have a problem. Well, a couple problems. The first is that I have a slight nail polish addiction. My collection has grown larger than my lip gloss collection (and that’s saying something). The second problem is that I’m a sucker for fun nail polish names. I could do without the punny OPI names, but if something geeky comes up, I’ve got to have it. I’ve almost purchased this $27 Chanel nail polish just because the color name is “Dragon.” (And I still want it!)

So I’m naturally thrilled about Pretty Please, a nail polish company that lets you pick your color and name it whatever you want. You can purchase one bottle for yourself (for $10) or a bunch for gifts, party favors, etc. (depending on how many you purchase, the price can go down to $5.50 each!) I think this is a ridiculously fun way to wear the latest colors on your nails, but call the polish a name based on your favorite fandom, inside joke, or person.

Did your DnD group just complete their quest? Get them the gold nail polish with the quest name or their XP.

Have a weekly tv-watching session? Get a color named after one of the characters so you can all paint your nails together the next week!

Want to thank your wedding party for being in your wedding? Pick the color that suits each person best and name it after them.

What color and name would you pick? (Check them all out at

Her Universe Fashion Show Design Competition


Calling all geeky fashion designers! If you prefer to create couture to cosplay, and want your character-inspired pieces to be as beautiful as something you’d see on the runway, then you’ve got to enter this contest!

Her Universe is putting together a Geek Couture Fashion Show during San Diego Comic Con, and is accepting entries to be one of the 30 designers to show off your stuff. Two Winning Designers will have the opportunity to work with Ashley from Her Universe to co-design an exclusive Her Universe fashion collection for Hot Topic!

Enter and get more information from the official rules here!

Pi Day Deals

Pi Day Tee

It’s Pi Day! A day where lovers of math, baked goods, and all things irrational come together to celebrate 3.14. And lucky for us, a bunch of stores are celebrating with sales or special products! Check out these places below:

Hot Topic: Nerdist and Hot Topic teamed up to create you the awesome shirt you see above. They’re also currently running a Pi Day Sweepstakes.

Pizza Hut: Pizza Pie more your thing? Use #PizzaHutPiDay on Twitter between 1pm and 4pm CST and be entered to win one of 140 $10 gift cards!

ThinkGeek: ThinkGeek is celebrating with Pi-themed items and 100 items on sale for only $3.14! Plus, use code PINSTEIN for 20% off orders of $40+.

WeLoveFine: 20% off all t-shirts from 12pm PST to 3:14pm PST on 3/14! Use code TGIPIDAY.

Whole Foods: A variety of events/sales are going on nationwide. In the PNW, you can get $5 off a large fruit pie!

Do you know if any other sales/deals going on today? Let me know in the comments and I’ll update the post! Have fun and Pi responsibly!

LRR Con!

LRRCON logo-02

When I’m not blogging and making cupcakes, I’m working with Dammit Liz Productions on awesome geeky events. And we have one coming up in May that I’m pretty psyched about! We’ll be putting on the first ever LoadingReadyRun Con.

LoadingReadyRun, for those who may not have heard of them, is an online sketch comedy troupe. They’ve created awesome content for The Escapist and Penny Arcade, and are celebrating 10 years of videos! They’ll be taking over the Doubletree Inn in Seattle exactly two months from now (May 10th) for a day of gaming, videos, and live entertainment. There will be board games, MtG, exclusive merch, a panel showcasing LRR’s favorite sketches, and a  concert in the evening.

Tickets are available for $25. For tickets, hotel room reservations, and more information,  check out

If you like hanging out with awesome geeky people, you’ve gotta go! I hope to see you there!


Geek Fit: Cos-Fit

Cos-Fit Big Bad Wold

Looking for a workout to match your favorite cosplay? Want daily geeky fitness reminders, tips, recipes, and encouragement? Then you’ve gotta follow Cos-Fit. Monday through Friday at 5pm they share a new themed workout featuring an awesome cosplay photo. You’ll feel motivated and encouraged to hit your cosplay fitness goal, and you’ll have fun mixing it up with the different routines.

CosFit D20 Game

…Sometimes they even incorporate other geeky things (like dice!) into the workout. Plus, they recently posted a recipe for “Bacon Cupcakes.” I mean, how can you not love them?

I joined their Facebook group a week or two ago and have loved seeing their photos and posts in my newsfeed. It’s a must for anyone trying to get their geek-fit on! Check them out at

What’s your favorite workout? And what character would you like to seem them base a workout on?

