Stoli Salted Karamel Vodka


Stoli has announced a salted caramel flavored vodka, and I am half skeptical and half excited to try it. The salted caramel trend has clearly reached its peak, and while I think this vodka would be a great accent to brownies, cupcakes, or other baked goods, I can’t imagine drinking it.

Their press release provided a few sample recipes that do sound interesting:

Salted Banana
2 parts Salted Karamel™
1 part Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum
½ part Creme De Banana
Splash of Milk
Shake over ice and strain into martini or shot glass or can be done as a frozen drink

Salted Karamel Macchiato Martini
2 parts Salted Karamel ™
1 part Kahlua or Coffee Brandy
Splash Milk
Shake over ice and strain into Martini glass

Salted Tootsie Roll
2 parts Salted Karamel™
1 part Dark Creme De Cacao
Splash of Orange Juice
Shake over ice and serve as shot or martini

Would you try Salted Karamel vodka? How would you consume it?


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