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Fun Food

Geeky Cookie Cutters

Guys, I’m gonna go broke and it’s going to be all WarpZone’s fault. The Etsy site has detailed Doctor Who cookie cutters made from a 3D printer. Doctor Who not your thing? The site also has great cookie cutters from fandoms such as Harry Potter, Mario, MLP, Meme faces, and […]

A Geeky Home

NES Living Room

Feel itty bitty next to a giant NES system, cartridges, and controllers with this amazing living room set. The table has an NES and SNES built in to it, so it’s ready to go for all of your nostalgic needs. For $1,350, you receive the table, two cartridge end tables, […]

Geeky Kids, Gift Ideas

Geeky Baby Gear

One of my friends is expecting her first child and posted a link to this Etsy shop on Facebook. I’m in love. Seriously, I need to be invited to more baby showers so I have an excuse to buy these things without asking if they “make them in an adult […]

Geeky Fashion

Smart and Fashionable: Book Scarf

It’s winter, and all I want is to cozy up with a scarf, some tea, and a good book. These scarves by storiarts are the perfect thing. They’re classy, stylish, and functional: each scarf features a page from an actual book, making them great to have on hand while you’re […]

Gift Ideas

Hats for Your Cat

Going home for the holidays means I get some quality time¬†terrorizing¬†the family cat. My mom bought her a couple holiday-themed hats and accessories, but her nerdy collection of hats is sorely lacking. Next time I come down, I’ll be bringing some of the items from SarabiRose‘s Etsy shop. How can […]


Geek Tree

It’s almost December already. Christmas is 26 days away. If, like me, your tree isn’t decorated (or even set up) yet, you need to get yourself over to Geek Tree asap. You’ll find ornaments, stockings, and other goodies that will make the perfect addition to your tree or a great […]

Entertaining, Geek Etiquette

Disney Inspired Aprons

Channel Cinderella (or a variety of other Disney princesses) next time you have to do the chores or cook–I dare you NOT to prance around singing “In My Own Little Corner” while wearing this. These aprons are available in LoverDoverClothing’s Etsy shop and range in price from $22-$39.50. They’d make […]

Geeky Fashion

Vintage Pocket Knife Necklace

This necklace will ensure that you will always be prepared and fashionable. FieldGuideDesign¬†starts with a vintage pocket knife and turns it into a practical and attractive necklace with a bit of paint. You’ll never be far away from the tools you need, and your hipster-y friends will just think you’re […]

Fun Food, Gift Ideas

Geeky Lollipops

Vintage Confections makes some of the coolest lollipops I’ve seen. Space, dice, skulls, superheros, emoticons and insects are just some of the decorative options they have available. Most lollipops are available in the flavor of your choice (I’m loving options like champagne, cinnamon roll, and banana cream) and many are […]

A Geeky Home

Geeky Car Emblems

I often forget about decorating my car. It’s there to transport me from one place to another, and that’s about it. There’s no sign of geekiness to it, and even my cupcake air freshener is hidden away, not hanging prominently. That’s why I think my car needs one of these […]