My Week So Far

Tara's Week 2-20

Photos taken with my HTC One X+

Many of you may not have heard yet, but this week’s been pretty big for me. I left a full-time job behind to pursue more of Geeky Hostess. I’m still doing some part-time/freelance work here and there, but most of my energy and time will now be spent towards this blog and the brand behind it. I’m beyond excited!

I’ve captured some pics of my week so far so you can get a glimpse into what goes on in my life. Clockwise from top left:

  1. I’ve started some part-time content creation for The House of Bachelorette and some other fun party sites. Being geeky is great, but being surrounded by bright pink glittery things a couple times a week is awesome!
  2. Filming a pretty exciting announcement for Job Hunters. Check out our panel at Emerald City Comicon to see it!
  3. When life gives you extra cupcake batter (after making three types of cupcakes for friends’ birthdays), make mini cupcakes for yourself!

March will be a bit crazy with Emerald City Comicon, LA Webfest, and PAX East (you’ll be able to see me in panels/screenings/performances at each), but keep an eye out for updates and announcements as the Geeky Hostess brand grows. And in the meantime, let me know what you want to see more of. Photo posts? Videos? Recipes?  Product posts? Contests? Mr. Geek? Something entirely different?

Here’s to plenty of busy weeks full of blog posts, meetings, conventions, shoots, and of course, cupcakes!

LEGO Storage Bricks

LEGO Storage Bricks 2

LEGO Storage Bricks

I’m currently in the process of reorganizing our office, and if you’ve got the organizing bug as well, you’ll love these LEGO storage bricks. If your roommates/significant others are not down with LEGO-themed storage (what’s wrong with them?), then there are smaller options perfect for storing your lunch, snacks, or small items in a drawer. The LEGOs are stackable, so buy enough and you can build that giant dinosaur you’ve always wanted. Or just store your actual LEGOs inside for a nice set of LEGOception.

LEGO storage bricks, $10-36 at

Geek Battle


I’ve been enjoying the show King of the Nerds lately because it really celebrates those who are a bit geeky, nerdy, and quirky. I’ve been cheering on my favorite contestants as they battle in chess, cosplay, trivia, and more, and now I can almost-kind-of play along at home! Geek Battle, the “Game of Extreme Geekdom,” is a trivia game made for geeks with categories such as sci-fi, fantasy, comics, video games, science, and technology. It can be a nice break between board games one night or serve as an ice breaker at your next party. Or heck, grab some cameras, make a geeky throne, and create your own low-budget reality series.

Geek Battle, $13.57 at (Really? They couldn’t make it $13.37? Missed opportunity there.)

Stunt Ranch

I want to go to there.

Seriously, I don’t think I need to say much about this. It’s a place where you can go and learn how to do the stunts you see in your favorite action flicks. Who’s up for a trip to Texas?

This is the perfect place to celebrate your birthday, Bachelorette party, date night, or just a Tuesday. If any of you readers go, PLEASE send me pics/video!

Check out more at

“Epic” Collection from BlackMilk Launches Tonight!

blackmilk epic collection

BlackMilk has more tight and shiny clothes for us, and it’s launching 8pm tonight Pacific! I’m particularly jonesing for the Gameboy-inspired dress (I hear they even have it in hot pink!). I’m just trying to decide if it makes me seem to much like I’m an object to be played instead of a person that plays games. Thoughts?

Will you be grabbing anything from the newest collection?

Join the countdown at

Charge Your Phone With Your Bracelet

bracelet charger cable

I swear at least once a week I hear someone say “Does anyone have a phone charger with them?” The person asking is usually out of luck, and is stuck with a dead phone for the rest of the day. I’m excited to come to the rescue (or just rescue myself) next time with one of these snazzy phone charger bracelets. Available for iPhone 4/4s, iPhone 5, Android, or any micro USB device, the bracelet can detach to charge your device with any USB outlet.

Prices vary based on color, all on Amazon. Buy a few for friends (or for different outfits)!

Couch Cachet


Want to relax and hide away from everyone this weekend, but your friends keep wanting  you to go out? Tell them you’re busy, with the help of Couch Cachet.

By signing into foursquare, the app will check you in to cool parties, trips, and adventures that your friends aren’t at. They’ll think you’re having the time of your life, and you’ll finally be able to finish that book that’s been on your shelf forever. Win-win!

I don’t use foursquare myself because stalkers, but if you do, give this app a try and let me know what it’s like in the comments!

See more at

Happy Valentine’s Day


Geeky Valentine available for free download at

Happy Half-Price Chocolates Eve Valentine’s Day!

You, dear readers, are all my Valentines today (if you’ll have me). Thank you all for reading, leaving comments, chatting with me on Twitter/FB, and just being all-around awesome. I love you all!

So let’s have a mini virtual date! Grab a chocolate or a cupcake or anything sweet near you and cozy up with your computer to watch the season premiere of Burning Love. I’ll be doing the same on my end!

Arrested Development Valentines

Tomorrow’s Valentine’s Day (you didn’t forget, right?). If you haven’t picked out a Valentine for your sweetie yet, here are some freebies for you. Marisa Seguin made what are arguably the best valentines ever based on your favorite characters from Arrested Development. Pick your favorite and pair it with a chocolate covered banana and a nice banner sharing your feelings. Just stay away from your cousin.

advalentines1 advalentines2See these Valentines and more here and here.