Free Printable BSG Card Game

DIY Pyramid

Whether you call it Pyramid or Triad (the names switch between the classic and new series), you know you’ve wanted to try it. Print out your own version of the BSG card game you see the Viper pilots playing. Just try to avoid table-flips and physical confrontations, if you can.

Find the card images here and the instructions here. Shout-out to QMX for finding this info!

Colorful Pixelated Fashion from Kate Spade


Is once a week too often to blog about something from Kate Spade or it’s more affordable line, Saturday? If they keep putting out products that are subtly geeky, then I’ll blog about ‘em every day!

You may remember their “Windowpane” print from last week, a DIY-Pixelated-Art look. Now they’ve released an “already colored in” look that’s abstract and adorable. The Sampler Print is available on clothing (dresses, pants, skirts) accessories (bags, watches, shoes) and home goods (blankets, pillows, mugs). Prices range from $8-$180. Check it all out at!

Friday Favorites: April 19

Friday Faves 4-19

Holy crap. This week, you guys. Although it feels weird to be looking for silly, shallow things while I’m worrying about my brother in Boston, it’s actually a good thing to focus on some positive things that make you happy. See what’s distracting me this week:

Favorite Video: Real-Life Scribblenauts
Satire put out another video, this one focused on what you could do (or not do) with real-life Scribblenauts powers. This kid was the cutest and so much fun to work with!

Favorite Treat: Mountain Dew Cupcakes
I’m making a set of my “famous” Mountain Dew Cupcakes today, and I’m hoping to improve on it a bit, namely making the frosting taste even more like Mountain Dew. I’ll update you all with the results once my sugar coma has worn off!

Favorite Beauty Product: Beauty Protector
I got this detangler in a Birchbox a while back, and I fell in love. It protected my hair from heat treating, it made my hair softer, more manageable, and easier to brush through, AND it smelled amazing. It’s a Birchbox exclusive, and is one of their top products (for good reason). I recently ran out and am counting down the days until I get a full-sized refill.  You can get it for $21.95 at

Favorite Time Waster: Polyvore
I re-discovered Polyvore this week for a project for one of my clients, and my mom coincidentally discovered it for the first time. It brings me back to my high school days of making collages out of magazines. Sometimes it’s fun to just escape the world and put together fun outfits!

Favorite TV Series: Arrested Development
I mean, this is a no-brainer, and by far not exclusive to this week. I’ve been re-watching the show to prep for a series of posts I have lined up for the new season, and I cannot WAIT to share them with you all. In the meantime, I’m gonna continue watching all the episodes for the umpteenth time and still find new things in them. The show’s available on Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and a variety of other places, or you can suck it up and just get the DVD. You know you want it.

Please let me know what’s making you happy this week in the comments!

Geek Etiquette: Manners In a Digital World

manners in a digital world

Guys, I’ve been saying that technology is changing some of our rules on etiquette for a while, and now Emily Post agrees. (“Emily Post agrees” is one of my favorite phrases/arguments ever.)

The new book, “Manners in a Digital World” answers questions such as:

  • Do you have a healthy digital diet?
  • What are your digital house rules?
  • What are the top ten mobile manners?
  • What three things should your kids know before they go online?
  • Should you friend your boss?
  • Is online dating right for you?”
It’s the perfect gift for grads, your new social media intern, or your parents. We know they need digital help.

You can find it for $12.69 at

What’s your best online etiquette tip?

Help Me With a Quick, 1-Question Survey!

I have some fun things in the works that I hope to announce in the next month, but I need some super quick info from you first! Can you answer this one question for me? It’s fully anonymous, won’t be published anywhere, and just helps me with some initial counts.

Thank you!

Rent-a-Tie with Tie Society

Tie Society Collage

We all know bow ties are cool, but when was the last time you (or the tie-wearer in your life) wore one? If it hasn’t been in the last month, I suggest we change that. There’s nothing wrong with getting a bit dressed up, and there are tons of excuses every day to do it. Go out for a nice dinner. Have an impromptu photo shoot. Invite your friends over for a “fancy dress” party. Let’s show folks that geeks can look chic.

And to help you out a bit, Tie Society’s giving you 50% off the first month of their service. Tie Society calls itself “Netflix for Neckties.” You can select a tie from their huge selection and they’ll send it right out to you.  You keep it for as long as you want, send it back when you’re finished, and then pick out something new. It’s a great way to try out new styles without committing to actually buying it, or keeping your wardrobe fresh and new without leaving your house.

My brother tried the service out for a Great Gatsby-themed event he attended, and he loved it. He said the ordering process was extremely easy, everything came to him well-packaged, and the tie was good quality.

So check them out! Visit and use code “TSTRIAL3″ to get half off your first month. Then let me know in the comments when you’ll be dressing up. Or let me know if you can’t choose between ties and want some expert* advice!

*I’m not an expert.

Tie Society provided me a month of their service for free in exchange for a review. All opinions and words are entirely mine/my brother’s. 

Smell Like Your Favorite Beverage


Commodity has created some beautifully simple scents based on some of your favorite things like whiskey, tea, and paper. Even cooler: you fill out a scent profile, and they mail you samples of some scents they think you’ll like. You pick out your faves, and they’ll send you a full-size bottle or three roller bottles. I can’t wait to give it a try!

Check out the video below for more info:

Roller set, $50. Full-size bottle, $65. Both available for pre-order at

Custom Pixelated Fashion from Kate Spade


Kate Spade’s more affordable line, Saturday, announced a new print today. Although they call it “windowpane,” I see pixels. Pixels that can be colored in and customized however you may want. Sweet!

The line includes bags, scarves, pillows, shirts, jeans, and even shoes. What pattern or design would you create with it? I think I’d go for a giant 8-Bit heart, myself.

Saturday’s Windowpane collection ranges in price from $25-180. Available at

Great Wolf Lodge Groupon

Great Wolf

If you haven’t been to Great Wolf Lodge, you’re missing it. It’s an indoor water park that is 80 degrees all year round. It’s hotel rooms decorated like log cabins. It’s an adventure full of wands, wizards, and animatronic animals. Basically, it’s insanely cool. It’s perfect for families, but also great for a group of adults.

I love going with friends, and whenever a Groupon deal like this comes up, we grab it quickly. We fill a car full of board games and snacks, and enjoy a weekend full of fun at a water park and a night full of talking and gaming. Last time, we locked our phones in the safe so we could truly unplug and enjoy each other’s company.

Wanna do the same? In the Washington location, you can get a cabin that can squeeze up to 8 adults for a little over $250 (which turns out to be a little over $30 a person). It’s so worth it.

Have you been to Great Wolf before?

Impulse Buy: Geeky Cat Dress

cat head dress

I saw this dress show up in my email from this morning, and I bought it instantly. I already have a shirt that features a cat wearing glasses (which I lovingly call my “Internet Shirt,”) and this will make a lovely addition to my wardrobe for Spring/Summer. Now if we can just get a bit of sun in Seattle…

Cat Head Dress by Glamour Kills, $25 at