“Sexy” Halloween Costumes 2012

Every year, I have a good ol’ time putting together a list of my favorite “sexy” Halloween costumes that are available to purchase. The past two years, Buy Costumes has been awesome enough to help me up the ante: I post the most ridiculous “sexy” costumes, you all vote on your favorite, and they send me the winner to do a little photo shoot with. You can see the results from last year’s here. So take a look and let me know in the comment which costume you want to see me try to make work in a photo shoot. I’ll pick the winning costume Friday morning (tomorrow!) so we can get the costume shipped out in time for a pre-Halloween shoot.

Without Further Ado…

Sexy Food

Do these costumes make you an aphrodisiac?

Chinese Hot Sauce 

We all know this is supposed to be Sriracha. And I guess the sauce is literally hot, so this is more reasonable than most sexy food costumes. Plus, JAUNTY HAT.

Sexy Banana

Yeah, there are tons of Sexy Banana puns to be said in this costume, but I would just lie on the ground and hope desperately that someone slips on me.

Instant Noodles

Nothing says “I like lazy, unemployed men” more than Instant Noodles. Guaranteed to get you a date. Or heck, pair up with Ms. Sriracha up there for a great time!

Sexy Characters

Your favorite characters, just not quite as you remember them…

 Sassy Grumpy Bear

If Care Bears weren’t sexy enough for you on the own, maybe dressing up as the grumpiest one will do the trick.

 Storybook Beauty

What you don’t see from this costume is the moment right before when Beast ripped off half of Belle’s dress. Was it anger? A fit of fiery passion? An accident while waltzing? We’ll never know.

Adventure Annie

…Or, as you and I call her, “Slutty Indiana Jones.” The costume comes with the whip, but not the hat. Sexy indeed!

 Miss Leatherface

Nothing like murder and cannibalism to get your heart racing.

 Miss Liberty

Pair this with a red-headed doll and a Ken doll and you’ve got yourself a giant (sexy) weeping angel! Also, the picture lies a bit. The only thing that lights up is the torch. Also, this poor girl looks cold. Someone give her some pants.


These sexy costumes were too good to not include!

 Sexy Shark

This costume wins for making me laugh the most. Also, every Shark Week, I’d totally bring this out.

She’s Dynamite

I don’t think you can wear this without covering yourself in wires and looking really concerned.

 Sketchy Sally

I don’t know what to make of this costume. It looks like a little girls’ dress, it’s a child’s toy… It just doesn’t seem right.


I’m going to go out on a limb and say this isn’t a rocket. This is an astronaut. A very cold but well-liked astronaut. I actually think it’s kinda cute. Let’s face it, I’ve worn less in the face of NASA.

Don’t forget to vote for your favorite in the comments! It’s always interesting to see what my readers find the most sexy… 😉

And check out more sexy Halloween costumes (as well as some normal costumes!) at BuyCostumes.com.


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