Friday Favorites: May 17

Friday Faves 5-17

Happy Friday everyone! This past week kept me busy with shoots and prepping for more shoots. Lots of fun stuff coming up in the future! Let’s take a look at what kept me busy the rest of the week:

Favorite Game: Google Image Breakout
You’ve probably already heard about this, but if not, here you go: Go to Google Images and search for “Atari Breakout.” Be delighted at what happens. Lose an hour of your day. Come back here and thank me.

Favorite Video: Arrested Development Trailer
Guys. GUYS. I’m so excited. I’m planning Arrested Development party posts. I’m crafting recipes. I’m dreaming about the series. I’m playing the trailer on repeat. I think it’s time to break out the Banana Grabber Advent Calendar. 9 days left!!!

Favorite Event: SIFF Opening Night Gala
I attending the opening night gala for the Seattle International Film Festival last night, which just happened to be a showing of Much Ado About Nothing with Joss Whedon,  Alexis Denisof, Amy Acker, Nathan Fillion, and Clark Gregg. The movie was a lot of fun (Joss did a great job modernizing the play while keeping the original text), and the after-party was a fantastic way to catch up with all of my friends. This may be one of the few events that brought in both my friends from Seattle’s “geek” community AND my friends from Seattle’s filmmaking community. It may also have been the only time the SIFF Opening Night Gala needed “no prop weapons allowed” signs. Overall, a great time for everyone who attended!

Favorite Post: Troy’s Bagel Bites Casserole
I looked back at old Geeky Hostess posts today, and found out that I posted Troy’s Bagel Bites Casserole recipe exactly one year ago. It felt fitting since NBC announced that the show will be renewed for another season this past week. Enjoy/I’m sorry!

What have you been loving this week?

3D Printed Jewelry

3D printed jewelry

You’ve probably been hearing a lot about 3D printers. People are currently trying to find their limits and well, haven’t succeeded yet. I hear rumors of food, body parts, and guns being printed.  How about we take a step back and appreciate it for the art it can create in addition to the science and technological achievements?

I, for instance, love this jewelry made with a 3D printer. It’s geometric, science-y, and yet makes an elegant statement piece. Best part? It’s relatively inexpensive. The pendant necklace is $59, the ring is $55, and a pair of square dangle earrings are only $36. You can find the whole set at!

What are you loving most about 3D printers?

Espionage Cosmetics Announces Lip Gloss Line

Kiss of Death Image

I have a weakness. And that weakness is lip gloss. I have a giant cookie jar overflowing with different glosses and lip things, and yet I still buy more. So naturally, I squealed a bit when I heard that Espionage was releasing a lip gloss line. They’ll be releasing 3 sets of this line over the next year, and I’m already thrilled with the ones they came out with. (Plus, their promo photos are SO cool!)

These first two glosses are vegan, gluten free, and contain coconut oil and vitamin e oil. Although they seem so good for you, they’re all based on fictional characters with a “Kiss of Death” and their names represent that:

Venom is coral with a gold shimmer, tastes like peaches, AND it’s blacklight reactive! So cool.

Fatality is a clear gloss with gold shimmer, tastes like buttercream frosting (my favorite) and is specially formulated so you can blend it with any of your Espionage Cosmetics colors to make a unique gloss.

You can find these glosses at Espionage Cosmetics’ Online Store or at any convention the lovely ladies may be attending. OR you can win the set right now! Just follow the directions in the Rafflecopter below. I’ll pick a winner on  May 22nd!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Chandelier Grows Vines on your Walls


This is one of the coolest chandeliers I’ve ever seen. It looks great on its own, but when it turns on, it casts shadows of vines along your walls. It’s a bit spooky and make me think of being lost in a fairy tale forest. I’d love to have it in a dining room for some moody parties, or to create some fun ambiance in a reading room.

The chandelier prototype was so well received that they’ll be launching a Kickstarter soon to produce a larger quantity. I can’t wait to see the campaign once it launches! You can read more about the inspiration for the chandelier and add your name to be notified on their Kickstarter and pricing by visiting the site.

Would you put a chandelier like this up in your home? What room would it be perfect in?

Geek Fit: Exercise the Scientific Way

scientific workout

A scientific study was published in the American College of Sports Medicine’s Health and Fitness Journal outlining why interval training is good for you. In short, they’ve devised a 7 minute circuit that will provide you with the aerobic and resistance training usually provided in a much longer workout.

You can see the circuit above, or read their study to learn more about it. Each exercise should be done for 30 seconds, with a 10 second break in between. The circuit can be repeated 2-3 times, giving you a full workout in under 30 minutes.

I’ll be trying this out tonight. Will you join me? Let me know in the comments!

