Weekly Links: January 31


These cupcakes were made for the last Seahawks game. I used my “Pirate Rum Cupcakes” recipe and added blue and green food coloring to the cake and frosting. I’m excited to make more for the Super Bowl this Sunday! Go Hawks! 

I’m giving this new type of post a try, where each week I bring you a list of links I’ve found and loved. These are things that have entertained or intrigued me, or are awesome products/people I want to support. It’s similar to the Friday Favorites I’ve done in the past, but focused on links. Let’s do this!

Noob The Loser: A tumblr featuring original comics, my favorite being one about a D&D group. (That’s the one linked to here.) It’s hilarious and will hit close to home for folks who have played D&D before.

Super Knocked Up: A super villain and a super hero get together, and the villain ends up knocked up. (Or… “Super Knocked Up.” Get it?) This cute web series just won an IAWTV award for best supplemental content! Way to go guys!

Whole Foods Meal Plans: After the Super Bowl is over, I’m gonna need to start eating healthy again. And I’m looking forward to trying one of the meal plans that Whole Foods put together. I’m especially loving their “healthy comfort foods” plan.

Cashtronauts: This is a fast-paced, retro arcade-style game for PC/Mac/Linux that’s now available on Kickstarter. It looks like a lot of fun!

SciFiDeals: Get Free and deeply discounted Sci-Fi eBooks sent to your inbox! Pretty sweet!

Geeky Sprinkles: My Kickstarter for Geeky Sprinkles is over 50% funded! If you want to get your hands on some geeky sprinkle shapes, make sure you back the project!

Friday Favorites: October 11

Friday Faves 10-11

This week I’ve been prepping for GeekGirlCon and trying to get through some other To-Dos. In fact, I’ve even “Cinderella’d” myself. If I can work extremely hard today and get most of my To Do’s done, then I’m taking off a WHOLE day tomorrow. Unplugged, away from everything. I haven’t done that in forever and I can’t wait! Wish me luck!

Here are some of my favorite distractions from the past week:

Favorite Video: “The Art and Science of How Siri Speaks”
If you ever wanted to learn more about voice communication software (or heck, even if you haven’t), watch this video. The process used to get the robotic voices we hear on our phones and in automated call centers is fascinating! Watch it here.

Favorite Blog: ElizabethBanks.com
Elizabeth Banks has a blog. And unlike many other actor blogs, it’s actually funny and pretty geeky. It’s technically a Tumblr and includes posts (or Tumbls? I dunno the lingo, man) on being a mom, The Hunger Games, recipes, funny videos/photos, and profiles of other bloggers/vloggers (Jenna Marbles, in particular). Find it here.

Favorite Game: Cookie Clicker
Cookie Clicker is addictive. You just click on a cookie. A lot. It makes other cookies. Sometimes you use your cookies to buy things like Grandmas or Antimatter condensors that will help you make more cookies. That’s it. You’ll be playing it for the full day, guaranteed. I reopened a window of the game to grab the url, and I just started clicking cookies uncontrollably. I have a problem. Send help. And then click some cookies.

Favorite Challenge: The Doubleclicks’ Weekly Song Wednesday
The Doubleclicks have started creating weekly songs, and it’s really fun to see what they come up with. This week’s “Cats and Netflix” accurately sums up my feelings about Fall/Winter in the Northwest. Listen to them all here!

Quingo: Play iPad Games for Charity

quingo image

Lately I’ve been playing an iPad game or two to unwind and relax before I head to bed in the evenings. They’re fun, but one or two quick games can turn into five or six games, and before I know it, a half hour has gone by. The games that keep track of how long you’ve spent playing just make me depressed. I’ve wasted that much time?

Luckily, when I play Quingo, a new iPad game that launches today, I don’t feel like I’m wasting time. The more I play, the more money goes to charity!

Quingo is a cross between a quiz game and bingo. You are given something to look for (For instance, “characters in Harry Potter books”) and must find the five answers in a bingo board of options. You’re timed, and each wrong answer reduces your time more. A game is played in 5 rounds, and at the end, your score (or “hope points”) goes towards the charity of your choice. I chose Seattle Children’s Hospital for mine.

The game is currently available to download for free for iPad, and other mobile options will be made available later in the year. Find out more about the game here and download it here.

Give the game a try and let me know what charity you’re playing for! I’ll be playing mine and watching the “points you’ve given” number keep going up.

Geek Battle


I’ve been enjoying the show King of the Nerds lately because it really celebrates those who are a bit geeky, nerdy, and quirky. I’ve been cheering on my favorite contestants as they battle in chess, cosplay, trivia, and more, and now I can almost-kind-of play along at home! Geek Battle, the “Game of Extreme Geekdom,” is a trivia game made for geeks with categories such as sci-fi, fantasy, comics, video games, science, and technology. It can be a nice break between board games one night or serve as an ice breaker at your next party. Or heck, grab some cameras, make a geeky throne, and create your own low-budget reality series.

Geek Battle, $13.57 at Amazon.com. (Really? They couldn’t make it $13.37? Missed opportunity there.)

