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Bake with Doctor Who

The other day, Kristen Hackett from On Wednesdays We Wear Pink introduced me to Dalek Cupcake toppers. I had a bit of a freak out moment. Why aren’t these in my life, and how quickly can I get them? Who makes these? Do they make other things? Why is it only available […]

Friday Favorites

Friday Favorites: June 14

It’s June 14th. This means a few things: Summer is only about a week away! Job Hunters starts shooting season 2 tomorrow! I’m on very little sleep! It’s my parents’  anniversary! Yay for love! So pretty much, all of the excitement forever. Take a look at my favorites for this […]

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Technology + Cupcakes = Win

You know how you can order Dominos online or Pizza Hut from your Xbox? Pizza’s great when you’re gaming, but what about when you want something a little sweeter? Trophy Cupcakes to the rescue. Trophy has recently launched their online ordering system and delivery to Seattle and Bellevue. I tried […]


Job Hunters Season Two Kickstarter

In the Job Hunters panel at Emerald City Comicon, we made a special announcement: The Season Two Kickstarter is live! Help us make Season Two of Job Hunters a reality by donating to the Kickstarter. We have some awesome incentives including a Job Hunters RPG that’s being created by our […]

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Meatloaf Cupcakes

We’ve all had cupcakes for dinner before. It’s late, you’re lazy, the cupcake is just right there, with its sweet buttercream frosting calling out to you… But did you know you could make cupcakes for dinner that are actually (relatively) healthy? Oh, my dear readers, it’s so true and so […]


Tara’s a “Cooking Superstar!”

I’m pleased to be Cut Out and Keep‘s “Cooking Superstar” of the week! Each day this week they’ll be showcasing one of my cupcake recipes. I picked out a bunch of my favorites, so if you’re new to the blog or want a refresher on some of the best cupcakes, […]

Fun Food

Mario-themed “1-Upcake” Molds

When your cupcakes just need a bit more geekiness to them, I present: 1-upcakes. The pack of four reusable cupcake molds will give you cupcakes that look just like Mario’s 1-up mushroom friends. How can you resist? 1-upcake Cupcake Mold, $9.95 for a pack of four at Neatoshop.com.

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Fortune-Telling Cupcake Wrappers

These gorgeous cupcake wrappers/toppers include a sweet fortune for each of your guests. I think these would make the perfect addition for a bridal or baby shower or tea party, and it’s way more unique than your average cupcake wrapper/topper! Cupcake Fortunes and Wraps, $9.95 at Neatoshop.