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Smell Like a Geek with Marie DeMars

I was recently asked to try out some of Marie DeMars’ scents and I was thrilled to see that she had some inspired by Doctor Who. I received a sampler and they arrived in this amazing TARDIS box, as seen above. (I’d rather get a present in this blue box […]

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Color Chalking with Swink

  About seven months ago I did a post on a new product, the Color Bug. It gives your hair a nice, bright bit of temporary color without being stiff or sticky like spray-on colors. It looked neat, but I was hesitant to try it. Would it be messy? Would […]

Geeky Fashion

One Up Makeup: Honey Boo Boo

As I’ve mentioned before, my friends and I have started a new geeky makeup channel, One Up Makeup. The lovely Meagan did my makeup for me recently and made me all “glitz”, Honey Boo Boo-style. I made the mistake of drinking a whole lot of Go Go Juice before we […]

Geeky Fashion

Introducing: OneUpMakeup

A couple weeks ago, I gathered together with my friends Liz, Kristina, Meagan, Mallory, and Molly and put together a geeky makeup channel. I swear, filming with this group of girls was like being at an awesome sleepover: I was giggling like crazy the whole time while we played with […]

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Geek Beauty: Cinderella Makeup at Sephora

Sephora’s acting like your own personal fairy godmother with their new Cinderella-inspired makeup, the first in their new “Disney Reigning Beauties” collection. The eyeshadow palette, above, features 20 shades that are customized to match the original colors of the movie. The collection also features nail polish, lipstick, and a perfume. […]

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Geek Beauty: Geeky Nail Decals

Next time you’re looking for something fun to do with your nails, put together a French manicure topped off with Batman decals. It’s classy and geeky. Or choose from one of thefogshoppe‘s many other options, including animals, mustaches, sports teams, and geek icons. Vinyl Nail Decals, $1.99 for 20 and […]

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Geek Beauty: Super Inspirations

Fashion and beauty blogs are extremely popular, but it’s hard to find ones that focus exclusively on geek-themed trends. These two are blogs that I keep going back to–their content is cute, geeky, and super fun!   Makeup By Siryn Makeup by Siryn features intricate and beautiful makeup applications inspired […]

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Geek Beauty: Snow White and the Huntsman

I saw Snow White and the Huntsman this weekend, and the best way to sum up the film is “beautiful”. The effects and overall look is gorgeous, but Charlize Theron and Kristen Stewart stand out as the fairest parts of the movie. They encompass two different forms of beauty: Theron […]

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Geek Beauty: Scented Nail Polish

The past year or so, nail polish has taken over as my main beauty obsession. It’s cheap, easy to change, and gives you a chance to try a new color or fashion trend without buying a new outfit. My most recent love: scented nail polish. I used to have some […]

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Geek Fashion: Finds from ECCC

If you’re looking to expand your geek wardrobe, look no further than  your local con. In the past I’ve purchased t-shirts and aprons, but this year I focused on fun accessories. Lucky for you, you can pick up everything I got online! Take a look: Tardis Scarf I’ve been eyeing […]