Style Icon: Buffy the Vampire Slayer

We all take style ideas from celebrities and characters in shows, whether we’re aware of it or not. An entire generation has had the “Rachel” cut, Mad Men collaborates with stores to create clothing inspired by the show, and we all cosplay characters at cons. On that note, I wanted to start taking a look at some of the Style Icons we’ve had over the years, and how we can still be influenced by them.

On Twitter, I asked for people’s fictional style icons. Interestingly, one of the overwhelming responses was for Buffy. This vampire hunter from the 90’s was a favorite of many of ours. Maybe it’s because we were growing up and discovering our own style when the show was on, or maybe it’s because she had the perfect mix of cute prep and sexy bad-ass.


Want to emulate Ms. Summers? Get close fitting tank tops. Change things up between pastels and black. And stock up on leather. Red leather pants, black leather jacket, mini skirt, whatever helps give you a bit of edge.



Is/was Buffy one of your style icons? What did you love about her style? And if not, who are your style icons?

OOTD: Buffy-Inspired


This was my last outfit of SDCC–a bit more “cute” and girly than my other outfits, but I played it up a bit with the harder/darker accessories. It’s inspired by the girly and bad-ass natures of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. (Thanks to Markie for snapping the pics!)

Buffy Shirt: The Geeky Hostess Store

Pleather Skirt: Forever 21

Batman Earrings: Amazon

Bracelet: Jewelmint

EMP’s Icons of Science Fiction Exhibit

Last weekend, I had theĀ privilegeĀ of attending the Icons of Science Fiction party and previewing the exhibit before it opened to the public. The exhibit was amazing and I had a great time at the party taking pics, playing games, and hanging out with the Seattle geek community. Take a look at some of my favorite pics, and make sure you check the exhibit out for yourself! The Horror and Avatar exhibits are still there as well, which turns your time at the EMP into a trifecta of geek-awesomeness. Get tickets here.


The guns from Men In Black were my favorite part of the exhibit--they looked so cool up close!


You can put yourself in an old-timey sci-fi with their green screen, props and costumes. (And apparently everyone comes out looking like they're from the Jersey Shore.)


...While you're becoming a star, your friends can introduce opponents for you to fight!


This skull from Terminator 2 is horrifying and amazing in person.


We hopped over to the horror exhibit next, and I fell in love with their graphic design. Do you think they'd let me decorate my home with these when the exhibit's over?


One of our favorite props from the Horror exhibit: Buffy's Mr. Pointy!

Thank you to the EMP Museum for inviting me out!

Geeky Etched Glassware

Fanboy Glass has taken all of your favorite geeky shows and games and turned them into your newest set of glassware. His shot glasses, pint glasses, mugs and wine glasses range in price from $7-22 each and feature artwork inspired from Buffy, Portal, Doctor Who, My Little Pony, and more. I particularly enjoy the My Little Pony Cutie Mark shot glass set, Tardis pint glass, and the Magic: The Gathering Mana Symbols pint glass set.

Check out the almost 200 items he has to offer here!

Source: Geeks are Sexy

What Would Buffy Do?

I had the pleasure of working on this empowering Buffy-inspired music video. I got to do a bit of acting, as well as dive into my first experience as Craft Services. Feeding a hungry horde of vampires and teens is a tough job, but someone’s got to do it! My advice? Get healthy food that can sit out in the sun for a while, and be ok for vegetarians and gluten-intolerants to eat. And some fresh baked chocolate chip cookies never hurt as well!

Enjoy the video and feel free to share with your friends. It’s always exciting to see some kick-ass women out there!

Emerald City Comicon!

Emerald City Comicon is coming up this weekend (March 4th-6th), and I can’t wait!

William Shatner, Felicia Day, Rainn Wilson, Wil Wheaton, and cast members of Fringe and Buffy the Vampire Slayer will be in attendance, plus more. Whether you like comics, movies, pop culture, or fun geeky toys, there’s something for everyone.

Emerald City Comicon is one of the most welcoming, family-friendly, enjoyable cons I’ve ever been to. I can’t wait to return this year!

I also have the pleasure in performing with Unexpected Productions on Friday night at 10:30 for their special NERDprov show. Come on out and show your geek-girl support!

Will you be attending ECCC this year?

Tickets are available at the door, ranging in price from $20 to $45. Children 10 and under are free with paying adult.