Impulse Buy: Geeky Cat Dress

cat head dress

I saw this dress show up in my email from this morning, and I bought it instantly. I already have a shirt that features a cat wearing glasses (which I lovingly call my “Internet Shirt,”) and this will make a lovely addition to my wardrobe for Spring/Summer. Now if we can just get a bit of sun in Seattle…

Cat Head Dress by Glamour Kills, $25 at

Bathing Bad: Bath Salts That Are Legal and Good For You

bathingbadWhen I first saw these Breaking Bad-themed bath goods, I cracked up. They’re just so perfect! Finally, bath stuff that I can give to non-girly people. They can use it and think “Hey, my life could be a whole lot worse.” Bathing Bad has a nice selection of products, ranging in price from $11.50 (for bath salts or lotion) to $45 for a full bath kit, available on


Constellation Jewelry

Is someone on your holiday list a shining star? Do you love them to the moon and back? Do they make you think of other space and star-related cliches and puns? You should get them this jewelry.

These bracelets and necklaces feature constellations that represent the signs of the zodiac. (The one above is the “Scorpio Cuff.”) Great for the astrology or space fan in your life!

Constellation Jewelry, $36-40 each at

Marvel Comic Lamps has these fantastic Marvel lamps on sale. They’d be a perfectly geeky statement piece on a side table in a living room, or as the coolest bedroom nightstand lamp possible. I love that men and women both are featured in the various designs, and the price-point makes me want to get one for every room.

Where would you put one of these lamps?

Lamps with Marvel Comics Motifs, $28 at

Chalkboard T-Shirts

Love every superhero and aren’t sure which one you want to support today? Love doodling on yourself during boring lectures or meetings?

Grab one of these chalk tees from today and customize to your heart’s content. It even includes a tiny chalk pocket on the bottom of the shirt! The shirts are available with a variety of chalkboard shapes and come in sizes for men, women and children.

Chalk Tees, starting at $17 at

Scented Wallpaper

Always wanted to be a bit more like Willy Wonka? Or maybe the witch from Hansel and Gretel? Make your house a bit more magical with cherry and chocolate scented wallpapers.

The cherry paper is pretty self-explanatory, but the chocolate is the one I truly love. The damask pattern hides modern city park images like fire hydrants, parking meters, rats and pigeons. It would pretty much be the coolest paper for a study/office/reading nook.

The paper comes in sheets that will cover 10 square feet.

Scented City Park, $75 at
Scented Cherries, $85 at

Giant Gummy Goodies

You may have all heard of Giant Gummy Bears, but did you know the company has other shapes available? Shapes that will assist in all of your summer cosplay needs? Take a look at some of my faves:

Giant Gummy Brain

Next time you attend a zombie walk, bring along this Fruity Bubblegum flavored brain. The three-pound treat is guaranteed to feed a horde.

Giant Gummy Brain, $20 at

Giant Gummy Heart

Freak everyone out when you dress up as Daenerys, complete with horse heart. It clocks in at a pound and has a cherry flavor that should be much more delightful than the real thing.

Giant Gummy Heart, $12 at

Giant Gummy Skull

Prefer to go classic with your cosplay? Join your fellow Shakespeare in the Park lovers dressed as Hamlet, or “Zombie Hamlet who enjoys eating skulls.” It’s pineapple flavor will make you feel like you’re on a tropical island as you’re eating your way into a gummy eye socket. Don’t want your skull to look so realistic? Lucky for you, it comes in a variety of colors/flavors, including lime and blue raspberry.

Find all of these and more (including slugs, worms, shot glasses, and bear party bowls) on sale at