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Adopt an Olive Tree

I love olive oil. LOVE it. We don’t even use butter in my household. We use olive oil on EVERYTHING.

So what would be better than having our own signature olive oil from our own olive tree?
Nudo allows you to adopt your own olive tree from the grove of your choice. In the Spring, you’ll received a package with olive oil made from that tree, and in the Autumn, you’ll receive additional flavored olive oils.

Although a little pricy at $109, I feel this is a unique gift for the perfect host/olive oil lover… or just a great conversation starter in your own home.

Gift Ideas

Unique Gifts at a Discount

Looking for a unique gift for the friend who has everything and knows her way around the city? Then check out one of these sites. You may already use them; they send you a new deal for your city in your inbox everyday. Most of them have an option to “gift” your purchase. This will allow you to send your friends something awesome like theater tickets, gift certificates to trendy restaurants, passes to the best thai massage bangkok, and yearly memberships at 50% (and sometimes more!) off of the original price.

Keep these discounts in mind for holiday dinners, date nights, and fun activities for visiting family and friends as well.

I’ve already used these services to purchase two of my Christmas gifts this year, and look forward to see what other deals come up!

This is one of the more well-known deal sites. Deals vary from restaurant and store gift certificates to fun massages and spa deals. In the past couple months, I’ve purchased gift certificates and deals to Mexico Cantina, Nordstrom Rack, Julep Nail Parlor, and Jones Soda.

LivingSocial is pretty similar to Groupon, but seems to have more city-specific deals. The purchases I’ve made have been more of the active variety, including lessons for Sassy Fit, Pole for the Soul, School of Acrobatics, and a nice massage. I countered all of that good with a discounted gift certificate to Bambino’s Pizza, today’s deal.

GoldStar is THE place for discount tickets for live entertainment. If there’s a theater performance, concert, or comedy act you want to see, they’ll most likely have tickets for cheap. I’ve purchased tickets to Cirque du Soleil for my parents, a really cool wine tasting and cooking class for my fiance and I, and even entered T-Mobile’s City Chase at a discount.

What are you waiting for? Click the links, find your city, and sign up now! Your wallet, friends, and activity calendar will thank you!

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Black Friday Tips ala Zombieland

Today’s Thanksgiving. Or Black Friday Eve, as I know it. And Black Friday is serious business.

Wanna get in and out alive and with the prize? Then think of your competition as zombies. These rules from one of my favorite films, Zombieland, will keep you shopping:

1. Cardio
Have you been training? Ir not, you better start. Walk some laps after eating your turkey. And pace yourself tomorrow!

2. The Double Tap
Now, I’m not asking you to kill anyone, but instead refer to this as a “double check”. Double check your coupons and lists… make sure you get everything you’ve come for!

3. Beware of Bathrooms
Are you a woman? Then stay clear of the bathrooms in malls and large stores. They’re going to be PACKED, and that will take away from your prime shopping time. Go to the bathroom before you leave home, and try to stay clear of liquids.

4. Seatbelts
If you’ve tried to go to a mall anytime between Thanksgiving and Christmas before, you know the parking lights are CRAZY. And the drivers? Even crazier. Seatbelt up. Your life depends on it.

7. Travel Light
Traveling light doesn’t mean you can’t have a big bag with you: keep it fairly empty so you can store shopping bags and flyers in it. And keep it big enough to “accidentally” knock it into the person grabbing that last game console you want. (But I didn’t tell you that.)

17. Don’t Be a Hero
Know when to be a hero and when not to. Will that last action figure in Toys R Us make Christmas for a little boy or girl? Go for it. Are the streets icy and you’re sleep deprived? Stay at home. Your friends and family want you happy and healthy way more than they want any material item!

18. Limber Up
Take a look at #1. Didn’t train? Then make sure you do your stretches before heading out. You’ll be pushing carts, holding bags, and picking out items that are both high and low on shelves. Make sure you’re ready!

22. When in Doubt, Know Your Way Out
If you decide to go somewhere crazy (like Walmart), make sure you know your exits. Seriously. People are crazy there. Don’t get shot.

31. Check the Back Seat
The Holidays are a gold mine for looters. Make sure everything’s locked, and check your backseat: make sure you can’t see any packages or bags from the outside.

32. Enjoy the Little Things
You know, like free snow globes.

Enjoy Black Friday and stay safe!

Gift Ideas

Horrifying Horse Bike

Looking for a bike for that little girl on your holiday list?

…I’d recommend staying clear of this one.

Unless you like horse-bike hybrids, that is.

This bike has a “life-like horse head” and a tail that “bobs up and down as they ride!”.

Available for $220 at

(Source: Boing Boing.)

Geek Etiquette

Black Friday to the EXTREME

This video gets my heart pumping with excitement and anticipation. If this place was real, I’d be there.

Are you a crazy Black Friday shopper, like myself? It’s not even the prices that attracts me… it’s the thrill of the hunt.

(I just gave myself chills.)

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A Gift for the Tech-Obsessed

Think back to the last time you had a quiet dinner for two.

A truly quiet dinner. With no cell phones, no tv: just the two of you having a private discussion.

If it’s been too long, then this handkerchief is for you. Keep it on hand, and wrap your phone in it to show your loved one that all of your attention is going to them. And in case you’re tempted to cheat… the handkerchief will block cell signals.

Also an excellent gift for the stockings of your tech-obsessed friends and family.

$15 at Uncommon Goods.

(Thanks to Margaret for sending my way!)

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My New Favorite Site: Fred Flare

I found it.

The site where I can get a mustache wine opener, cotton candy mints, a great bag, and a new party dress all in the same place. Just while browsing, I found fabulous antique looking rings, cute bandaids and temporary tattoos, and about anything else I could possibly want to give my friends or put in my family’s stockings. If I wasn’t a sucker for Black Friday deals, I would have just done all of my Christmas shopping.

Take a look at Fall in love.

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Butterbeer for your Harry Potter Parties

Harry Potter and the Deathy Hallows (Part 1) will be opening in theaters tomorrow. Or, if you’re like me and tons of other crazy fans, it opens at midnight.

The cast enjoying some Butterbeer from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter

So celebrate in style with some Butterbeer! Below is one of the easiest recipes you’ll find. You’re welcome to add ice cream or milk to make it more frothy/creamy, if you so choose.

-8 oz ginger ale or cream soda
-2 to 3 tablespoons butterscotch syrup (want to make it alcoholic? substitute a shot of butterscotch schnapps)

Mix in a tall glass. Done. Drink and enjoy!

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Add Personality to your Christmas Trees

The holidays are getting near, and it’s time to start figuring out where you’re getting your tree from.

While actual trees may smell nice, the pine needles and fire-hazardness can be a downer. And honestly–everyone has a basic tree. Don’t you want something a bit different?

Then take a look at Treetopia. Where else could you get an UPSIDE DOWN tree?

Space an issue? Go for their cute collection of rainbow tabletop trees. Or go the Tim Burton route with some elegant and slightly goth black trees. I think these would be absolutely gorgeous with some small gold lights and ornaments. Plus, you’ve got your centerpiece and tree together in one!

*From now until November 18th, Treetopia has some of their trees on sale for up to 40% off. Go now!