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Proof: Pies are Indeed, the New Cupcake

The Seattle Wedding show featured many cakes and cupcakes, as is expected. But what else did I spy there?


Not just any pie. No. Because pie would be the new cake. So what would be the new cupcake?

CUP-PIES. Seriously. These exist, they’re adorable, and they’re delicious. It’s like you want to pinch their cheeks and then eat their face. Sorry… too weird? Did I cross a pie line? I dunno.

CupPies (and other delicious pies) are available at Shoofly Pie Co., located in Seattle.

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Ghostbusters Wedding Cake

After spending a weekend saturated with all the awesomeness of the Seattle Wedding Show, I’m all about the wedding talk. So when this appeared in my newsfeed today, I had to pass it on:

(courtesy of Charm City Cakes)

And a shot of the happy couple, getting ready to cut the cake.

Between this and the Ghostbuster/Inception “trailer” going around, I’m craving a Ghostbusters viewing tonight. Maybe I’ll have some cake while I’m at it.

Stay tuned for more geeky wedding/event ideas this week as I introduce you to some of my favorite things from the Seattle Wedding Show!


Flash Mob Wedding

Now hear’s an idea to cut down on costs, show a bit of personality, and be able to invite EVERYONE you want… Get married at a mall!

(Wedding reveal at 2:45)

The idea seemed a bit silly at first, but seeing the beautiful vows and the emotions of the bride and groom reminded me that no matter where you hold your wedding, you’re still getting married. I hope to have the love and emotion that this couple (and their entire wedding) has on my wedding day!

…Plus seriously, wedding costs would go WAY down.

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Trends for 2011: Year of the Pie?

Now that the new year is here, folks are clamoring to be a part of the latest and greatest trends. But what will they be? Upon conversations, research, and speculation, here are my opinions:


CES is currently going on, and news stations are quickly stating their predictions for the best sellers. Fox News believes it to be tablets, and CNN believes it to be anything Android-based. With the new Android OS for tablet being announced, I’m seeing some collaboration. And this may be one of the only things Fox and CNN have ever agreed on!

Moral: Sell that netbook now and start saving up for the Android tablet of your choice.


I love cupcakes. We all know this. Unfortunately, cupcakes are apparently “no longer trendy” in 2011. For most of 2010 people were expecting donuts or macaroons to take the crown, but near the end of 2010 a new challenger rose victorious: the pie. Although I don’t want to admit it, you can’t fight both NPR AND Betty Crocker on it. However, I take solace that both sources have also claimed “upscale junk food” as a 2011 trend. I can’t wait to play around with some fun recipes for that!

Moral: You’ll start seeing pie shops popping up around the country. I’m guessing you’ll be able to stop in for a nice pot pie and end with a mini sweet pie for dessert.


We’re all tired of vampires. Werewolves tried to trend but didn’t stick. Zombies made a decent comeback with “Walking Dead”. But what will 2011 bring?
With the success of True Grit, the anticipation of Aliens and Cowboys, and the appearance of Western and Steampunk influences in events and weddings, I’m gonna call it: 2011 will be the year of the Western. Folks will love the chance to leave their tech toys behind and dream of simpler, dirtier days, even if it’s just for a couple hours in a theater.

Moral: Trade in those custom fangs for a nice set of spurs.

What are your thoughts for 2011? Any trends you’re hoping to see?

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Giga Pudding: For When You Hate Your Guests

Giga Pudding is terrifying. Some sort of large custard dish found in Japan, the ad features screaming child-songs about the pudding, along with some images of people enjoying it way too much.

So my friends at LaughPong decided to do something about it.

I would post the recipes for their homemade Giga Pudding, but I don’t hate you all. Seriously. There are still remnants in some of their fridges. And I think it’s growing. Don’t make this. Your guests will not like it. Make cookies instead. For the love of all that is good, please.

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May the Force Be With Shoe

Going out on the town? Have a hot date? Looking for the perfect shoe to wear with that formal dress?


Unfortunately, the shoe was featured on a Tumblr with no information. They may not be for sale, but it looks like with a cheap pair of shoes and some decoupage, you may be able to DIY!

Geek Etiquette

Happy New Year!

Champagne cupcakes. Recipe courtesy of “Gimme Some Oven”.

The New Year is a time for beginnings. A time to reflect on what you’d like your life to be, and do something about it. So I will.

I try to pick resolutions that will better myself, but will also be fun to do. (You won’t keep a resolution if you don’t want to do it!)

In the past I’ve attempted to:
-Learn how to make all of my favorite dishes from scratch
-watch more films on the AFI Top 100 list
-Become a more social person

By not putting specifics in your resolutions, you won’t feel guilty or disappointed if you don’t “achieve” it. Just do what you can and know that you’ve become a better person for it!

My resolutions for this year are:
-Make more homemade lunches and dinners
-Devote more of my time to Geeky Hostess

What are yours?

One thing to keep in mind: Don’t stress yourself out. Resolutions are great. But sometimes, you need to relax, look at pretty things, and enjoy a champagne cupcake.

Happy New Year!


Happy Holidays from Geeky Hostess (And Star Wars!)

Apologies for slow posting over the past week… the holidays were full of family time, and now I’m in full swing getting ready for New Year’s Eve. But as a special holiday treat for you all, I present an abridged version of the Star Wars Holiday Special. And holy cow, is it bad.

Happy Life Day to you and yours.

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Cupcase: A Cute and Practical Stocking Stuffer

I’ve received a few early Christmas gifts, and they’ve all been cupcake-related. (My friends know me so well!)

My fiance gave this to me yesterday and I squealed joys of delight as I realized I’ll never have to eat another stale or squished cupcake. So brilliant!

These adorable cases fit a standard baked cupcake, and has a tiny pin at the top that holds the cake/frosting still to prevent it from crashing to the top.

($2.25 each at

Now I just need to make some cupcakes, and I have my eyes on these ones for New Year’s Eve…

What’s your favorite cupcake recipe?