Adorable, Sassy, Pun-Filled Art

David Olenick Collage

I came across this art by David Olenick a while back, and I want to purchase some for my kitchen and some for my office. The adorable images are paired with punny sayings, shocking truths, and a few NSFW phrases that you’ll still try to put up. You can purchase the images as prints, phone cases, stationary, tote bags, pillows, and more at Society6.

What’s your favorite piece by him?

CONTEST: Win an Inkedibles Edible Airbrush Ink System!

 Inkedibles Airbrush

Do you enjoy baking? How about painting? Model building? Why not incorporate all of your loves into something amazing (and edible)? This edible airbrush kit will allow you to airbrush food-safe ink onto items of your choice (preferably ones you plan to eat). Use it to paint an accurate rendition of a nebula on a cookie, get the perfect shading on your cake shaped like Hogwarts, or just let your artistic side take over on a white fondant-covered cake.

What would you do with an edible airbrush system?

I told Inkedibles that my readers are great cooks/entertainers and are crafty, and that they like unique and interesting things to use while cooking/crafting. They offered up one of these amazing airbrush sets in return. Enter to win below and you could win the Edible Airbrush AND the pack of 17 edible inks to go with it! You lucky folks, you.

Too impatient to see if you win the contest? You can grab your own airbrush system now from

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I have more plans with Inkedibles in the future, and they’re going to be a lot of fun! Keep an eye out!

Classic Greek-style Superheroes

Screen shot 2013-03-20 at 6.35.28 PM

As a fan of classic mythology and comics, I was pretty psyched to see Harshness‘s new designs on Etsy. These would be perfect in a library, study, or home office–they look classy and then you notice the “geekness” of them once you look at them a bit harder. So fun!

Screen shot 2013-03-20 at 6.35.10 PM

The posters are $19 each on Etsy. Or like Harshness on Facebook to buy one poster, get one free! And while you’re there, check out the rest of the prints in the store. They’re all amazing.

Minimalist Star Wars Prints

star wars prints

Daniel Price of DEPdesigns sent me a wonderful email recently: He wanted to know if he could send me his new R2-D2 and C-3PO prints to review. Umm, heck yes. I showed them to Mr. Geek and he went “What? YES!” Basically, these prints are inspiring us to re-do our wall of geek art. Pictures to come. But in the meantime, take a look at these pieces. To me, they’re more than just representations of characters, it’s a way to say “We’re BFFs” to a friend or show that you and your roommate go perfectly well together. And the 11 x 17 size means they’re perfect to frame and put up next to each other on a wall.

You can get the prints from the DEPdesigns Etsy shop for $26 for the set. And while you’re there, look around a bit. I’m loving his Ryan Gosling and Wonder Woman prints as well! And the Aladdin print. And the Dexter ones. Oh, and the Black Widow…


Geeky Art by Mikeatron


I usually pick up some new artwork from Emerald City Comicon, and this year, the new art choice was a no-brainer: This Gelatinous Cube print from Mikeatron. I mean, how can you not?

I’m also in love with his Zelda print and his print titled “Still Life with Unicorn.”

He’s currently revamping his site, but you can see more from his Tumblr, or chat with him on Twitter. And hopefully we’ll be seeing him around at more cons!

Geeky Minimalist Prints

Mr. Geek and I have been looking for more artwork for our home lately, and as soon as I saw these prints, I placed an order. Andrew Heath’s prints are the perfect mix of geeky and artsy, and you can’t go wrong with a Doctor Who/Twilight Zone mashup!

These prints were made for this year’s Comic Con, but you can purchase them from your own home on

Put Yourself in the Comics

The Comics Factory allows you to put yourself or a loved one into the body of your favorite superhero. Not a fan of Marvel? They can create custom superhero characters as well! This would make awesome artwork for your home or can be delivered in a digital file so you can use it for invitations and an epic Facebook profile pic.

Art ranges in price from $110-$487, and is available at

(Source: Nerd Approved)

Decorate with The Doctor

I’ve been obsessed with Doctor Who lately, and have seen all kinds of goodies for your home pop up. Here are some of my faves:

Doctor Who prints, $11.99 each at (I’m partial to the Van Gogh Tardis myself.)

For those who really enjoy Matt Smith. $14.99 at

I hear you can fit tons of cookies inside of this Talking Tardis Cookie Jar. $26.99 at

This sonic screwdriver can also open doors, as long as you’re ok with unscrewing the hinges. Sonic Screwdriver, $30.99 at

What would you get to make your home feel a bit more timey-wimey? I’m still waiting for a talking Dalek teapot. “WOULD YOU CARE FOR SOME TEA?”

Get Warholized allows you to turn yourself into a custom piece of Warhol-style art by choosing the photo, color and quote of your choice. One complete, you can share a small watermarked pic or purchase a larger image (suitable for framing) for one euro. Not too shabby!

I think this would make an excellent and inexpensive wedding/engagement/baby gift, or be a nice way to add to your current decor. Heck, take a picture of your pet or favorite action figure, print the final product on canvas and turn it into art!

What photo would you Warholize?