Game of Thrones Wine Charms

wine charms

Game of Thrones Fans: I thought you all could use something to go with that whine after last week’s episode.

These wine charms showcase six house sigils from Game of Thrones including Stark, Tyrell, Targaryen, Baratheon, Greyjoy, and Lannister. Pick your alliances wisely and trust your friends to obey basic hospitality rules while in your home!

The set is perfect for your next viewing party and makes a great hostess, housewarming, or wedding gift.

The wine charms are available for $24.99 for a set of 6 at

Portal Room


Lauren created a fantastic room themed around Portal. I’m loving the mirrors, the detailing/shading on the walls, and all of the artwork. She took plenty of pictures and recorded everything she did (and everything she bought) to make the room, and put it all on a blog titled “The Portal Bedroom.” Check it out if you’re interested in replicating the room or just want some inspiration for your own room remodel.

What video game would you base a room design around?

(Source: GeeksAreSexy)

Friday Favorites: May 31

Friday Fave 5 31

Happy Friday! It looks like Seattle’s finally remembering it’s almost June. I’m looking forward to a sunny weekend ahead of us!

Favorite Video: Job Hunters
We’re busy in pre-production for the second season of Job Hunters, and it’s been fun being back in that mode. Second season is going to be amazing, and it’s a good chance to go back and watch the first season. Check it out if you haven’t already!

Favorite Activity: Re-Watching Arrested Development
This is more of an anticipatory activity, because I haven’t had the chance to do much of it yet, but from the couple of episodes I’ve re-watched, I’ve already loved it more. My friends are saying the same thing. Give it a try!

Favorite Site: Netflix
Oh dear, I’ve fallen onto the Netflix bandwagon. I’m doing my best to get everything out of my system before my free trial runs out, but there are so many cool shows and movies that I’ve missed on there! Plus, I hear I have to check out some of their original shows (House of Cards and Hemlock Grove). What would you recommend I see while I still have Netflix?

Favorite Exercise: Prancercise
You know you want an excuse to prance around town, and now you have it. If anyone asks what you’re doing, just do your best “hipster-only-doing-this-ironically” look and say “Prancercising.” Anyone making fun of it is just jealous they’re not confident enough to do it.

What have been your fave things this week?

Justice League is at Target!

Justice League at Target

If you need more Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman in your life, then get yourself to a Target. Their summer collection features some great pieces starring your favorite DC characters! Some of my faves include:

Wonder Woman Apron. You can’t go wrong here. $9.99.

Justice League Serving Tray. Perfect for surprising your Wonder Woman or Superman with breakfast in bed. $11.99.

“Flash” Cup. This cup looks cool and the fact it’s acrylic means it’s super easy to take with you for picnics and parties! $2.99.

Batman Beach Towel. Your pool adventures just got more epic. $10.99.

You can find the whole collection at Make sure you check out their ideas for incorporating the Justice League in your summer activities, like their fantastic comic book picnic spread!

It’s Hug a Geek Day!

Wedding Pic

May 29th may not officially be “Hug a Geek Day” (yet), but it’s my personal Hug a Geek Day. 2 years ago today, Mr. Geek and I got married. (It was magical, and if you haven’t yet seen the video, you can check it out here.)

On this day, I like to reflect a bit about geeks and relationships. Having a geek as a partner (or a friend, or a mentor, or a colleague) is absolutely amazing, because they do things a little bit differently than other folks.

  • They understand passion. Whether it’s for a tv show, a moment in history, a theorem, or a person, they understand that you can get so focused on something that nothing else matters. A good partner/friend will let you have your time to focus on this passion, encourage your growth in this field, but will also be able to tactfully remind you that there is more to life than that.
  • They introduce you to new things. You have your passions and they have theirs. If you take some time to share them with each other, you’re both going to grow.
  • They’re creative. A lot of the games geeks play (whether they’re tabletop or video) involve a lot of imagination and storytelling. Geeks are able to tell stories effectively and in an entertaining fashion. Think of your DM. Or the writers of your favorite shows. Or the folks who made your favorite game. A geek as a partner means it’s likely you’ll never be bored.
  • They’re driven. When geeks are passionate about something, they want to grow in it. Learn more about it, become a part of it. And you don’t stand in the way of a geek’s passion. Whether they’re driven to code the perfect site, get hired by the perfect game company, finish the perfect novel, or just make the best mac and cheese ever, you’re likely to win by being surrounded by that hard-working spirit.

Whether your geek embodies one or all of these characteristics, today’s a day to let them know you appreciate them. Give them a hug. Let them know why they’re so amazing. Share your passions with them and ask to learn more about theirs. And share your love for them!

