Adorable Plushies from Killin’ Me Softly


Looking for a great gift, a fun item for your bookshelf, or just something to snuggle next time you’re watching your fave horror flick? You’ve gotta check out these plushies from Killin’ Me Softly. Andrea, the designer, uses her love of horror films and Disney villains to create these plush creatures. Who would have thought that Freddy Krueger would look so adorable as a doll? Above, you’ll also see her Poison Ivy, Beetlejuice and Lydia, and Daria and Jane. She takes custom orders as well, which means your favorite obscure character can finally be created in doll form!

The plush dolls are $20 each with price breaks for sets that come with multiple dolls. You can see all of the dolls available on Etsy.

Smell Like a Geek with Marie DeMars


I was recently asked to try out some of Marie DeMars’ scents and I was thrilled to see that she had some inspired by Doctor Who. I received a sampler and they arrived in this amazing TARDIS box, as seen above. (I’d rather get a present in this blue box than in that other blue box, am I right, ladies?) Mr. Geek and I both have a thing for cool boxes, and right away he picked it up. “Where did this come from? What is this?” He was sold. Basically, even after the perfume is gone, I’m keeping the box for tiny treasures. It’s awesome.

Anyway, let’s get to the perfume! I received Silence in the LibraryElevenRiver Song, and Corsair. They’re all oil-based and go on incredibly smooth. They’re warm and musky scents, but wear subtly, which is nice. Silence in the Library makes me think of sitting on a big, comfy chair with multiple old books surrounding me. Eleven makes me feel like The Doctor gave me a big hug and his scent stayed with me, River Song is simply delicious and a little spicy (just like the woman herself), and Corsair is smooth, yet surprising. Although they are all lovely, River Song was my favorite scent to wear. I kept smelling my wrists after putting it on!

You can purchase the scents individually or in a trio. Not sure which ones to get? Get a sampler like mine! And lucky you, Geeky Hostess readers get 30% off with code “GEEKYHOSTESS”. Visit Marie DeMars’ Etsy shop to try these perfumes and more!

Customize Your KitchenAid Mixer

When I was engaged, I was told by everyone that I “needed a KitchenAid mixer.” That I could finally get a KicthenAid mixer and I would love it like a child (same story was with my personal espresso machine). I was confused. I mean, part of me did really want one, and part of me was like “It’s a giant, expensive thing that just…mixes stuff.”

But I did get that KitchenAid mixer. And I don’t know what kind of fairy cult dust was in that box, but I LOVE it. It mixes stuff and so much more! Let’s just say that I wouldn’t be making so many baked goods if I didn’t have that. The only problem? I didn’t want to get one of the fun colors, for fear of outgrowing it or moving to a kitchen that would one day clash with it, so I got a nice onyx black. It’s sleek, but it doesn’t stand out or show my personality. So what’s a girl to do?

Get some of these amazing KitchenAid decals. The decals can be removed easily so when you do outgrow the design, you can just go back to your normal mixer or put on a new decal. It’s a fun way to show your fun/geeky side without potentially ruining or harming an expensive piece of equipment! Take a look at some of my favorites, below:

Skull Cupcake Decal
kitchenaid mixer decal skulls and cupcakes

You’re cute and sweet, but NO ONE gets between you and your cupcakes. Share the warning with these decals, available in sets of 8 for $5.99 or 16 for $9.99.

Sir Mix A Lot
kitchenaid mixer decal sir mix a lot

Show your mixer the respect he deserves by calling him “sir” (and honoring a rapper at the same time, if that’s your thing.) The decal’s available for $5.99.

 Wonder Woman
kitchenaid mixer decal wonder woman

Your mixer’s essentially a superhero, and so are you for making all of those delicious treats. Show this with the Wonder Woman decals including the large logo, stars, and a piece for the top of the mixer. The set’s available for $15.99.

Just Beat It
kitchenaid mixer decals just beat it

Pay homage to Michael Jackson and remind your mixer of its job with this decal, available for $10.00. This Etsy shop has some other punny designs including Stir Crazy and Whip It, Whip It Good.

The Dark Knight
kitchenaid mixer decals dark knight

This decal shows off your love of Batman in a pretty way. It can be super discreet if you don’t include the decal that says “The Dark Knight” and just use the design. This decal’s available for $10.00. This Etsy shop also has a great Doctor Who TARDIS decal, for when your mixer can hold more contents than you first thought possible.

Have you decorated your mixer? Which decal should I get for mine?

