Awesome Geeky/Hipster/Funny Tees


I’m a sucker for a good witty t-shirt. Today I came across Skreened, and I’m thisclose to dropping a big chunk of change on a new shirt wardrobe. They’re a bit pricey, but the shirts are just awesome. Between making the image above, I already found three other shirts I love as well. So the ultimate question is: Which one should I get?

Check out all the shirts at

Friday Favorites: March 15

Friday Faves March 15

Here are my favorite things from this past week! Missed the first “Friday Favorites” post? Check it out here.

Favorite Beauty Product: Full n’ Soft Mascara
I’ve tried a lot of mascaras, but I keep coming back to this one. It makes my lashes all pretty-like but without feeling sticky, clumpy, or brittle. It looks and feels like I just have awesome natural lashes. Fellow OneUpMakeuper Meagan also swears by it. Plus, it’s only $5.99 on Amazon!

Favorite Video(s): “Most Cans Opened in 3 Seconds” and “After Ever After
I can’t choose. Don’t make me choose. These videos are both very different, and I love them both. “Most Cans Opened” is only a few seconds long. “After Ever After” combines catchy songs with  my love of Disney and parodies. Check them both out!

Favorite Kickstarter: Machine of Death
Machine of Death is a card game based on a book written by your favorite web comic artists and writers. So just donate. :-) They’ve surpassed so many stretch goals that everyone ends up getting WAY more than their initial incentive level. I donated and I can’t wait to get the game!

(And of course, the Job Hunters Kickstarter is still going on. If you’re able to donate or help spread the word, I’d be so grateful!)

Favorite Treat: Kukuruza Hawaiian Salted Caramel Popcorn
My mom loves salted caramel, so I stopped by Kukuruza last week to grab her some (and though I might as well try some myself). Holy cow. If you like caramel popcorn and also salted popcorn, then you will LOVE this. Bonus: The girl who helped me complimented my D&D shirt and then we chatted about this Doubleclicks song and PAX. So Kukuruza just has good taste all around. You can buy them online here or at their store near Pike Place Market.

Favorite Workout: Barre3
Contrary to what my “favorite treats” my be telling you, I am trying to lead a more healthy lifestyle, and one of my favorite ways to do that is by doing Barre3. I used to go into their classes, but then they started an online collection of classes that you can subscribe to for $15 a month (the price of one in-person class). Their classes are meant to be taken by really busy people–you have you choice between 10, 30, 40, and 60 minute videos that leave you feeling stretched out, refreshed and not too sweaty (but you’ll be waking up sore the next day!). They’re a mix of barre exercises, pilates, and yoga, and I absolutely love them. It’s the only exercise I’ve ever looked forward to doing. You can check out a sample 10 minute class here and find out more at

What are some of your favorite things from this past week?

Show Off Your Nerd Cred

Decorated Nerd

You’ve watched the shows, played the games, and fixed your parents’ computer. Now sure the world that you’ve earned the title “Geek.” (Or “Nerd” or whatever your label of choice may be.) This shirt (by fellow geek site Nerd Approved) is super fun and would make a fantastic addition to your con-wardrobe. The only downside? It doesn’t come in women’s sizes. But maybe getting a unisex size will add to the military feel of the design. Either way, it’s worth checking out!


Decorated Nerd shirt, $18.95 at Use code “buytees15″ to get 15% off your order!


It’s Pi Day!


I have some sort of amalgamation of “Friday” but with lyrics about pie stuck in my head. “It’s Pi(e) Day, Pi(e) Day, everyone eat pie on Pi(e) Day, looking forward to the pecan, pecan….”


Anyway, it’s Pi Day! The day where we get to celebrate math and use language tricks to also celebrate a pastry! Yay Pi(e)!

Want to celebrate?  Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Challenge your friends to impromptu recitations of Pi. Whoever has the most amount of digits memorized gets a pie of their choice!
  • Hold a Pie cooking and/or eating competition.
  • Make a pie and include Pi-themed cutouts or decorations on top. Check out my dad’s “famous” recipe here!
  • Stretch your mind a bit by filling out a pie-themed logic problem.
  • Check out nerdier Pi Day/Friday parodies.
  • Eat a Pizza Pie for lunch! That’s what I’ll be doing.

What do you do to celebrate Pi Day?


Adorable Music Video: “Geeky Love”

Proposal Day is coming up in a week (no, seriously, there is an official “Proposal Day” and it falls on March 20th) and this music video will get any geek in the mood for love and popping the question.


Mr. Geek proposed to me during an improv performance (we met in that improv troupe) at Relay for Life (where we first officially started dating) on our 5 year anniversary. It was absolutely perfect for us! Are you engaged/married? What was your proposal like? Still single? What’s your dream proposal? (And if you plan on popping the question soon and don’t know how you should do it, email me! I love to help with that sort of thing!)

A Robotic Bar You Can Actually Purchase


With Bartendro, you can order drinks from your iPhone and have them made in 10 seconds in front of you. By a robot. This is the future, you guys.

The creators of Bartendro are currently running a Kickstarter for their items, and for a donation of $99 or more, you can start getting the supplies to make your very own open-source bartending-bots.

Once you donate, invite me over and we’ll give the bot a try.

Get your own Bartendro at


Minimalist Star Wars Prints

star wars prints

Daniel Price of DEPdesigns sent me a wonderful email recently: He wanted to know if he could send me his new R2-D2 and C-3PO prints to review. Umm, heck yes. I showed them to Mr. Geek and he went “What? YES!” Basically, these prints are inspiring us to re-do our wall of geek art. Pictures to come. But in the meantime, take a look at these pieces. To me, they’re more than just representations of characters, it’s a way to say “We’re BFFs” to a friend or show that you and your roommate go perfectly well together. And the 11 x 17 size means they’re perfect to frame and put up next to each other on a wall.

You can get the prints from the DEPdesigns Etsy shop for $26 for the set. And while you’re there, look around a bit. I’m loving his Ryan Gosling and Wonder Woman prints as well! And the Aladdin print. And the Dexter ones. Oh, and the Black Widow…


Geeky Art by Mikeatron


I usually pick up some new artwork from Emerald City Comicon, and this year, the new art choice was a no-brainer: This Gelatinous Cube print from Mikeatron. I mean, how can you not?

I’m also in love with his Zelda print and his print titled “Still Life with Unicorn.”

He’s currently revamping his site, but you can see more from his Tumblr, or chat with him on Twitter. And hopefully we’ll be seeing him around at more cons!

Giveaway: TARDIS Robe!


Whew! I don’t know about you, but I’m still a bit tired from the time traveling we did over the weekend. If one hour wears me out, I can’t believe what a trip in the TARDIS would do to me! Talk about jet lag. All I want to do is cozy up in a nice, giant robe. And maybe drink some tea. And watch some Doctor Who. wants to get you cozy and warm by giving away a sweet TARDIS robe. And, being Whovians themselves, they want to make sure you’re dressed in style by the time the new season of Doctor Who comes back on March 30th! What are you waiting for, enter below!

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