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May the Force Be With Shoe

Going out on the town? Have a hot date? Looking for the perfect shoe to wear with that formal dress? BAM. Unfortunately, the shoe was featured on a Tumblr with no information. They may not be for sale, but it looks like with a cheap pair of shoes and some […]

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Make Cotton Candy At Home

…And not with one of those cheap little plastic toys. This gentleman shows you how to make hand pulled cotton candy at home with some fairly simple ingredients. Ummm… yes. (Source: Lifehacker)

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Should You DIY?

DIY projects can be a relaxing and creative way to wind down after a day, or it can be a frustrating money pit. Who doesn’t have a hidden stash of unfinished projects in a closet or cupboard somewhere? With the ability to customize and purchase almost anything online, DIY may […]