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DIY Disaster Survival

The world is supposed to end in a couple days, and it’s snowing in Seattle. EVERYONE PANIC! Or, just read through this DIY Disaster Survival infographic and make sure you grab the supplies soon, so you have them on hand if/when you need them. Need a last-minute holiday gift? Print […]

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DIY Literary Gifts

There’s nothing better than being cozy with a good book in the winter. But when  you have errands to run and holiday parties to visit, it can be pretty hard to find the time. With these crafts, you can still bring that familiar book feeling wherever you go. These make […]

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DIY: Star Wars Napkin Rings

Looking for a a quick project to geek up your Thanksgiving table? Bonnie Burton to the rescue! She posted this easy-to-do craft project on The Official Star Wars Blog. Get the kids involved and make all of your favorite nerdy characters! Read all of the instructions at the original post. […]

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Get Crafty with World of Geekcraft

Allow your crafty side to mingle with your geeky side in World of Geekcraft, featuring craft projects to please every type of Geek. The book includes projects such as D&D dice earrings, Super Mario cross-stitch, Morse code quilts, Wii holsters. It’s a great option for families as the summer gets […]

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DIY: Zelda Treasure Chest

(cross-posted from my other site, Zaxy.com) Pkmnjunky7 put together a video and Instructables sheet on how to make a Zelda Treasure Chest with sounds. And it’s AMAZING. Directions to make your own can be found at Instructables.com. What would you put in your Zelda Treasure Chest?

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Make Your Own Peeps

Easter candy is invading shelves at the grocery store, and it’s taking all my will power not to sit down in the middle of the aisle with piles of candy and eat until I’m sick. If you want to pig out on Easter candy in the privacy of your own […]

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Star Wars Craft Book

If you look around your house and say, “This is nice, but I really need more Jabba the Hutt body pillows”, then I have the book for you. Bonnie Burton has created a Star Wars Craft Book that’s now available for pre-order. The book will be released on March 29th. […]

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Gaming Couple makes Horde-themed Bathroom

Wow… one of the coolest bathrooms I’ve seen in a long time! Take a look at this Horde-themed bathroom created by a WOW-playing couple: The view from the door. Love the potions! You can see more pics from the couple on their photobucket page. What geeky pastime would you model […]