Job Hunters Live Show!

JH Live Show

This Saturday from 12pm-6pm PDT, I’ll be live online. Yes, for 6 hours straight. The Job Hunters producers will be counting down the final hours of our Kickstarter campaign with our traditional live show. Basically, we’ll do goofy and embarrassing things in exchange for your donations. Last year included nicknames, eating disgusting things, a sing-along, and a giant jump into a pool among other things. Who knows what this year has in store for us?

Our tentative schedule so far:

12:00 – Intro/Welcome/Q&A
1:00 – Dating Game with Job Hunters characters
2:00 – Play-through of Job Hunters Showdown!
3:00 – Job Hunters Interactive Mafia!
4:00 – Gaming Hour – there will be some surprises here!
5:00 – Final Hour Ramp Up/Excitement/Dares
6:00 – FINISHED!

I’ll update this post with the link when I have it, but in the meantime you can RSVP on Facebook to be one of the first to get the link. Stop in, stay awhile, and see why Job Hunters is so important to me!

Still haven’t watched Job Hunters? See the full season (in under an hour!) here.

Haven’t donated yet? There’s still time! Visit our Kickstarter. We’ve got some awesome incentives including a Job Hunters RPG and a Job Hunters card game!

Please share news of the Live Show and the Kickstarter in your social circles–it would mean so much to me!

Jump From Paper


I’ve been a fan of Jump From Paper for a while, and was thrilled when they sent me a purse so I could see it in person! These trippy bags look 2D, but are actual real-live purses that can hold (mostly flat) things. The First Date bag would be best for holding an iPad, ID, money, and some small essentials. I can’t wait to use mine at cons and fun nights out–it’s sure to be an ice breaker!

Jump From Paper Collage

You can get your own bag at They have some great selections that work for men and women, including a laptop sleeve and a larger bag they refer to as “Tank.” Now you’re one step closer to becoming a cartoon!

Classic Greek-style Superheroes

Screen shot 2013-03-20 at 6.35.28 PM

As a fan of classic mythology and comics, I was pretty psyched to see Harshness‘s new designs on Etsy. These would be perfect in a library, study, or home office–they look classy and then you notice the “geekness” of them once you look at them a bit harder. So fun!

Screen shot 2013-03-20 at 6.35.10 PM

The posters are $19 each on Etsy. Or like Harshness on Facebook to buy one poster, get one free! And while you’re there, check out the rest of the prints in the store. They’re all amazing.

PSA: Ryan Gosling in Are You Afraid of the Dark

I was introducing Mr. Geek to Are You Afraid of the Dark last night, and the random episode we picked happened to have a young Ryan Gosling in it. Crazy! You’ll recognize him instantly. Just thought everyone should know. And Gilbert Gottfried. Sorry about that.

(You can see part two here and part three here. Or see the full episode in a non-embeddable version here.)

Also, the music still gets me. I swear, once the swing starts swinging on its own, I’m scared!

Were you an Are You Afraid of the Dark fan? Or more of a Goosebumps lover?

Litographs: Wear a Book

Sherlock Photo 1

Litographs are about to be all over your walls and body. Seriously.

If you love reading and want to share that love with the world in a cool way, you need these. They create prints and shirts that feature the text of an entire book, displayed in a silhouette that hints as to which book it is.

Sherlock Photo 2

They offered to let me try out a couple designs, and I jumped at the chance to get this sweet Sherlock shirt. It’s now one of my faves! It’s comfy and unique–I haven’t seen any other shirts that have been printed all over like this before. Plus, the guy who gets stuck behind me on a bus will be entertained for hours. ;-)

I also got the print of The Odyssey for my Greece-themed bathroom. It’s really neat looking, but HUGE, and the light blue is a bit hard to read. I’d recommend getting the colored prints if you’re going for more aesthetic appeal, and black ink if you want people to actually be able to read it. A lot of these books are LONG and the print will be very tiny.

Litographs introduces new books into their store every week, so if they don’t have our fave yet, just wait!

Basically, Litographs is the best gift you can get a book lover. Are you the literary type? Then it’s elementary, Dear Watson. Treat yourself.

Novel Prints, $24-39 each. T-shirts, $34 each. Check them out for yourself at

Job Hunters Card Game

JH Card Game


I’m so psyched to announce that my web series Job Hunters has teamed up with Wyrd Miniatures to make Job Hunters Showdown–a card game that you can currently only get by donating to our Kickstarter.

The game allows you to battle a character of your choice with another character, and will be available in a variety of themes and brands once it’s released fully later this summer. When you’re not in the mood to play the game as it’s written, you can also use the cards as a standard card deck, so you can still play Poker, Solitaire, Go Fish… whatever floats your boat.

You can get the cards by donating to the $39 “Showdown” incentive level or as an add-on to your current incentive by increasing your pledge by $30. Check it out at!

(Only a couple more days to donate if you haven’t already! We’ll be doing a live show on Saturday counting down the final few hours–more info to come. And then I promise I’ll stop bugging you!)

ThinkGeek’s April Fool’s Products

Every year, ThinkGeek creates a list of some new “April Fool’s Day” products on what Mr. Geek and I lovingly refer to as “the pre-order page.”  You see, they have a tradition of picking one or two products after April 1st and turning them into actual products. You can pick the ones that you like best and get notified by email if/when they become real by clicking “Buy Now” and then scrolling down the page a bit. You can see all of the new products on the homepage, but my top three are below:



This Death Star Trench Toss is just a gussied up cornhole set, but it looks ridiculously cool. Perfect for barbecues and tailgating those new Star Wars movies! The price is a little steep though. At $124.99, it better be huge.

