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Molecular Jewelry

Need to find a cute gift for the science lover in your life? Then take a look at the Made With Molecules jewelry!

This jewelry combines sterling silver with a specific molecule design to create a fun, personal gift. Plus, you can show your love of chocolate, caffeine, or red wine in an inconspicuous way!

Prices range from $40-$640 for jewelry.

Check them out at!

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Personalized Cookies

This year’s anniversary was all about personalization. I gave my boyfriend this vodka bottle, but also made him some special cookies. After 5 years, chocolate chip just won’t do.

(Click for larger image)

These cookies, with love and robot themed phrases, were made especially for him based on some of our inside jokes. The cookies were made with an extremely simple kit from Williams-Sonoma. I went in to check out the Star Wars Pancake Molds, and yet seemed to walk out with these. Man, that store’s dangerous.

The kit comes with three cookie cutters and plenty of letters to put in and spell your own phrases. Everything is extremely simple to use and clean. I look forward to whipping these cutters out for a variety of parties and occasions.

What phrase do you think would be best to put on/in a cookie?

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Vodka That Does the Talking For You

What do you get the guy who has everything for your 5 year anniversary?
Well, if you’re like me, you’ll get your boyfriend a nice bottle of Vodka that can express your love for you.
Medea vodka has a built in LED screen in which you can write up to 6 different messages (up to 255 characters each).

Yes, the screen is easily detachable: it just has a clear rubber band like object over it. This means once the vodka is done, you can continue to use the screen for other projects. It’s like finding a prize in a Cracker Jack box, but instead of Cracker Jacks, you’re drinking vodka. And instead of the weird paper toys you get in boxes today, you get a nice bit of electronics. Win win.

The vodka is available in New York and New Jersey, or you can buy it online here. Product information can be found on their website.

Watch the bottle in action here:

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Geeky Cufflinks

Want to boldly go where no cufflink has gone before?
Then these Geeky Cufflinks are meant for you.

Ranging from Star Trek, to Apple, to old school gaming, you can find a cufflink to match any personality. The cufflinks make great gift ideas for Father’s Day, graduation, or as a nice addition to groomsmen’s outfits for a personal touch to a classy wedding.

At $40 and under, these are going quickly, so get them while you can! (And take a look at my favorite: The Ray Guns.)

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Your Breakfast Just Got Cooler: Star Wars Pancakes

Making pancakes into cool animals and shapes has become a pretty big trend. But you will be the coolest pancake maker of them all with these new Star Wars Pancake Molds.

Super easy to use (and with lots of bonus holes for syrup!), these molds are available from your nearest Williams-Sonoma. I popped in today to take a look at these for myself, and saw some Star Wars cookie cutters, a Star Wars apron, and some black, white, and metallic silver sprinkles.

Get these as a great gift for Father’s Day, or pick them up for yourself. Eating Star Wars pancakes just gives you an excuse to use your bacon like a lightsaber.

Source: Nerd Approved

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Should a Robot Officiate Your Wedding?

You’re a geek and you’re getting married. Congratulations! There are a lot of wonderful ways to add a personal “geeky” touch to your ceremony. But would you want to go as far as a robot officiating?

A couple in Japan did.

The first couple to ever have a robot officiate their ceremony was wed this week. The robot in charge was the I-Fairy, as seen at this year’s CES.

Although a unique idea, I feel the robot took away from the bride and groom. It’s your day–make sure a hunk of metal isn’t stealing all of the attention. And once the bride and groom left the room, you could feel the eyes in the audience drift back to the robot, standing, staring in the back. Creepy. Your guests shouldn’t have to worry about the likelihood of that robot coming to life.

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Brain Cake: Best Gift For Graduates

It’s graduation time. And while it’s a time for celebration, there are some important matters that need to be discussed with your graduate. Like how they may not be able to get a job straight away. And that zombies will now be lusting after their brain.

Show them you care the best way you can: with cake!

Source: BuzzFeed

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Portal Cake Shots

In honor of Steam being available for Mac AND offering Portal for free until May 24th, I thought I’d share a little recipe for Portal cake with you.

…But the cake is a lie.

I’m sorry.

However, the “shot” version is just as good (if not better)! Give it a try, why don’t ya? These portals will take you to a lovely drunken dimension!

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Pick Your Guests' Noses

I’m a big fan of Fred’s products, and one of the first products I encountered were these “Pick Your Nose” cups.

A fun ice breaker for a party, these cups feature different styles of noses that appear to belong to the drinker’s face.

Don’t believe it works? Check out this picture of me from a root beer float party a few years ago. Oh, the confusion this photo caused on Facebook the day it was posted…

Human noses too boring for you? Check out these “Party Animal” cups!

A Geeky Home

When Bugs On Your Walls are a Good Thing

Grow House Grow creates beautifully hand printed wallpapers featuring some unique imagery. This piece, part of the “Naturalist Collection” is inspired by Mary Ward, a scientist in the 1800s who became engrossed by both insects and microscopy.

While a whole room of this may be a bit much, I do encourage using this as a trim, perhaps in a room with white or spring green walls and black and green accents. It’s a way to pay tribute to science, feel springy, and potentially creep out your friends–all in one!

(And for those who want to go a little further on the creepy side, their red and black version feels delightfully morbid.)

Source: Boing Boing