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Nerd Merit Badges

Summers are pretty crummy for adults. No sleepaway camp, no falling asleep exhausted after a full day of sleeping, and no more cookouts and ghost stories over a fire. But there is one thing that can keep that summer camp feeling alive:

Merit Badges.

You may no longer be eligible for knot tying or fire building, but Nerd Merit Badges are just as pretty and much easier to earn.

Use FourSquare? There are 8 badges for that.

Known as the Family Tech Support? Make your kids buy you this badge.

And of course, the toughest badge of all: Getting your inbox down to zero.

So gather your girlfriends around, get your laptop sashes, and get ready to earn some badges!

Geek Etiquette

8-Bit Twilight

Love it or hate it, the new Twilight film was released today (or at midnight last night, for those keeping score). Twilight’s a cultural phenomenon that many of us can’t escape. If you haven’t seen the movie/read the book yet, but need to keep up the conversation with your friends, check out this 8-bit interactive Twilight.

It’s “Choose Your Own Adventure” style, so if like me, you’d rather see Bella with a shirtless underage hottie than an emo vampire, you can make it happen. (Spoiler, it won’t end well for you.)

So spill the beans: Are you Team Edward, Team Jacob, or Team I Hate Twilight?

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Delorean Limo is Timeless

For your next special occasion or wedding, try arriving in style:

A party bus (also known as a party ride, limo bus, limousine bus, party van, or luxury bus) is a large motor vehicle usually derived from a conventional bus or coach, but modified and designed to carry 10 or more people for recreational purposes.

This photo came from the Delorean Club of Ohio, you might now be interested in hiring one so check how much is a party limo rental in Ann Arbor. I’m not sure if they own the limo or if they just like looking at pictures of it, but I would pay good money to come out of this at my wedding.

Whether it be weddings, proms, or just an excellent day of wine tasting, taking a fun vehicle can add a bit of class and character to an already special day. And if it accidentally sends you back in time, bonus!

Fun Food

Rainbow Bacon

You’re making brunch for your friends, and you’re having bacon (of course). But this time, you want something just a little bit different…

How about some rainbow bacon?

Sure to wake up your friends (and make them question your sanity), this rainbow bacon may just ensure that you get as many pieces as you want to yourself!

It seems that the person who made this bacon individually soaked raw pieces into food coloring, and then pan fried it.

Would you try this? If you do, send some pics/video my way and I’ll post them. This may be one of the few activities I’m too chicken to try myself.

*Rainbow bacon may also work well for St. Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or Fourth of July. No better way to celebrate America than by dying fatty food to match our flag! God bless our country.

(Source: Bacon Today)

A Geeky Home

Live in Disney World!

As a child, you never want to leave the Disney theme parks. Rides, Disney characters, food in the shape of mouse ears–what’s not to love?

Well, if you still feel that way, you now have the opportunity to live there.

Walt Disney World is unveiling Golden Oak, a luxury housing community in between Epcot and the Magic Kingdom. These homes, ranging from 1/4 acre to 3/4 acres, and ranging in price from $1.5 to $8 million, are indeed meant to be lived in. In fact, they are protected from investors renting them out as vacation homes: a clause in the contract indicates that renters must stay for 6 months or longer.

Owners of these homes will receive special in-park benefits and VIP transportation, as well as the privilege of telling people they LIVE IN DISNEY WORLD.

Would you consider buying one of these homes?

(Source: Boing Boing)

Crafty Geek, Geeky Fashion

1337 Manicures

Need a way to show off your 1337 skills while playing your favorite video game?

Get some inspiration from this girl’s video game nail art!

Her Mario nails are even taking advantage of two of the most trendy colors this year–teal and black!

Which video game would YOU put on your nails if you could?

(Nails were found on Crafster.)

Geek Etiquette

Be a Smart Girl at the Party

We’ve all been there. There’s a party tonight, and you know you’re supposed to put on a frilly outfit and giggle with your girlfriends, but you’re in the middle of writing that great story, finishing that game, or developing the ultimate cupcake recipe.

Now there’s a web series that celebrates those girls–the smart ones. We might show up a bit late to the frilly party, but when we get there we’ll have some interesting stories to tell (and an amazing dance party at the end of our story!) Smart Girls at the Party, a Webby-winning series, interviews young women who are doing different but extraordinary things with their lives, and celebrates the fact that girls can be smart and pursue different passions.

Take a look at this episode with Cameron, a 10 year old girl with a passion for writing supernatural stories.

I wish I had a show like this when I was their age!

Know a young woman that would be perfect for the show? Enter her in the casting call for season 2!

A Geeky Home, Entertaining

Science in the Kitchen

Sure, you need a bit of science to help you with everyday cooking and baking… but these objects will make you want to break out your lab coat and goggles.
Applied Physics is a series of kitchen gadgets that use popular scientific methods to make cooking and entertaining a bit better, just like the wine pourer, seen above. Using the Pascal Principle, it pours an equal amount of wine into each glass.

I’m liking these multi-function tools: They assist with tasks AND make me feel like I’m conducting a really neat science experiment!

Geeky Fashion, Gift Ideas

Comic Inspired Headbands

Have you always wanted to live in a colorfully violent comic book? Or maybe you just love Emeril?

Than this headband is for you! So cute, this headband comes in a variety of colors and is an easy way to spice up a plain outfit. Just avoid wearing it around Batman.

The headband can be found at Janine Basil’s Etsy Shop along with more comic, pop art, and burlesque inspired headpieces. Enjoy!