Who’s the amazing geek in your life? And did you hug a geek today?

Skip’s Scramble

Skip's Scramble 1

Guys, I may have made a huge mistake. I made a Skip’s Scramble.

Skip's Scramble 2

For those that aren’t savvy with Arrested Development jokes, Skip’s Scramble is a dish from a restaurant called “Skip Church’s.” Skip’s Scramble is a giant skillet that contains everything on their menu. Throughout the seasons, the scramble changes slightly–the first picture of a scramble included things like a full apple and some jelly beans on top. The later references to the scramble showed a skillet full of breakfast food, the same sorts of things you would get on the same plate at a diner, just enough to feed an army. So, to celebrate the show coming back on Sunday, I made my own version of the Skip’s Scramble with all the breakfast foods I love. What did I include?

  • Eggs scrambled with onion, tomatoes, mushrooms, spinach, and feta cheese
  • Hashbrowns
  • Sausage
  • Biscuits
  • Pancakes (Shh…the ones below the top are chocolate chip!)
  • Bacon

The scramble was delicious but filling. and the one I made could probably feed 4+ people easily. The big challenge with the scramble is not eating it, but preparing it. There’s a lot to coordinate if you want everything to be done at the same time! I recommend having multiple pans and griddles going, and to keep the large pan just for the serving dish–I had to move all of the food off of it after preparing them, wash the pan, then re-plate everything.

You’ve got one day until the premiere. Will you be celebrating with a Skip’s Scramble? If so, what are you including in yours?

Friday Favorites: May 24 (Arrested Development Edition)

final countdown

You all know I’m ridiculously excited for the new season of Arrested Development. Most of the links I’ve found, videos I’ve watched, and food I’ve eaten in the past week have all been in the Arrested Development theme. Now, lucky readers, I’m passing it all onto you! What a fun, sexy time for you.

Favorite Videos: Arrested Development Sneak Peeks

This site has five different clips of the new season hidden inside the picture. Click around and see what pops up! (My favorite clip includes bees.)

Favorite Sites:  Recurring Joke Pages

I’ve found two different and excellent sites that show all of Arrested Development’s hidden jokes (and where you can find them). Study up before watching Season 4!

Favorite Posts: Arrested Development Recipes

I’ve been posting a lot of recipes/party tips for Arrested Development, and I have one more coming tomorrow morning. Here are the ones I’ve already published!

Favorite Recipe: Skip’s Scramble

You’ll see my version of the Skip’s Scramble tomorrow, but this guy already wins. Every item in his scramble is themed and it’s all beautifully photographed. I can only aspire to be as awesome as him. Find his amazing post at Cooking with B.S.

Will you be watching Arrested Development on Sunday? And will you be watching all the way through, or savoring it by watching only a couple episodes at a time?

Bluth Bananas Recipe

Bluth Banana

I couldn’t wait until photos were done to try it…

When I first tried to make Bluth Bananas, I tried a fairly basic recipe: Frozen Banana + Melted Chocolate (and a tiny bit of butter) = Profit, right? Unfortunately, that recipe resulted in clumpy, unappetizing bananas and way too thick of a coating. It was too rich and difficult to eat! However, I’ve figured out a way to make a prettier and more delicious chocolate banana: Magic Shell.

You know that stuff you can buy in the ice cream section at your store? It quickly becomes solid once it hits your ice cream? You can make it at home with two ingredients: semi-sweet chocolate chips and coconut oil. It will make the best Bluth Bananas. There will always be money in the banana stand with these babies.

Bluth Bananas


  • 4  Bananas
  • 3/4 cup Semi-sweet chocolate chips
  • 1/4 cup Coconut oil
  • Chopped nuts, optional
  • Popsicle sticks


Carefully put a popsicle stick in each banana. Wrap the banana (I wrapped it in plastic wrap and placed it on wax paper) and place in the freezer. Let freeze for a few hours or overnight.

Place the chocolate chips and coconut oil in a microwave-safe bowl and microwave for 1 minute. Remove and stir until ingredients are combined and smooth. (Ta-da! You’ve made Magic Shell!)

Take a frozen banana and dip into the chocolate mixture. You will most likely need to pour more chocolate over the banana using a spoon.

Roll one side of the banana over a plate of the chopped nuts. Let cool/harden on wax paper. Place back into the freezer until you’re ready to serve.

(If you have leftover “Magic Shell” you can store it in a container in your fridge. Just heat it up for a tiny bit in the microwave then spoon over the cold item of your choice!)