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Geeky Fashion

Geeky Heart Cardigan

This cardigan is the perfect blend of cute, practical, and geeky. Show everyone you’ve got a lot of life left without alienating your non-geek friends. The cardigans are available in unisex sizing, meaning it’s the perfect thing to wear when you and your sig other want to match in your […]

Geek Etiquette

Geek Etiquette: Dress To Impress

The Geeky Hostess is gonna help you get your manners on! Each Monday, we’ll focus on a topic of etiquette. We’ll take a look at the classic rules (using Emily Post as a guide), and then evaluate the rules for our daily lives, creating a guide to “Geek Etiquette.” Have an […]

Geeky Fashion

TMNT Beanie

We’ve still got a couple months of winter ahead, and nothing will keep me both warmer and “cooler” (eh, eh?) than this TMNT Beanie. In Leonardo, of course. I seriously used to dream about being one of the teenage mutant ninja turtles. This may be the closest I’ll be able […]

Geeky Fashion

Super Babies!

Someone get me an infant to dress, asap. (Sorry, is that too creepy?) But seriously. If I saw a baby wearing this Batman onesie, I would think they had the coolest parents in the world (and that the baby is unusually buff for its age…) Batman, Wonder Woman, Superman, Green […]

Geeky Fashion

Lego Dress

This weekend, Fergie rocked a Lego dress at the Kids’ Choice Awards. What are your thoughts? Would you wear this? (I’m personally loving it, as long as the dress is well-lined! (Source: BuzzFeed)

Geeky Fashion

Harry Potter Jewelry

I’ve been finding some fabulous Harry Potter-inspired jewelry lately, and it’s making me really want to pick up and head out to Hogwarts. Or at least the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. Always jealous you didn’t get into Hogwarts? Let your friends think you did. $45 on Etsy. Keep the […]

Geeky Fashion

Binary Necklace

mariaeife has created a great collection of felted binary necklaces, for the hip geek. The colors and statement-piece are very “now” while the binary is stylish enough to only be seen by those who are in the know. Unfortunately, the binary does not spell anything, but that doesn’t have to […]

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Comic Inspired Headbands

Have you always wanted to live in a colorfully violent comic book? Or maybe you just love Emeril? Than this headband is for you! So cute, this headband comes in a variety of colors and is an easy way to spice up a plain outfit. Just avoid wearing it around […]