Recovering From an All-Nighter

space mountain two

Staying up all night could equal a very grumpy and sleepy Space Mountain ride.

A new game just came out. There’s a midnight screening of the next big blockbuster. You found your favorite series on Netflix. You got lost in a great book. There’s a convention in town. No matter what the reason, there are times we look over at the clock and realize it’s now 5am and we haven’t gone to bed. So what should you do to avoid looking and feeling like a zombie the next day? Here are some tips:

Go About Your Normal Routine
I’ve found that if I continue to do my normal routine (and do my best to dress nicely, put on makeup, all the normal stuff), then I can almost trick my body (and friends) into thinking it’s a normal day. If I just give up and put on sweats and no makeup, then my body’s convinced it’s a sick day, and all hope is lost.

Cover Up Those Dark Circles
Birchbox sent me Benefit’s Fakeup to review, and I absolutely love it. I have never found an under-eye circle concealer I actually liked  until I tried this one. Fakeup is a concealer and moisturizer that goes on like a balm. It stays around all day, doesn’t crease, wrinkle, or get gross, and it looks really natural. Plus, it keeps your skin hydrated. I’ll be using this product in an upcoming video I’m doing for OneUpMakeup, so keep an eye out.

The trick for under-eye concealer is to just put a bit on, and dab it in with your ring finger (instead of rubbing it in). Then incorporate it with the rest of your makeup (I stick a powder over it). Guys can use concealer too!

Need a bit of extra help? Add a bit of highlighter under your eyes to reflect light away from the dark circles, and then put on a bright lipstick to bring the focus on a different part of your face.

Drink Lots of Water
I don’t drink coffee, but after all-nighters, I’ve been tempted. The couple times I’ve had some, I’ve felt jittery, sick, and then just crashed harder after a couple hours. Water will keep you hydrated, healthy, and energized without crashing. If you normally are a coffee or caffeine drinker, just have the amount you normally would.

Eat Healthy Food
Same as above: Unhealthy and sugary food will just make you feel sick and crash. Make sure you’re eating a nice combination of protein, healthy carbs, and fruit/veggies.

Move Around
If you’re stuck at a computer all day, you may find yourself nodding off. Excuse yourself for a quick walk around the office, or just take your time heading to the water cooler and back. You may not feel like moving at all, but I swear it will wake you up!

Take a Quick Nap
If you’re able to, take a quick nap (20 minutes or less). It’ll recharge you a bit without making you groggy or upsetting your sleep schedule.

What tricks work best for you after an all-nighter? And what’s been keeping you up all night lately? 

Laser Cat Leggings

cat leggings
I intercepted a twitter conversation yesterday that included a picture of these leggings in the wild. I knew I needed them. The cats were hypnotizing me. Luckily, a quick Google search helped me find them online, and bonus: They’re only $16. Get your Laser Cat Leggings here!

My only question: What outfit (and occasion) is most fitting for such fancy legwear?

Ask Your Doctor About Tacos

Depressed that it’s still not quite Spring yet? Taxes are due in a week? Allow me to introduce you to tacos. Also, it’s Taco Tuesday (get it, because it’s an alliteration), so that’s more of an excuse than I normally need.

BRB, tacos.

(Don’t have time for a whole taco? Grab a new bag of Doritos Locos Tacos Doritos. Or something. It’s some sort of scary, delicious loop that I am ready to try.)

Sponsored Post: Supezas Custom Dresses

Supezas Dress Pic


Supezas reached out to me recently to let me know about their new Kickstarter campaign, and I’m genuinely excited about the products they’ll be offering. They’re launching a custom dress line made in India with eco-friendly silks. For a limited time and $100, you can get a silk dress made to order. That doesn’t happen every day.

The dresses are super cute and are as unique as you. I’m personally loving the bright blue and chevron print fabrics, and LOVE the lace keyhole back you can see on the blue dress above! I think these would be a fantastic and inexpensive bridesmaid dress option–let your ladies know what color/print they can get, and let them design the dress to fit their own body and style. Bonus: You’ll know you’re helping support the art of hand-weaving in India, and are supporting eco-friendly silk that’s collected without harming any silk moths.

Want a dress? Hurry! The $100 and $125 early bird pricing is going quickly, and the dresses will end up retailing for $175. And if you do get one, send me a pic once they arrive–I’d love to see the dress you designed!

Visit their campaign and get your dress at

This is a sponsored post, but all words and opinions are my own. 

Friday Favorites: April 5

Friday Faves April 5

Whew. Did this week fly by for anyone else? Here are the things that have been keeping my brain occupied for the past week!