Battleship Shots

You may remember seeing a photo that was going around the internet: it was of pizza boxes that were converted into a “battle shots” board game, allowing players to drink their battleships as they were being sunk. ShipShots have taken that idea and made it a bit more classy (if that’s possible for a drinking game). Their boards are custom-made in the colors of your choice, and will ensure you have a few good evenings with your friends. The pricepoint ranges from $45-55, making it a great gift idea.

The only question remaining: what will you fill your ship shots with?

(Source: Thrillist)

Dinner Party with UncommonGoods

One of my resolutions this year was to have more “grown-up” dinner parties. This means less people over, cloth napkins, and meals that don’t involve calling Domino’s.

However, it’s me, and I still like to have a fun theme or activity planned. UncommonGoods came to the rescue with some fun products for me to review, and I thought it was the perfect chance to invite some friends over and make a night out of it.

UncommonGoods is an amazing shop, featuring tons of unique home goods and gift ideas–perfect for a host/hostess gift or a unique wedding/shower gift. They allow you to vote on which products you think they should carry next, ensuring that everything they sell is actually wanted. They also make gift-giving super easy by sorting their most popular items into gift guides based on the recipient: check out their “Gifts for Wife” section here and their “Gifts for Husband” section here. (I’ve actually found great gift ideas in both of those for men and women of all marital statuses!).

Mr. Geek and I, along with our friends Katrina and Rob, enjoyed cheddar and beer fondue while catching up and playing with some of their items. Take a look below for the items, our reviews, and a chance to win a $50 gift certificate!

Fortune Teller Napkins

Although these are called “napkins”, I wouldn’t recommend actually using them as such. They’re way cooler as a toy, and make a cute table decoration/ice breaker. We started dinner by reading each other our fortunes, and had a great time reliving the “cootie catcher” days of our childhoods. The fortunes are more friendly pieces of wisdom, and seem to be appropriate for all ages. They were ok, but not super compelling. The most interesting part of this was calling the images shown on the catcher by the longest names possible, making our friends spell it out on the spot.

Table Topics: Original

We’ve never had trouble starting conversation with our friends, but Table Topics made it even easier. The attractive cube (that now resides on our coffee table) is full of ice breaker questions that can lead to some quick laughs or a thought-provoking discussion. We went through a majority of the cube in one sitting because we just kept wanting to talk and explore more questions. A favorite from the night was the question, “if you could change one thing about the way you look what would it be?” While the rest of us gave standard responses regarding trimming down parts of our body, Mr. Geek was adamant that he would have a third arm growing out of his chest. It would be very practical and never in the way, he argued.

Our dinner party ended up going hours longer than we expected as we got caught up in conversation and delicious food. Thank you, UncommonGoods, for helping make it a wonderful night!

Want to throw an amazing dinner party of your own? I’d highly recommend checking out UncommonGoods for that little something extra. If your dinner parties are less beer and more sippy cups, they even have some fun things for kids. Check out the adorable Construction Plate and Utensils!

Ok, the moment you’ve been waiting for:

Enter to win a $50 Gift Certificate!

You can enter by doing any (or all) of the following things–leave a comment for each thing you did so they can count as a separate entry! A winner will be randomly selected at noon PST on Thursday, March 8th and announced later that day.

  1. Tweet a link to UncommonGoods’ “Gifts for Wife” page.
  2. Sign up for the UncommonGoods email list.
  3. Vote on a product using UncommonGoods’ voting tool.
  4. Follow The Geeky Hostess on Twitter.
  5. “Like” The Geeky Hostess on Facebook.

Good Luck!

EDIT: We have our winner! Random.org selected comment #52, which was Monica Hudak! Congrats Monica, I’ll be in touch over email!

Disclosure: UncommonGoods provided me with the products shown above and the $50 gift certificate in exchange for a review. The review is my own opinion.

Geeky Cupcake Toppers

I love to make and give cupcakes, but sometimes they’re just a bit too boring. These cupcake toppers will add a bit of fun to  your cake (and possibly double as a cool favor or piece of jewelry after the cupcake is gone!)

Star Wars Light Saber Cupcake Picks

You can’t get more epic than these. $3.85 for 12.

Harry Potter School Seals Rings

Host your own sorting hat ceremony–with cupcakes! $4.95 for 12.

Transformers Party Cupcake Rings

Transformer faces that are ALSO jeweled rings? I’m thinking these would be perfect for Ladies’ Night. $2.14 for 12.

Pizza Slice Cupcake Picks

These pizza picks would be great at a TMNT-themed party, or for a savory “Pizza cupcake”. Think mini lasagnas in a cupcake pan. Cowabunga! $3.60 for 12.

Twilight Family Crest Cupcake Picks

Whether it’s for a Twilight marathon or just your weekly Vampire and Werewolf gathering, these picks will bring a bit of class to your event. They get bonus points for not being sparkly or saying “Team Edward” on them. $3.05 for 12.

Casino Card Suit Wood Party Picks

These picks can be used for cupcakes or any other finger food at your next game night! $1.99 for 48.

Any inspiration for future cupcake-making? I’m personally excited to play around with the pizza toppers!

(Special thanks to Thomas for showing me the lightsaber picks and inspiring this post!)