Sexy Shark Pics


You asked, you shall receive. Out of all of the ridiculous Halloween costumes out there, you voted to see me as a sexy shark. I took a trip down to the Seattle Aquarium and my hot tub with my lovely and talented friend Liz Leo and we took some epic pics. Fun side note: the waterfront’s annual “Trick or Treat” day was going on while I was down there, so we were doing everything in our power to shield my costume from children and not draw too much attention to ourselves. I’m pretty sure we succeeded in not scarring anyone for life.

Enjoy! And remember, you can get this and tons of other ridiculously sexy costumes at



  1. Very cool, first pic reminds me of Assassin’s Creed.

  2. Great stuff. Although I can’t believe you didn’t do a “head coming out of the water” pic, wet hair and all.

    Oh well. I’m loving this tradition of you doing these on Halloween. It’s always fun to see what goofy costumes are out there. 🙂

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