Comic Book Accessories by Bexx Fine

Bexx Fine

I had the pleasure of meeting Bexx Fine at PAX East (I mean, how can you not go up to someone who’s rocking TMNT heels?), and realized that I had seen her before at SDCC. Wherever this girl goes, you notice her! She’s always decked out in her own creations, fantastic accessories made from comic books. Lucky for us, she also sells them online. I’m currently in love with her Iron Man Wristlet and her Spider-man Bow Tie. Check out her entire story on Etsy or visit to learn a bit more about her and see some of her past creations!

Now for the big question: Which comic/fandom would you want on a pair of heels? I’m still in love with her TMNT ones…

Doctor Who Home Goods

Doctor Who is coming back on Saturday, so clearly the return is the perfect excuse to re-do your kitchen. (Or am I the only one to think that way?)

Here are some of my fave pieces from the BBC Who Home Collection:

dalek teapot

Teapot Dalek Orange: It may not say “WOULD YOU CARE FOR SOME TEEEEEAAA?” but it is one step closer to me getting a Dalek teapot…

doctor who espresso cups and saucers

Espresso cups and Saucers, Set of 4: I’m surprised the BBC called these “Espresso cups” instead of tea cups. They must know they’re catering to us folks in the states. I love the bright colors and modern look of this set.

dalek oven glove


Dalek Oven Glove: The Dalek’s already part egg beater, so it makes sense that they would be at home in the kitchen.

cyberman apron


Cyberman Apron: Become a Cyberman in this awesome apron that would work for any member of your home!

tardis monster tea towelsTeatowels, TARDIS and Multimonster Double Pack: These teatowels would compliment most kitchens nicely and throw in just the perfect amount of geekiness.

You can find all of these and more at the BBC Doctor Who Home store.

Other Awesome Geek Lifestyle Bloggers


At PAX East, I had the pleasure of running into a bunch of great geek lifestyle bloggers–some I knew of, some I just learned about this weekend. Take a look at the list of awesome people I met, and make sure you start including them in your daily reading!

  • PwnLove: This gamer fashion blog will keep you up to date on all of the latest gaming clothing lines, as well as what the blogger is wearing. I may have a special post planned with her for a later date!
  • Console to Closet: Another gamer fashion blog, this one focuses on wearable outfits inspired by your favorite video gamers. They’re subtle and fashionable to be worn anywhere–only you and the biggest gamers will know what you’re really wearing!
  • The Drunken Moogle: Looking for a cocktail based on your favorite game? Look no further. The Drunken Moogle is one of my fave blogs, and I was psyched to meet the creator in person!
  • GamerWife: The creator of the GamerWife blog gets extra points for making me look good in front of my brother when she recognized me on the floor at PAX. Her blog includes video game reviews, recipes, adorable animal pics, and more!

What are some of your favorite geek lifestyle bloggers?


Friday Favorites: March 22

Fri Faves March 22

It’s time for some more Friday Favorites! These are things I’ve personally been loving this week. Check it out and let me know in the comments what your favorites of the week have been!

Graphic Novel: Husbands
You may have seen the web series. You may have read the individual issues. Now you can get the trade, starting on March 27th. I took a peek at it, and laughed out loud multiple times in the first few pages alone. The writing is snappy, the art is fun, and I may like it even more than the web series it’s based off of! Plus, Neil Gamin wrote the intro. Because it’s that awesome. You can pre-order it here.

Kickstarter: Job Hunters
Another day, another mention of Job Hunters. We did the math, and if all of our existing subscribers donated $3 to the campaign, we’d be well over our goal. Help us out, even with a few dollars, right here! And if you have donated, we’ve got awesome “Tiny Marshmallow” badges for you!

Treat: Banana Bread
In an effort to let less food go to waste, I made some impromptu banana bread this week with some browning bananas and some household staples. Bonus: I used the same recipe that I used at 4am during Extra Life! You can find the recipe here.

Airline: Virgin America
I’m lucky enough to get to fly to and from Boston on Virgin, my favorite airlines. You just feel cooler riding in their planes. Plus, they’s relatively inexpensive, I’ve never had delays on their flights, their food is healthy, tasty, and sometimes cheaper than in the airport, and their entertainment options keep me happy even if I’m in the middle seat. I’ve never had a bad experience with them. And I’ve now officially jinxed myself for the ride back home. Consider Virgin America for your next trip!

Tara’s at PAX East!


I’ve made the trek over to snowy Boston where I’ll be visiting with my brother and checking out the newest in gaming at PAX East! At PAX? You can find me at the following events:

Blending Games and Life Panel – Saturday, 10:30am

PAX After Hours with Scott and Kris – Saturday, 9:00pm

Improv Initiative 2 (I’m performing!) – Sunday, 12:00pm

I’m also running the @PAXParties twitter handle, so you’ll most likely see me out and about at the events happening in the evening.

If you happen to be at PAX East and see me roaming around the show floor on Sunday, make sure you come up and say “Hi!” I’ll have my brother in tow and I want him to think I’m cool. :-)

Not at PAX East? I’ll be attempting to update Twitter as often as the convention center will allow!

I hope to see some of you there!

Geek Girl Pen Pals


One problem I have as a modern day geek is that I’ve amassed a fantastic collection of stationary and cards, yet I have no one to send them to. The only times I’ve sent mail in the last few years has been for annual holiday cards and wedding-related stationary. So I’m thrilled with what @darlingstewie and @frogmellaink have created: An opportunity for us geeky ladies to use the postal system while making friends in the process! Finally–an excuse to buy even more fun stationary and spoil someone with all kinds of cute little geeky surprises.

You can sign up for the International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club at But hurry–you need to get your name submitted by April 1st!


I can’t wait to see who I get!

Kristina and Tara are Betty and Veronica!


Kristina and I have often talked about how fun it would be to do a “Betty and Veronica” shoot together. We both read the Archie comics while growing up, and although we may not agree with the girls always fighting over the same guy, we do have fond memories of the comics. When offered to send us some Betty and Veronica costumes so we could finally do our shoot, we literally  jumped at the chance. Take a peek at our version of the characters below–one where they can just hang out and have fun without the distraction of stupid ol’ Archie–but first check out Kristina’s behind-the-scenes video!






Which comic character have you always wanted to dress up as?

Betty and Veronica’s costumes are $44.99 each at, and include the top, skirt, knee-high leggings, and wigs (not shown).