This can very easily be made into a real product, and I’m positive they’ll announce it soon.


Bane Mask Walkie Talkies? Why not? You won’t be able to understand each other, but they’ll still provide hours of fun. Not too sure if this would be practical as a real product, but the image of the little boy using the walkies on the product page is good enough for me.



3D printers are all the rage, so it would make sense that Play-Doh would get in on it. I just don’t think technology’s quite advanced enough yet, as much as I’d like. Since this product would need to be created by Play-Doh, not by ThinkGeek, I doubt this one will see the light of day. But it never hurts to wish!

What were some of your fave April Fool’s announcements/pranks today?


Happy Cat Day!

Cat Party Collage

When I was growing up, April 1st was more than that day where I avoid everyone and everything, it was also our pets’ birthdays. If you don’t know when your pet’s birthday is and you want to do something special once a year for them, April 1st is just an easy day to remember. And the folks at have the most perfect party kit for the cat (or human!) in your life.

Glamour Cats” is an entirely real party kit that allows you to personalize your party supplies with your face or someone you love/want to embarrass. Unfortunately, you can’t use photos that don’t belong to you, which is why my face is on the plate instead of Ryan Gosling’s. You can also create a custom message to go on the plates and centerpiece–I chose “I can has cake.” The Essential Party Pack will get you plenty of party accessories with adorable kittens on them, and then you can add whichever personalized items you want to that initial order.

This party kit was most likely created with little girl birthday parties in mind, but I’m personally thinking outside of the box. Mid-week cheeseburger party? Bosses Day? Surprise Birthday party for your frenemy that hates cats? The options are endless! Plus, when was the last time you threw a party with a tablecloth, balloons, and streamers?

Anyway, I know it’s April Fool’s Day, and I know some of you are thinking “this is an adorable but ridiculous idea. I don’t believe it.” Well, believe it. It’s real and also the best. You can get all your Glamour Cats needs for your Glamour Cats-themed birthdays at You’re welcome. provided me with the party accessories seen in the photos in exchange for a review. The post and opinion are entirely mine. As is the photo on the plate/centerpiece. And the cupcake. It’s delicious. 

Friday Favorites: March 29

Friday Faves 3-28

It’s Friday! Here’s the roundup of favorites from this past week!

Favorite Tech Product: TARDIS Laptop Case
I posted about the Doctor Who Home Goods earlier this week, but what I want most is this TARDIS laptop case. It’s perhaps the only thing that can be bigger on the inside, since it’s carrying the entire internet!

Favorite Web Comic: Broodhollow
I’ve been loving Broodhollow for a while, and encourage you all to read it if you haven’t already. I picked up the Society of the Skull and Shovels pin at PAX East and was the moron that wore it upside down because I thought it was supposed to be right-side up. Don’t be like me.

Favorite Treat: Cool Ranch Dorito Locos Tacos
I had a lovely time at the Cool Ranch Dorito “Ranch for the Stars” Taco Meetup at PAX East, and I hear rumor that the gathering of people and eating Taco Bell will become a new PAX tradition. Watch for it. Anyway, I didn’t think I’d love Cool Ranch Doritos because I don’t like Ranch, but I found out that they’re less “ranch-y” than I expected. They’re fairly subtle. I mean, as far as tacos made out a Dorito can be. Not bad!

Favorite Activity: Sleep
Can I just put “sleep” down? Cause it’s amazing. Especially coming off of a con, a trip, and a subsequent sickness. I’d recommend it to anyone.

Favorite Piece of Jewelry: Raw Crystal Pendant
I just got this necklace in the mail from JewelMint, and I can’t wait to wear it. I’ve been looking for a nice chunky rock pendant for a while, and I’ve always loved JewelMint for their long pendant necklaces. It was meant to be when they came out with the Raw Crystal Pendant Necklace!

Game of Thrones Party

GoT Party Collage

Game of Thrones comes back on Sunday…are you prepared?  If you haven’t planned a viewing party yet, it’s not too late! Here are some tips on how to throw a quick and killer party to accompany the premiere of season three:

  • Visit your grocery store and pick up some nice breads, cheeses, salami, olives, and figs to put together a great plate of snacks. The more rustic looking, the better! You’ll eat as the characters do and the foods will perfectly complement a nice beer or wine. If you have the time and are feeling adventurous, you can make your own bread and salami with recipes from The Unofficial Game of Thrones Cookbook!
  • Speaking of beer and wine, make sure you pick up Ommegang brewery’s Iron Throne Blonde Ale, the official Game of Thrones beer. The ale is limited edition, so pick up a few if you find it! I found my bottle at Cost Plus World Market.
  • House pint glasses, shot glasses, and coasters will be an excellent piece of decor or party favor! You can find all of the house sigils and more Game of Throne goodies from Things From Another World.
  • Remember the Game of Thrones Arms Creator I posted about yesterday? Set up a station where your friends can create their own arms and print it out. Hang them up with clothespins during the party, and let them take it home with them as a souvenir after the event’s over.

What will you be doing for the premiere?