Source: The New York Times

Friday Favorites: May 10

Friday Faves 5-10

It’s Friday! Posts have been light this week as I’ve been gearing up for some awesome things in the Geeky Hostess world. Stay tuned, this month should be a wild ride of announcements, photos, and video!

Favorite Video: The World’s End Trailer
Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, and Nick Frost drink beer and fight aliens. That’s all you really need to know. I’ll  be looking forward to the midnight screening of this one! Watch the trailer here.

Favorite Game:
This game allows you to collect candies and lollipops and then do things with them, like go on an adventure, purchase items, fight bad guys, and have conversations with frogs. It’s ridiculous. It’s addicting. I love it because I can leave it open in a tab and play short bits of it here and there. Plus it’s about candy. Play carefully–if you close your tab, it won’t save your game. I got up excitedly this morning to go on another quest, only to find out the computer had restarted and my game had been lost. Start playing at

 Favorite Kickstarter: Throwboy Chat Pillows
You may have seen Throwboy at various conventions, and they now want to take their cute chat pillows to the next level by building a production run and selling them in more places. You can make it happen, and get yourself some cute geeky pillows in the process! Donate now for some sweet incentives, including one pillow at the $20 level, and all three at the $55 level. Support Throwboy at

Favorite Treat: Yumm Sauce
Cafe Yumm is a delicious and unique vegetarian restaurant that started in Eugene, OR and expanded throughout the state. Yumm Sauce is, well, their sauce. The closest thing I can compare it to is a goddess dressing. It’s good on everything, I believe it’s good for you, and I can’t think about it without salivating. In the past year, the Seattle area Uwajimayas, Whole Foods, and Metropolitan Markets started carrying it, so now I can get my Yumm fix without driving for a few hours. Find out more about Cafe  Yumm, Yumm Sauce, and their signature Yumm Bowls at

What have been your favorite things of this past week? And how many candies have you eaten?

Book Clutches


I’ve been drooling over these Kate Spade clutches for years, and the brand has just started promoting them again (and put The Great Gatsby on sale, just in time for the movie!).

These clutches are the perfect way to show a bit of personality (and your love for the literary arts) while out and about–I would personally love to pair it with a more formal dress for a wedding or other fancier occasion.

The clutches come in The Great Gatsby, Romeo and Juliet, Emma, The Importance of Being Earnest, I Married Adventure, and A Tale of Two Cities. At $325, the clutches are a bit pricey. If it’s too much for you and you like to get crafty, you can always make your own (and bonus, you can pick the book of your choice!).

Find the clutches at

Build a Personal IMAX Theater

Have tons of money lying around? Have a part of your house you don’t ever use? Will you only watch movies if they’re 20 feet tall and in 3D? You should get yourself a personal IMAX theater. And then we should become close friends. I’ll bring the popcorn.

IMAX’s website claims that “Everyone’s experience it. Few will own it.” After speaking with a personal consultant, they will look at the space you have available and design a theater and sound system exclusively for you to give you the best quality of film-watching possible. You’ll be just like the directors who watch their IMAX films in a private theater for the first time, except you’ve never directed anything and probably have more money than them.

See more at The price isn’t listed, which means it’s automatically out of my price range. I’ll stick to my normal-sized TV for now.

Technology + Cupcakes = Win


You know how you can order Dominos online or Pizza Hut from your Xbox? Pizza’s great when you’re gaming, but what about when you want something a little sweeter? Trophy Cupcakes to the rescue.

Trophy has recently launched their online ordering system and delivery to Seattle and Bellevue. I tried it out last week, and seriously, nothing beats picking cupcake flavors to have delivered to you. You visit and choose up to 10 dozen cupcakes to be delivered to you for a $15 fee. Order by 4pm, and you can have cupcakes delivered to you between 10am-2pm the next day. Order during a late night craving, and  you can pick a day a bit further in the future. (Believe me, your future self will thank you.) You can pick Trophy’s standard cupcakes, or go for a pre-decorated dozen in themes like Hello Kitty, Dinosaurs, and Star Wars.

I picked a selection of Trophy’s standard cupcakes and waited (very impatiently) until they arrived to me the next day at around 12:30pm. Delicious! My friends and family were delighted by the surprise cupcakes I  brought them over the next couple days.


The delivery would come in handy when organizing a party and you don’t have a chance to bake/get out to pick treats up, or as a nice surprise for someone you love. (They’re around the same price as getting flowers delivered and they’re WAY more tasty.) Now through May 15th, you can give the delivery service a try with the coupon code “TROPHYLOVE15″ for 15% off your order. It’s perfect for Mother’s Day! And also days ending with “Y.”

If you give it a try, let me know your favorite flavor! As delicious as they all were, I think Trophy’s classic Vanilla Vanilla is still a fave of mine.

I was provided with a dozen cupcakes to review for this post. All words and opinions are my own!