Your Favorite Book on a Locket

custom book locket 1

Wear your favorite book close to your heart with these amazing lockets. JunkStudio will take the cover of your favorite book, miniaturize it with magic, and turn it into a locket. You can then insert your favorite quote or a picture from the book on the inside. What a cute idea! I can see this also being a meaningful gift. I’d love to give one to my mom–she instilled a love of reading in me from a very young age.

custom book locket 2

If I were to get one for myself, I’d most likely pick the book “The Time Traveler’s Wife” as it’s one of my favorites, and the name alone can concoct up thoughts of Doctor Who and other time travel stories.

What book would you select?

Custom Book Locket, $20.50 at

Nintendo Cartridge Jewelry

NES Jewelry


Etsy shop OhMyGeekness has come out with the cutest little pieces of nostalgia: NES cartridge jewelry. The pieces range in price from $14-45, with most items around $16. In addition to NES, she’s got N64, Xbox 360, PS1, and PS2 cartridges, and a variety of cute geeky and game-related characters and references. These would make a perfect inexpensive and unique gift!

Check out the full selection at

Giveaway: Indelible Ink Workshop

Neptune poster Mars poster

Nothing shows your ability to travel through space and time better than some retro space travel posters. Indelible Ink Workshop‘s prints will add some class to your walls while making you look like a well-traveled geek. Their prints range in sizes from 8″x10″ to 24″x36″. Space travel not your thing? They’ve got over 100 other designs, so you’re sure to find something you love! (I personally love their Retro Sci-fi Travel Sticker Collection!) Lucky for you, Indelible Ink Workshop is giving away $75 in store credit to one reader. Enter below! Can’t wait until we pick a winner next week? You can get 30% off your purchase with code “GEEKY30”! Let me know what you end up getting in the comments!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Buy a Jayne Hat for Charity

Think Geek Jayne Hat

You’ve most likely heard of the drama surrounding the Jayne hats… Fox sent out a Cease and Desist to Etsy sellers and others without a license. ThinkGeek does have a license for the hat, and was getting some flack for carrying something mass produced that others aren’t allowed to hand-make anymore. So, being the awesome company they are, they decided to give all proceeds from the sales of the hats to Can’t Stop the Serenity, a charity organization run by Browncoats. If you missed out on getting a Jayne hat, you can grab them now AND feel good about the decision. They’ll continue doing this until they run out of the hats. Find them at

Prefer hand-made?  You’re still able to make the hats, and I’m guessing you’ll still be able to find hand-made hats for sale, just not with the words “Jayne” or “Firefly” associated with it.

Classic Greek-style Superheroes

Screen shot 2013-03-20 at 6.35.28 PM

As a fan of classic mythology and comics, I was pretty psyched to see Harshness‘s new designs on Etsy. These would be perfect in a library, study, or home office–they look classy and then you notice the “geekness” of them once you look at them a bit harder. So fun!

Screen shot 2013-03-20 at 6.35.10 PM

The posters are $19 each on Etsy. Or like Harshness on Facebook to buy one poster, get one free! And while you’re there, check out the rest of the prints in the store. They’re all amazing.

Minimalist Star Wars Prints

star wars prints

Daniel Price of DEPdesigns sent me a wonderful email recently: He wanted to know if he could send me his new R2-D2 and C-3PO prints to review. Umm, heck yes. I showed them to Mr. Geek and he went “What? YES!” Basically, these prints are inspiring us to re-do our wall of geek art. Pictures to come. But in the meantime, take a look at these pieces. To me, they’re more than just representations of characters, it’s a way to say “We’re BFFs” to a friend or show that you and your roommate go perfectly well together. And the 11 x 17 size means they’re perfect to frame and put up next to each other on a wall.

You can get the prints from the DEPdesigns Etsy shop for $26 for the set. And while you’re there, look around a bit. I’m loving his Ryan Gosling and Wonder Woman prints as well! And the Aladdin print. And the Dexter ones. Oh, and the Black Widow…


Vintage Altered Teacups


Surprise your sweetie with some vintage altered teacups from Etsy shop Geekdetails. The ones featured above would make a perfect Valentine’s Day gift or wedding present, but the shop has cups that work for multiple occasions. Relax with an episode of Doctor Who and the Don’t Blink or Timelord cups, or let a frenemy or roommate know your true feelings with some of the other options. I can’t picture a better way to take my tea.

Teacups and sets, $18-64 at