Movie Roulette

Movie Roulette

A couple weeks ago, I got to attend a fantastic event helmed by Logan Bonner called “Movie Roulette.” The premise was a genius one: Instead of debating with all of your friends on what movie you should watch, everyone brings their movie of choice, one is drawn randomly, and then everyone watches that one.

Logan rented out Central Cinema and we all paid a small cut of the rental fee to attend the event, but a Movie Roulette can happen just as easily at your home. (Having a large theater and a bar/restaurant to be able to serve people is pretty nice, though!) Just instruct your friends to each bring a movie they’d like to show everyone else, but to keep it concealed. Make sure you let them know of any restrictions: Length, rating, nothing too explicit or scary, etc.

When your friends arrive, hand them each a raffle ticket (or have them put their name on a small piece of paper) and then draw the winner. This person’s movie will show! The movie selected for ours was “Thank You For Smoking,” which everyone seemed to love. It was a safe choice, considering some of the weirder options people brought or thought about bringing!

I’m already excited for the next Movie Roulette and am starting to brainstorm early for what movie I can bring. Would you attend a movie roulette night? What movie would you bring with you?

Inside the Oscar Envelope


The Oscars are tonight, and like any big event, every detail has been thought of, including the look of the outside AND inside of the famous Oscar envelopes. Only presenters have really gotten to see the inside of these envelopes until now!

I personally think they’re gorgeous and make a really fun keepsake for the winners at the end of the night. Just goes to show how important of a role stationary can play in an event!

Source: Marc Friedland Inc., Hat Tip: Business Insider

Espionage and Fantasium Cupcakes

Espionage Cupcake Collage

A couple weeks ago, I was asked to bring my Mountain Dew cupcakes to the first ever Ladies Night at Fantasium Comics. This Ladies Night was extra special, because it was also the launch of the Espionage Cosmetics nail wraps! I was honored to be requested for the event, and I decided to make the cupcakes extra special by putting the store logos on top with my Canon PIXMA ip7220 edible ink printer. I love using these edible images because I don’t have to be an artist to make the cupcakes look good! (Plus, it looks impressive and is great for keeping a cohesive brand identity. Can you tell I do marketing?)

Want to make your own branded cupcakes? Start with my Mountain Dew Cupcake recipe, but don’t add any food coloring to the frosting. Then, follow the instructions in this video of Trophy Cupcake Founder Jennifer Shea to find out how to decorate the tops! I chose a mix of green, light green, white, and silver sprinkles to complement the logos and the Mountain Dew flavor.

I’m looking forward to finding more ways to use my edible cupcake printer. If you have ideas of cool cupcakes I should make, let me know below!

Brew Beer Like Wil Wheaton!


I love that the homebrewing community and geeky community so often overlaps. And while I haven’t homebrewed myself, I’ve gotten to try a few and it’s so much fun to see how people’s tastes and personalities fuse into their brews.

Thanks to Northern Brewer, you can now brew beer like Wil Wheaton! The first of many kits they’ll be teaming up to produce is the VandelEyes PA, named after Anne Wheaton’s “Vandal Eyes” project that I’m a big fan of. The finished product is “a wonderfully balanced IPA that has a noticeable caramel malt backbone, and a fresh citrusy hop profile with a huge, in your face aroma.” The base kit, which makes 5 gallons, starts at $45.45.

Have you homebrewed before? Planning on doing it anytime soon?

Weekly Links: February 23

funded fix

It’s been an eventful week! Thanks to you all, the Geeky Sprinkle Kickstarter funded at 110% and Geeky Sprinkles are a thing that will happen! The rest of the week has been full of celebrating, recuperating from the Kickstarter, and getting to work. While resting, I happened upon some fun links. Check them out!

The Best “Let It Go” Cover Ever: I enjoyed Frozen and I thought “Let it Go” was a nice song, but haven’t been as obsessed as a lot of people I know. But I am absolutely obsessed with this cover. It’s so, so well done, and I get chills every time I watch it. Plus the costuming is beautiful. It’s just amazing.

Penny Arcade: I’m loving this particular comic by Penny Arcade. Yay accidental math! Games are great!

The Doubleclicks “Tabletop Games”: The Doubleclicks were on Tabletop this past week, and posted a fantastic song/video that includes the titles of every game played on Tabletop. It’s super fun and has a lot of great cameos!

Girl Scout Cookie Recipe Contest: I’m a finalist in the Girl Scout Cookie Recipe Contest, and it’s your last chance to vote for me! Voting ends on February 27th. You just have to click on the link, click the “Cookie Butter” recipe, then click “Submit!” So easy!