Favorite Home Good: Cake Stands
I’ve been wanting a great cake stand or cake plate for a while. It makes the presentation better and if it has a lid, it keeps your baked good fresher longer as well! Unfortunately, my small kitchen means that items with only one use aren’t usually purchased. However, this cake plate can also be used as a platter and a salad bowl. Ridiculously cool and not too expensive!

Favorite Video: Job Hunters Table Read
We took footage from our table read of Episode 6 and spliced it with footage of the final product. Take a look at the changes made from script to scene, and see what it’s like to cold read something! You can see it here.

Favorite App: TicTrac
If you’re a stats nerd, you can finally get all of the stats about yourself and your life in one place. TicTrac syncs with pretty much every app/social media site you use and will compare the data against each other, creating awesome graphs and charts. Plus, you can create goals and tell it what to track to get you closer to that goal. Don’t have a goal in mind? “Shop” in their Project Store and get some pre-existing goals. Sign up for your account at

Favorite Treat: Leftover Easter Candy
I have to eat it all up so it’ll be gone and I can start eating healthy/exercising again. That’s how it works, right? Either way, I’ve been living off of jellybeans and mini chocolate eggs. I’m ok with this.

Favorite Kickstarter: Job Hunters
Ok, you all knew it was coming. We’re down to a little over a day left. We still need your help. Please, consider donating even a few dollars, and tell your friends. We really want to do a second season, and are SO close to making it happen. Donate at



Job Hunters Live Show!

JH Live Show

This Saturday from 12pm-6pm PDT, I’ll be live online. Yes, for 6 hours straight. The Job Hunters producers will be counting down the final hours of our Kickstarter campaign with our traditional live show. Basically, we’ll do goofy and embarrassing things in exchange for your donations. Last year included nicknames, eating disgusting things, a sing-along, and a giant jump into a pool among other things. Who knows what this year has in store for us?

Our tentative schedule so far:

12:00 – Intro/Welcome/Q&A
1:00 – Dating Game with Job Hunters characters
2:00 – Play-through of Job Hunters Showdown!
3:00 – Job Hunters Interactive Mafia!
4:00 – Gaming Hour – there will be some surprises here!
5:00 – Final Hour Ramp Up/Excitement/Dares
6:00 – FINISHED!

I’ll update this post with the link when I have it, but in the meantime you can RSVP on Facebook to be one of the first to get the link. Stop in, stay awhile, and see why Job Hunters is so important to me!

Still haven’t watched Job Hunters? See the full season (in under an hour!) here.

Haven’t donated yet? There’s still time! Visit our Kickstarter. We’ve got some awesome incentives including a Job Hunters RPG and a Job Hunters card game!

Please share news of the Live Show and the Kickstarter in your social circles–it would mean so much to me!

Jump From Paper


I’ve been a fan of Jump From Paper for a while, and was thrilled when they sent me a purse so I could see it in person! These trippy bags look 2D, but are actual real-live purses that can hold (mostly flat) things. The First Date bag would be best for holding an iPad, ID, money, and some small essentials. I can’t wait to use mine at cons and fun nights out–it’s sure to be an ice breaker!

Jump From Paper Collage

You can get your own bag at They have some great selections that work for men and women, including a laptop sleeve and a larger bag they refer to as “Tank.” Now you’re one step closer to becoming a cartoon!

Classic Greek-style Superheroes

Screen shot 2013-03-20 at 6.35.28 PM

As a fan of classic mythology and comics, I was pretty psyched to see Harshness‘s new designs on Etsy. These would be perfect in a library, study, or home office–they look classy and then you notice the “geekness” of them once you look at them a bit harder. So fun!

Screen shot 2013-03-20 at 6.35.10 PM

The posters are $19 each on Etsy. Or like Harshness on Facebook to buy one poster, get one free! And while you’re there, check out the rest of the prints in the store. They’re all amazing.

PSA: Ryan Gosling in Are You Afraid of the Dark

I was introducing Mr. Geek to Are You Afraid of the Dark last night, and the random episode we picked happened to have a young Ryan Gosling in it. Crazy! You’ll recognize him instantly. Just thought everyone should know. And Gilbert Gottfried. Sorry about that.

(You can see part two here and part three here. Or see the full episode in a non-embeddable version here.)

Also, the music still gets me. I swear, once the swing starts swinging on its own, I’m scared!

Were you an Are You Afraid of the Dark fan? Or more of a Goosebumps lover?