ECCC Wrap-Up

ECCC Collage


Whew! First con of 2013 down! I had the pleasure of being on panels, got to explore the con floor, chat with lots of folks, and hit up a small concert and a party. I had a great time.

Thank you to everyone who attended panels or said “Hi” over the weekend–it was great meeting you! Be on the lookout for some ECCC-based posts over the next couple days! But now, I rest. And catch up on email.

It’s Emerald City Comicon!

Just a reminder that I’m out and about at Emerald City Comicon starting today! If you’re there, find me and say “Hi!” If you can’t make it, just follow along with my adventures on Twitter.

Here’s a reminder of the panels I’ll  be at. You can see the full listings here.


6pm: I can be a Geek and Feminine:  Room 2AB

8pm: Job Hunters: Room 3AB


11am: How To Talk to Geek Girls (And Other Supposed Mythical Creatures):  Room 2AB

3pm: OneUpMakeup: Makeup For Geeks: Room 401

In town for the con?  You may be interested in some of my other posts:

Have a great weekend everyone!

Her Universe’s “Year of the Fangirl”

Her Universe has pledged to make  this the “Year of the Fangirl” by profiling a different girl on their blog every day for a full year. Awesome, right?

Even better: You can nominate yourself or a fangirl you know. Fill out the form at this link to submit, and visit the blog to see all of the awesomely geeky ladies! Let’s show the geek world that there are plenty of amazing fangirls out there!


Geek Beauty: Jasmine Makeup at Sephora

Jasmine Makeup

You may have remembered my obsession over Sephora’s newest Disney makeup collection back in October when they released Cinderella’s set. Well, it was a good day when I saw a new set has come out–this time featuring Jasmine and the colors of the movie “Aladdin.” The palette’s colors are perfect for a sultry, summery look, and come with a blush and bronzer as well as 15 eyeshadows.  The best thing about these palettes are the fact that the colors can be so versatile. You can stick with just blues or just nudes if you don’t want to go so warm, or play up the heat with some of the browns and pinks.

I fell in love with the Cinderella palette and use it often. I see myself grabbing all of the princess collections as they come out. (And I still can’t wait to see what they do for Belle!)

The Jasmine Collection also includes an eyeliner kit, nail polish, perfumed body shimmer, a mirror and more, all sold individually at Prices range from $19-58.

Titanium Escape Ring

escape ring

Feel a bit like Bond wherever you go with the Titanium Escape Ring. This ring has a hidden saw/shim pick tool inside of it that will allow you to open handcuffs and cut through zip-ties, duct tape, rope, or whatever else you may currently be tied up in.

Think of this ring as a nice way to say “I want to marry you, but will still allow you some freedom.” Or just buy it for yourself if you often find yourself in a bind.

Titanium Escape Ring, $69 at

Social Media In Real Life


Well, that about sums it up.

In other social media news, Geeky Hostess finally has a Google+ page. I’m still playing around with Google+ and all it has to offer. If you have any suggestions on how I should use it, let me know!  (I promise to keep the burger talk to a minimum. Can’t say the same thing about cupcakes, though.)

Tara’s at Emerald City Comicon!


I’m thrilled to be on four panels at Emerald City Comicon this upcoming weekend. If you’re in Seattle, make sure you get yourself over there! Can’t make the panels? I’ll be wandering about the show the rest of the time, so keep an eye out for me!


I can be a Geek and Feminine: 6pm in Room 2AB

Do you love Star Wars AND the color pink? Spend equal amounts of time shopping for clothes AND comics? There’s no shame in being geeky and feminine! Join panelists Bonnie Burton(author of The Star Wars Craft Book), Kristina Horner (YouTube vlogger “italktosnakes”),Molly McIsaac (geek fashion blogger and cosplayer), and Tara Theoharis (geek lifestyle blogger at as they celebrate the people and things that make being geeky and feminine fantastic! Men and women are welcome to participate in this lively discussion on what it means to be a geeky woman in the 21st Century.
I’m so psyched for this panel! Come be a part of a great discussion on being geek and feminine and learn about some awesome geeky women!

Job Hunters: 8pm in Room 3AB

Join the creators of Job Hunters, (Forest Gibson, Liz Leo, Kristina Horner, Tara Theoharis), the Seattle-based dystopian web series for a screening and Q&A. There may even be some surprises… (check us out at!)
We have a special announcement–make sure you’re at the panel to be the first to hear it!


How To Talk to Geek Girls (And Other Supposed Mythical Creatures): 11am in Room 2AB

You see the cute geek girl at the comic shop… but you have no idea what to say to her! Let us help you with “How To Talk To Girls”, the panel that is equal parts comedy and social commentary that’s been sprinkled with a bit of dating advice and served from a feminine point of view. (But don’t let that scare you. It’s really not that frightening!) Come for the laughs… but be forewarned. You just may learn something! Presented by Molly McIsaac, Gail Simone, John Roderick, Sarah Kuhn and Forest Gibson.
I’ll be moderating this panel. The panelists are amazing and hilarious, come be entertained!

OneUpMakeup: Makeup For Geeks: 3pm in Room 401

The ladies of OneUpMakeup (Kristina Horner, Liz Leo, Mallory Shoemaker, Meagan Karimi-Naser, Molly McIsaac and Tara Theoharis) create makeup looks inspired by their nerdy passions and favorite fandoms. Join them as they talk makeup, answer your questions, and do some live demos. Whether you just wear makeup when cosplaying or rock it everyday, we’ve got a look for you! See more in the meantime at!
We’ve got a demo and some raffle prizes planned. Make sure you get  to the panel in time to get a raffle ticket!

Will you be at Emerald City Comicon? What panels/celebs are you excited to see?