Style Icon: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

We all take style ideas from celebrities and characters in shows, whether we’re aware of it or not. An entire generation has had the “Rachel” cut, Mad Men collaborates with stores to create clothing inspired by the show, and we all cosplay characters at cons. On that note, I wanted to start taking a look at some of the Style Icons we’ve had over the years, and how we can still be influenced by them.

On Twitter, I asked for people’s fictional style icons. Interestingly, one of the overwhelming responses was for Buffy. This vampire hunter from the 90’s was a favorite of many of ours. Maybe it’s because we were growing up and discovering our own style when the show was on, or maybe it’s because she had the perfect mix of cute prep and sexy bad-ass.


Want to emulate Ms. Summers? Get close fitting tank tops. Change things up between pastels and black. And stock up on leather. Red leather pants, black leather jacket, mini skirt, whatever helps give you a bit of edge.



Is/was Buffy one of your style icons? What did you love about her style? And if not, who are your style icons?


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