Get GeekFit!


I was Googling “GeekFit” the other day (you know, as you do), and came across a gym called “GeekFit” based in Redmond, conveniently near the Microsoft campus. Naturally, I had to try it.

GeekFit, as they put it, is:

a personal training studio that specializes in efficient exercise. Our workout engages every muscle fiber in as many muscles as possible and does so in the safest way. There’s no impact, no fast motions, and no free weights to drop.

Designed with the latest fitness research, our approach is highly effective for men and women of all ages. With just one 30 minute session a week our workout is proven to improve your aerobic capacity, endurance, and strength in just a fraction of the time of conventional programs.

So basically, it’s weight training that you do once a week for around a half hour. They work with you one-on-one and help you succeed on a personal scale.


I’ve never done weight training before, but I actually had a pretty good time. Yes, it hurt, but it was a glorious burn. I left shaking, and could feel it for the next couple days. Pretty impressive for less than half an hour of slowly using weight machines for 90 seconds at a time!

If you only have time to exercise once a week, this is the way to do it. And they’re so awesome, they’re going to give away a session for free to one of you! Just leave a comment with your workout goals (do you want to lose weight? Get stronger? Be able to run a marathon? Fit into that cosplay you’re working on?) and I’ll randomly pick a winner next Wednesday!

Not able to get to Redmond, WA? You can strength train on your own with some machines at your local gym. Just take my trainer, Aaron’s advice: Lift slow, lift heavy, lift hard.

Check out GeekFit at!

EDIT: And our winner is #3, Joe! Congrats Joe!

Elegant Star Jewelry by Assya


I’ve always loved stars, especially on jewelry. Nothing else can show a love for space and a metaphor for being important while reminding you of the largeness of the world. Plus, as a kid, I always wanted to become “a star” in the performing sense.


This star jewelry, designed by Assya and available at, is 18k gold, classy, and fun. It can be dressed up or down, and is delicate enough to wear with almost anything. For those of you thinking ahead, this would make a fantastic Valentine’s Day gift for the star in  your life. Or just buy it for yourself. I won’t tell.

ASSAYA-earrings-1 (1)

Star necklace, bracelet, and earrings, £98-175 at


My Dad’s Headed to the Congo!


A while back, I mentioned that my parents won a contest by Scottevest to take the “trips of their lives.” They went to Italy for the honeymoon they never had, and today my Dad’s off to the second part: The Congo, where he’ll be exploring and taking photos of mines, orphanages, gorillas, and the landscape. It’s exciting and scary, and I’m just hoping he gets back in one piece. If you have some time to put some happy thoughts out there for him, please do!

Want to follow along on his journey? You can find him on Facebook and Twitter. He also has a blog at

What would be the trip of your life?


Make a Big Mac at Home

I’m in the middle of Barre3′s “28 to Great” challenge and even though I feel amazing and enjoy the food I’m making, I’ve found myself giving longing looks to McDonald’s and other fast food restaurants as I drive by.

If like me, you’re trying to eat whole foods and make most of your meals at home, here’s a nice video from McDonald’s on how to make a Big Mac. Now if I just replace the buns, sauce, cheese and one of the patties with veggies, I may actually get to eat this!

Breakfast more your thing? Here’s a video on how to make their Egg McMuffin.

Geeky Baby Gear


One of my friends is expecting her first child and posted a link to this Etsy shop on Facebook. I’m in love. Seriously, I need to be invited to more baby showers so I have an excuse to buy these things without asking if they “make them in an adult size.” (It’s embarrassing.)

Geek-a-bye Baby includes geeky bibs, hats, blankets, changing pads, full costumes, nursery art and more–basically anything you would need except for the baby itself. The prices are all really reasonable for handmade gear, and would make fantastic gifts. Check them out!

Have a kid? What’s the geekiest thing they had as a baby?

A Watch for Your Smart Phone


We all know it’s not always appropriate to have our smartphone out. You may be in an important meeting, at a play, on a date, or with family. However, you may also be waiting for an important call or need to be reminded of an upcoming meeting. There’s a watch for that.

Cookoo is a cute watch that connects to your smartphone and shows icons based on your activity. Just by casually glancing at the watch, you can be informed of calls, meetings, tweets, email and more.

I haven’t worn a watch since I’ve had a smartphone, but this may change my ways.

Cookoo Connected Watch, $129.95 at

Giant ThinkGeek Sale!

I know you’ve been looking for an excuse to grab some new stuff from ThinkGeek, so allow me to be the one to tell you: “Treat Yo Self.” They’re having a huge sale with items up to 75% off. It would be wrong not to place an order, right? (Right?)

Here are some of my fave sale items:

Aperture Logo (1940s) Babydoll
Prove you were doing science with Aperture before it was cool. $12.99, regularly $21.99.

AT-AT Plush Utility Bag
Go to the gym in style. $21.99, regularly $39.99.

Battlestar Galactica Coaster Set
These are currently sitting on my coffee table, and they look AMAZING. You need them. $24.99, regularly $39.99.

Ladies of Battlestar Galactica Poster Set
Show everyone your love for the ladies with these beautiful prints. $17.49, regularly $34.99.

Offline Mode Pajama Top
Let everyone know you’re not touching your phone or computer. Unless something really tweet-worthy happens, of course. $12.99, regularly $20.99.

Star Wars Lightsaber Candlestick
Makes the best date night ambience! $19.99, regularly $24.99.

Welcome In Binary Floor/Door Mat
Cute and geeky way to welcome everyone into your home! $34.99, regularly $49.99.

See these items and more at!

Leave Your Mark – Thermochromic Furniture



After a night of tabletop games, do you still want to feel your friends’ presence? Grab this thermochromic furniture. It’s painted black with a special type of paint that responds to heat to show the original color of the wood underneath. It’s cool, but I don’t know if I’d personally want that as my everyday table. Sometimes people don’t need to know that I had my elbows on the table, or what size print my friends and I leave behind.

What are your thoughts on the table: yay or nay?

Thermochromic table, price available upon request at

Fund the My Drunk Kitchen Tour!

Hannah Hart of My Drunk Kitchen fame has an IndieGoGo campaign going to fund a trip across the US. She’ll visit people, through parties, and take My Drunk Kitchen on the road. The campaign started yesterday, and raised more than $90,000 by the end of the first day. (Her goal was only $50,000.) The more money she raises, the bigger and better her tour will be! Everyone that donates receives a vote on which cities she should go to.

Your mission: Donate. Have her visit Seattle. Tell the world that you want her to do an episode of My Drunk Kitchen with me. Because seriously, who doesn’t want to see a My Drunk Kitchen/Geeky Hostess mashup? It would be GLORIOUS.

If you haven’t seen My Drunk Kitchen before, check it out asap. You’ll thank me.

Smart and Fashionable: Book Scarf


It’s winter, and all I want is to cozy up with a scarf, some tea, and a good book. These scarves by storiarts are the perfect thing. They’re classy, stylish, and functional: each scarf features a page from an actual book, making them great to have on hand while you’re waiting for the bus or bored at work.

The books featured on the scarves change often, so keep checking back for your favorite!

Book Scarves, $42 at