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Geeky Fashion

Superhero Knee-High Socks (with Capes!)

The weather’s getting cozy and I’ve begun to pull out all of my comfortable at-home-only socks. You know, the slipper socks, the fuzzy knee-high rainbow socks… But none of them could ever live up to these. I would wear these every day, running around pretending to be a superhero. While […]

Fun Food

Superhero Spatulas

 Williams-Sonoma has expanded its Marvel Kitchen collection to include spatulas, and unlike the Star Wars ones, these may actually be a more practical size/shape. The Spider-man looks like it could handle most foods pretty well. Williams-Sonoma also came up with a cute comic book that teaches cooking terms to […]


Cooking Comically

Feeling a bit uninspired on what to make for dinner tonight? Then you’ll love Cooking Comically. The recipes look tasty, the artwork/directions are a lot of fun, and I think I could even get the husband to cook with me. Check out their recipe for The Bananarama, and then visit […]

A Geeky Home

Elegant Alter Egos

Danny Haas has created artwork inspired by our favorite superheroes–and their alter egos. If you have a walk-in closet, I think these pieces would be perfect framed in a series. Parker, Stark, Wayne, and Kent: $17.68 – $52 at Society 6.


Free Comic Book Day This Saturday!

This Saturday, May 7th, grab your friends and get some comics at Free Comic Book Day! Free Comic Book Day is like Comic Book Christmas. Most comic shops have special events and sales occurring in addition to free copies of special comics created just for the day. Some of the […]

Geeky Fashion

Super Babies!

Someone get me an infant to dress, asap. (Sorry, is that too creepy?) But seriously. If I saw a baby wearing this Batman onesie, I would think they had the coolest parents in the world (and that the baby is unusually buff for its age…) Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Green […]


Spiderman Musical: Watch it Online

No, it’s not the big-budget Broadway production you’ve been hearing all about. But it’s still fun! The Spidey Project is a collaborative theater project: they wanted to create a zero-budget Spiderman Musical in 30 days. And they DID. If you’ve ever wanted to see a decent musical parody of a […]


Emerald City Comicon!

Emerald City Comicon is coming up this weekend (March 4th-6th), and I can’t wait! William Shatner, Felicia Day, Rainn Wilson, Wil Wheaton, and cast members of Fringe and Buffy the Vampire Slayer will be in attendance, plus more. Whether you like comics, movies, pop culture, or fun geeky toys, there’s […]

A Geeky Home

Super-Size Your Superhero Decor

These wall murals are seriously making me want to redo my living room. Art.com now offers large murals of some great moments from 1960’s Marvel comics. I think the one above is perfect for Seattle–-nerdy, artsy, and talking about rain. Prices range from $124.99 to $279.99, making them an affordable […]

Gift Ideas

Jewelry for DC Comics Lovers

Noir Jewelry made this incredible line of DC comics inspired jewelry. Gotham City ring, $225 Wonder Woman Necklace, $225 Supergirl Bracelet, $95 Bat Girl Cufflinks (But I think they could be given to a Bat Man as well!), $75 A bit pricey, but worth it for the superwoman in your […]